Friday, July 31, 2009

Phoebe's Food Bank

I just could not wait until next week to get started back with the Daily Reader. And just when I was wondering how to jump back into motion, up popped someone who just commanded my attention.

The little girl in today's video offering reminds each and every one of us that with the power of an idea, some inspired action, and the cutest smile, we can soften hearts and move mountains.

You're going to like.....

Phoebe's Food Bank

Just think about what you can accomplish with your amazing powers!

See you on Monday.

Take care,

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If You Intend To Do It,
Do It Now,
This Day Will Not Come Again.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The GLOW Project

A note from for Thursday July 30 2009

Hello there everyone on this very fine Thursday.

Our most sincere thank you for all of the comments and mail responding to our note of yesterday. You consideration means much to us.

In my note yesterday I meant to bring something to your attention that we believe is going to serve a great purpose and have a huge impact in our world.

The GLOW Project is incredibly timely, and many of our great women are going to relate to what the project has to share.

Check it out by clicking on the graphic below.

Ladies, you are definitely going to like this, and gentlemen, you know what YOU need to do.

Have fun all ways.

Joyce and Peter

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The hiatus is almost over!

A note from for Wednesday July 29 2009

Well my friends, the hiatus is almost over. The packing and move across country, and our re-settlement to the beautiful Okanagan Valley took way longer than we anticipated, and we were frankly, just puckered out.

We decided to take a while to just rest up and enjoy this gem nestled here in the Rocky Mountains. We've picked fresh local fruit, made jams and marmalade's, taken walks along the lakes, visited vineyards, juiced fresh vegetables, and, of course, eaten fine ice cream.

We've hung out on a houseboat on Shuswap Lake, looked with awe at the majestic mountains, we've been taken aback by some raging forest fires, and sat in gentle rains as they helped out the firefighters.

We've also deeply appreciated the never-ending vibrancy generated by the true entrepreneurs among us, and their enlightened spirit of real possibility. We bow deeply to their shining examples.

We'll be back up and running next week with a whole new line-up on Daily Readers for the upcoming Fall season.

Here are some up-to-date photo's of what our new location looks like. Let us know what you think.

See you next week for a whole new season.

Take care,


Our morning view.

Another angle.

Getting the day started.

What forest fires can do to the sky.


Over the houses.

Lake Okanagan

Lake Okanagan

Peter on the terrace.

Last of the snow.

Joyce enjoying the moment.

Ah surprise.

From Mission Hill Winery.

Up close and personal with the lake.

Joyce sampling the summer treats.

A dream in the making.

Future wine... the vat load.

Come and visit the Okanagan Valley in B.C. You'll absolutely love it......and we can have ice cream.

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