Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank You and Happy Holidays

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday December 23 2008

Well folks, it's been quite a year; and with the holiday season finally upon us, we are going to take a well deserved break.

When we return at the start of the New Year, we will be doing so with renewed conviction and commitment to share with you the many lessons and awareness's that we are blessed to come into our very special world.

January will see us celebrate the first anniversary of The Wealthy Attitude website, and the delivery of The Daily Reader in its new blog format. Both have been huge successes and we have to thank Matt Clark of www.itstrue.ca for his amazing expertise. (Matt, we have learned tons this past year, thank you again)

We are incredibly blessed by having some absolutely amazing writers and contributors who grace us with being able to share their works. If you have spent any time with The Daily Reader you know the quality of their contributions and offerings is truly outstanding. We thank them on your behalf as often as we can, and early in 2009 you'll be receiving something rather special that compliments our contributors relationship with you.

Although they are all very special writers and creators, some stand out even more for their contribution to our year. Andy Andrews www.andyandrews.com has carved his place in writers history with his incredible works. Jan Janzen www.janjanzen.com is building a body of work that will encourage people to unleash their courage for a very long time.

Warren and Michelle Wojnowski who developed The Inspired Science of Getting Rich have shown that they are truly leaders who care. Our friend in Australia Thea Westra of Forward Steps continues her amazing journey to better peoples lives, and she's doing an awesome job of it.

Folks, we could go on and on. Our final thanks for the year go to the very most important people, YOU. Your willingness to let us into your world, your patience as we sometimes stumble with the technologies, your keenness to share with us when you are inspired by an offering to say something back, and your courage to stay on your path of growth is our principal inspiration. We deeply appreciate you in our world. Thank you.

Have yourself a happy and cuddly holiday season and we will see you bright and early in the New Year.

Take care,

~peter & joyce~

P.S. If you haven't yet selected a your holiday gift from our bookstore here's how you get it. All you have to do is go to the website at: www.thewealthyattitudebookstore.com then look through the five pages of stock, pick a book you would enjoy and then e-mail me at peter@thewealthyattitude.com telling me the book you would like and I will send it to you by return e-mail. telling me the book you would like and I will send it to you by return e-mail.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Learned Optimism

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Monday December 22 2008

Hello there all and welcome to this very fine Holiday Week.

We're starting our holiday wind up process here and looking forward to some fine reading, fine food, fine wine, fine company, and some very fine rest. It is my finest wish that you have a wonderful holiday season.

If you haven't yet selected a your holiday gift from our bookstore here's how you get it. All you have to do is go to the website at: www.thewealthyattitudebookstore.com then look through the five pages of stock, pick a book you would enjoy and then e-mail me at peter@thewealthyattitude.com telling me the book you would like and I will send it to you by return e-mail.

I appreciate that you have tons to get done for the holiday, however, your 2009 plans stil need our attention. Today's offering by yet another new contributor is bound to add some welcome perspective to your planing process. You'll like what Guy has to share.

Learned Optimism
by Guy Insull
"The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe that bad events will last a long time, will undermine everything they do, and are their own fault. The optimists, who are confronted with the same hard knocks of this world, think about misfortune in the opposite way. They tend to believe that defeat is just a temporary setback or a challenge, that its causes are just confined to this one case." --Martin Seligman.

In his first research position after college, psychologist Martin Seligman was involved in a series of behavioral experiments involving dogs. Whilst his more senior colleagues expressed frustration and exasperation in the way the dogs were reacting, and in their view "hindering" the experimentation process, Seligman described what he observed in the dogs' behavior as "learned helplessness."

In other words, when faced with situations where they were powerless to change a negative element confronting them, many would simply cease trying to affect the situation. Further to this, when placed in a new situation with a different negative element, they would make no attempt to change it from the beginning. They had simply "learned" to accept that they were helpless and made no attempt to do anything about it.

However, not all dogs reacted in this way - he observed that around one in three would shrug off negative situations and continue acting to improve their lot regardless, and did not seem to carry the negative associations of one experience into future ones.

Seligman subsequently extended his studies to the field of human psychology, where he became fascinated how people could react in totally different ways to the same situation, or stimulus - some positively and some negatively. What he found was that the reaction is largely determined by how we describe or interpret what happens to us internally, or our "explanatory style".

Optimism - reacting to setbacks from a presumption of personal power:
Bad events are temporary setbacks
Isolated to particular circumstances
Can be overcome by my effort and abilities

Pessimism - reacting to setbacks from a presumption of personal helplessness:
Bad events will last a long time
Will undermine everything I do
Are my fault

What Seligman found is that just as we can succumb to learned helplessness, equally we can develop "learned optimism" by controlling our thought processes in terms of how we habitually interpret the things that happen to us on a daily basis.

In other words, do we react in a pessimistic way (my fault / these are permanent events) or an optimistic way (temporary setbacks / these are isolated experiences).

By deliberately focussing on the positive aspects of our daily experiences we can develop optimism by building positive associations with the past, rather than negative. One simple exercise he suggests to develop this habit is what he calls "Three Blessings" - simply writing down three things that went well today and why.

However, Seligman accepts that pessimism is a valuable thinking skill to apply in some situations - particularly when the cost of failure is large or potentially catastrophic. As he says, "You really don't want optimistic pilots."

In short, we have a choice in how we respond to what happens to us, and this seems to be his central message - that many of us fail to realise or accept this, and act helplessly as a result.

As Seligman concludes...

"I think that what you do matters a great deal. That you are not a passive responder to stimuli. You are an initiator of plans. A lot of your troubles were brought on by yourself. You are responsible for them. And the good news in that is it also implies that the way out is not something that someone is going to bestow on you, it's something you are going to do yourself."

Guy Insull is Founder of Champions Club. Click for more information on Franklin Covey's "Great Leadership" public program courses in the UK plus an opportunity to attend a complimentary one day "Achieving Greatness" workshop.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Courage to Ask New Questions

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Thursday december 18 2008

Hello again all and welcome to this very fine Thursday. One week to go and we'll be embroiled fully in the holiday spirit, fully stuffed with holiday yummies, and fully aware that when the day is over that there will be just one simple little week left before we begin another adventure.

So, where are you in getting your plans, goals, and intentions plotted out for 2009. Have you got really clear on what you want to manifest for you? Do you have it all set down in writing that you'll be reviewing every single day?

Today's offering is the second from Margie for our subscribers, and I do believe that she has set a new standard for relevancy with it. You're going to like what she has to share.

The Courage to Ask New Questions
by Margie Warrell

"You can tell a man is clever by his answers. You can tell he is wise by his questions." -- Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian Nobel Laureate

If I had a dollar for every opinion I'd heard over the last few months about what would solve the woes of the US economy, I reckon I'd be able to fund the entire $700 billion bailout myself! The economy, energy independence, foreign policy, auto industry bailouts, war torn Iraq, recalcitrant Iran, Sarah Palin, health care, Republican vs. Democrat... man there are a lot of different opinions out there and living a stone's throw from Washington D.C., I've been well and truly immersed in them!

Of course I don't have all the answers to these big problems but what truly amazes me is how many people think they do. Julio Olalla, a wise man and masterful coach, once said "Most people have answers to questions they have never asked." Whether it's the big problems facing the globe or the more personal problems people struggle with in their relationships, families, careers and lives, most people have far more answers than they do questions. Just this last week I was with a client who stated, most emphatically, "But this is just the way it is!" in regard to a challenging situation he faced at work. But, as I pointed out, "This is not 'just the way it is,' this is just the way it is FOR YOU!"

For all of us, the story we have about a situation can undermine the effectiveness of our actions to address it. I will guarantee you that if there's an issue causing you some emotional heartburn then intertwined in the problem will be an opinion you are holding that needs putting through the ringer. Likewise, if you have a problem that keeps resurfacing again and again (even if in different clothes each time) then there's something missing in how you are looking at it that is perpetuating the cycle. Only by having the courage to ask new questions which challenge the answers you've been treating as 'truth' and stepping back to see your opinions for what they are - just opinions - can you hope to resolve your relationship tensions, organizational challenges and any other problems that weigh you down.

Zen says, "Don't seek the truth. Just seek to cherish opinions." To which I would add, "...particularly those different to your own." Obviously we are all entitled to our opinions. It's when we think that our opinion is the only right and valid one that we run into strife. After all, if your opinion is the only right one, then by default, everyone else's must be wrong. The implication: you are smart, they are stupid (or at minimum, 'misguided'). Irony is that our ability to persuade others to adopt our viewpoint is weakened, not strengthened, when we force it onto others.

Having arrived back in Australia last week I found myself in a conversation with someone who was telling me how "shameful, immoral and unethical" our government and corporate leaders are for their lack of action in the fight against global warming. She was absolutely outraged that companies put bottom line concerns ahead of the environment. It's possible there were some valid points somewhere in her argument but the ferocity and righteousness with which she was pushing her opinion on me and the complete absence of any interest in my opinion that challenged her own left me checking out of the conversation and making a mental note to avoid similar conversations with this woman in the future. After all, how can one reason with someone who is being unreasonable? I felt like I was having an argument with a two year old.

Of course I'm sure you would never be as righteous as this (??) but perhaps there is some issue (or person) that you are very one eyed about that is doing you, and your cause, a disservice. It brings to mind something the late comedian George Carlin once said: "Have you ever noticed out driving your car how everyone going slower than you is an idiot, and everyone going faster is a maniac?" We all like to think that "we" are the one who has it figured out and it's everyone else that is morally or intellectually inferior in some way. It's a human thing. But it's my humble opinion that the most evolved among us aren't those with the most answers but those with the best questions.

Look at all the suffering, violence and problems in the world, and you can trace most of it back not to the work of mentally unhinged nuts or narcissistic criminals, but to normal respectable people who are convinced of the rightness of their opinions. But in an a world weighed down by so much conflict, family breakdown, injustice, immaculate mediocrity, fundamentalism and sheer ignorance, just imagine the profound shift that would occur if people were willing to step away from all their answers, let go their stranglehold on 'the truth' and step humbly, and vulnerably, into questions. Questions like: What is it about me, and how I'm observing this, that has me see it as I do?

1. How else could I view this situation?
2. What is it about how others see it that I can learn from?
3. How might others' opinions be threatening to me? Why?
4. How might my opinion be threatening to them and how can I make it less so?
5. Where is my pride and ego invested in me being 'right' (or making others wrong)?
6. What questions have I never asked about this issue, situation or person?
7. Where would collaboration, respect and harmony grow in my relationships if I could give up being the one with all the answers?

Most people are far too busy trying to preserve their ego (and the opinions which prop it up) to step back and seek out a deeper understanding and broader perspective. Whether it's an issue with a work colleague, spouse, family member, or your boss, taking time to genuinely understand not just what they think, but why they came to think that way, can be an extremely worthwhile endeavor. Stephen Covey, who I will be contributing to a book with next year, stated in his bestselling The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, "Seek first to understand then to be understood." Note he did not say, "Make sure you are understood then seek to understand." Why? Because he knows that no-one likes to have an opinion forced down their throat and trust and mutual respect always grows when we take time to genuinely listen in a spirit of open mindedness.

There are things in life that we can never fully understand; mysteries that will never be solved. However by sitting in the questions, and being willing to engage in conversations that expand our thinking, we stand a far greater chance of living into the answers and resolving the big challenges facing us, personally and collectively, than we otherwise might.

And what about you? How might it serve you - your relationships, career, finances, health and happiness - to let go some of your answers and begin asking new and bigger and harder questions? I don't know the answer, but I'm sure a new realm of possibilities will open up for you as a result.

Margie Warrell is an internationally Certified Professional & Life Coach, acclaimed Speaker and Best Selling Author who helps people Think Bigger & Live Bolder to achieve outstanding success in all areas of their life. To learn more about her award winning book Find Your Courage (McGraw-Hill), a range of powerful programs, and to receive her free monthly eNewsletter please visit Margie Warrell.com.

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In Praise of Failure

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Wednesday December 17 2008

Good day all and welcome to the mid week point.

In a few days we are going to acually get into the "Winter" season. The malls are jammed, kids are tingly excited, and the rest of us are noodling our plans and intentions for the new year.

Yes, I'm keenly aware that we are all dealing with conditions for which there is no guide book. That doesn't mean hat our new year cannot be as magnificent and successful as our minds can imagine.

A new contributor shares something with you today that is highly worth taking some of your day to reflect on. Let me know what you think.

In Praise of Failure
by Eileen McDargh

As counter-intuitive as this sounds, given the massive failure of global financial institutions and the despicable revelations about executive payouts in companies like Lehman Brothers and AIG, much can be learned from failure. In fact, our very reluctance to admit that something is NOT working is one of the reasons for our current protracted wars, severe financial meltdown, and no wide and deep commitment to develop alternative energy sources.

British author J.K.Rowling pushed the failure envelope in her 2008 speech to the gradating class of Harvard. She admitted that it was at the lowest point of her life (single parent, no job, one step away from being homeless) that she decided to stop pretending to be anyone else but herself and throw all her energies into writing. The Harry Potter series and a fortune of $1.1 billion testify to Rowling's belief that "you will emerge wiser and stronger, secure in your ability to survive."

Integrity can be translated as faithfulness to one's self and one's ability whereas ego is viewed in terms of what others think. Some of the world's most impressive successes started out as failures. Beethoven's teacher told him he was hopeless as a composer and then, even as he became deaf, Beethoven wrote ravishing music. Churchill suffered numerous defeats in WWII and was kicked out of office. Yet, he is still regarded as England's greatest wartime hero.

Michael Phelps astounded the Olympic swimming world, and yet his childhood was marked by failures to fit in. As Churchill stated, "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Or perhaps Henry Ford who went bankrupt many times before getting Ford Motor Company off the ground said it best. "Failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

Throwing the same strategies and tools at a failure is destined to only get more of the same. The research conducted by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck confirms that when failure is viewed as a learning experience, people respond with greater effort. Those who believe they have only a finite talent for learning report that they stop trying and might even consider cheating to get ahead. In the business world, risk --and possible failure-is essential for success.

Companies like Apple and Xerox encourage effort and innovation and see failure as a steppingstone. One of the bigger leadership mistakes would be to use social systems to bail people out of their failures rather than use systems to help people learn from such failures. No excuses. Just lessons learned and next steps to take.

Failed companies are rarely the fodder for case studies. That's unfortunate because we have much to learn from the failure. In his book, The Strategy Paradox, Michael Raynor, a professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Canada, looks at the Sony flop of its Betamax video-cassette versus Matsushita's VHS technology. Sony lost because it maintained an iron grip on licensing and high cost whereas Matsushita used opposite strategies. Although Sony lost, no one would regard Sony as a failed enterprise. WHY? Because Sony continued to take big risks and learn from them. The firm COULD have sunk into mediocrity.

In the world of science and technology, amazing innovations have come as a result of what might be termed "failure". The ability to see beyond the obvious has given rise to everything from rubber tires and post-it notes to Viagra and wine-in-a-box. A great example is failuremag.com. This is an online breakup service founded by Ren and Deanna Thompson. The Thompson's encountered so many online dating mis-matches that they started a Web-based "breakup service" that delivers bad news to the rejected party.

Faced with failure in many of our organizations and our national systems, we have two choices: hunker down, hide and live a mediocre life. Or, we can participate in our own leadership spheres of influence to learn from these failures and create something stronger, durable, and equitable for all.

Known as a powerful presenter and facilitator, Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE has been creating conversations that matter and connections that count since 1980. Executive Excellence ranks her among the top 100 thought-leaders in leadership development. Her newest book, Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life's Complexities, received the 2008 Ben Franklin book award. To hire Eileen as a speaker, coach or retreat leader visit Eileen McDargh.com.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Seeing Possibilities in Uncertain Times

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday December 16 2008

Hi there all and welcome to Tuesday, and it's still amazing freezing here. It was -29 celsius yesterday, and that was without the wind chill, and true to my declaration, I stayed at my home office and worked in my comfies.

What a hoot it was, served with home baking and delicious warming foods. Now that's living.

As you close in on getting your 2009 plans locked into place, you will undoubtedly appreciate what our newest contributor has to say.

Seeing Possibilities in Uncertain Times
by George Kengott

This is not the first time that the world experiences a great ebb. World wars had devastated nations, natural catastrophes had swept regions, great crises had sent millions jobless, but humanity moved forward to new heights producing the greatest, successful and exceptional men and women of all time. While it is true that they were only few, it nevertheless proves that it is possible to thrive in times when many others are occupied in thinking of the setbacks of the uncertain times.

What does it take for successful men and women to overcome challenges? Well, they don't really have anything that we don't have; they only have beliefs that the majority refuse to believe. When others are grieving of losing their job, these few good men and women are simply watching the event passing by without attachment. They are watching from a distance because they have taken a step backward. Stepping backward means retreating to see things from a larger view, learn the lessons from the experience, breathe normally and enjoy what is there at the present moment. They fill the present moment with joy while they are in the process of emptying. The joy of the present moment may be the more quality time spent with the family, or the simple walk along the beach with the partner, or the appreciation of the sunset that hasn't been noticed lately. They simply CHOOSE to shift their attention to beautiful things of the present moment rather than the thought of being jobless for an indefinite length of time.

More importantly, they watch the passing event without any emotion. While others are grieving and cursing, these few good men and women are SILENT. What they only see is the end of something that is impermanent, something that has been created and later to be destroyed to give way to the creation of something better than has gone before. They have learned from past experiences that putting emotion, such as anger and blame to the passing event, only recharges the event, thereby giving it more life and power to rule. This is exactly what is happening today. Because the majority is angry and complaining and talking about the economic r (only called r so as not to give it more energy and power), more r-related events are coming their way. What else would a negative thought bring but a negative thing? What else would bring death to a negative thought but a stop to thinking the thought? Neglect makes all things die naturally.

Life Has Seasons

Nature best portrays the meaning of season. There is a time to sow and a time to reap; as the sun rises, it also sets; after the period of rest comes a period of activity; after the cool winter nights comes the warmth of summer. Whatever season it is, everything in nature adapts; otherwise, they perish. It is the law and the law is implemented even if one complains of ignorance.

The current period suggests to slow down or take a rest. Don't worry about what to eat or what to spend in the next days or months as you will be provided. To worry would only reinforce lack and therefore would only manifest lack in many aspects - food, money, job, opportunities, and a lot more. You may not have the luxury of hopping on a plane to visit the relatives in Florida, but emails or calls full of gratitude and love can take away their longing and assure them that everything is fine with you and your family. You may have been developing that belly fat for overstaying in the office, and this may be the time to get rid of that through walking or jogging. Your camping gear might be harvesting too much dust in the garage, and this may be the time to pack everything and hike. You may have been achingly paying too much for a large house, and this may be the time to move out to a smaller house and still get the same comfort.

Step back and the water becomes clear. Past priorities are summoned and given a second look. The second look from a clear mind comes out with a better judgment and decision becomes easy. Before, if letting go of the big house was difficult; now, letting go becomes a conquered freedom. If mountain climbing or running a half marathon had become a dream after having that demanding job; now, it becomes a dream come true. As more people now have the time to pay attention to the physical body, the passage of this period will significantly reduce extra pounds.

When the clutter has been removed, the water flows freely. A feeling of emptiness may be felt but rushing water fills this emptiness quickly. Nature abhors a vacuum. Opportunities come rushing in - you would wonder where they have been hiding all this time. As opportunities come in, the mind is in perfect state again to create new things. The body is in perfect condition again to perform the process of creation. The spirit is high to achieve whatever goal the mind and body has set. Everything is back in harmony.

The process of recovery becomes brief for a person who does not resist, and long for a person who clings to the old form. The economy is uncertain but the forms and thoughts associated with it can be certain. Only the lessons must remain. Everyone is invited to create a new form and only those who are willing to embrace the change will quickly rise from the rubble.

There Is No Better Time Than Now

If you want to consider this period as tough times, expect more of the events associated with tough times. On the other hand, if you want to consider this period as a passage, expect it to pass and it will pass unnoticed.

There is no better time than NOW. If the economy has affected you and you lost your job, there is no better time to think and reflect but NOW. Try thinking of yourself as a great salesperson, no matter what your profession is. You will sell yourself in your job interview. Who can tell people about your gifts better than you? You are constantly selling yourself in your current position to keep your job and perhaps even get that promotion.

Everything in life is not permanent. Jobs, relationships, wealth and everything don't last. When it is there, enjoy it. When it is gone, it is gone. What is left is the present moment and the present moment carries more than what the eyes are used to see. Look beyond and the clear mind and good heart will see possibilities. Most of the time, it is always in front of you, yes, right there in front of you.

George Kengott is the author of new ebook - When Fortune Knocks Open the Door: An Inspirational Story about Sales Secrets in Uncertain Times.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Action Vs. Apathy: Just Get Moving!

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Monday December 15 2008

Good day all and welcome to this darned chilly brand new week here in the mid-west. We saw, no experienced, a wind chill yesterday to -44 degrees Celsius and I have to tell you, "I'm not leaving my cuddly warm home". So there.

At the start of January we're going to celebrating the first anniversary of presenting you The Wealthy Attitude in its new format. To say its been a success would be an understatement. You have embraced the site and the Daily Reader format just wonderfully, and for that I thank you.

We are working on some changes for the New Year that are destined to make the website and the blog even more relevant for the new economic times. I'll keep you apprised.

Today we go to our friend Wendy to remind us of a very important lesson as you prepare your plans for the upcoming year.

Action Vs. Apathy: Just Get Moving!
by Wendy Betterini

How many times have you felt truly defeated by the circumstances in your life? You know, the "I don't know why I bother to keep trying, I'm going back to bed and staying there" feeling. It happens to everyone - housewives, corporate executives, rock stars, actors, world leaders. Each and every one of us has had a day when we felt that we just weren't able to cope with our daily lives.

However, some of us have days like this more frequently than others. Some of us even feel that our entire lives are like this. When we begin to feel this way more often than not, there is a problem. What it comes down to is that we feel powerless. That's where that feeling of defeat and despair comes from. Our subconscious mind is saying, "I just don't have the power to change things, so I might as well give up". Powerlessness is not a good feeling, is it?

The truth is, we are never powerless in any situation. It is only our own minds that tell us we are. Sure, there will be circumstances that we truly can't change. Illness, injury, job loss, broken relationships. Those are life lessons that serve to strengthen us in the long run. But many of us believe we are powerless in every situation, and that is simply not true.

When we feel powerless about one situation in our lives, many of us let that feeling creep into other areas too, until suddenly we find ourselves sitting in the middle of chaos and disorder. Our inner chaos reflects in our outer circumstances. We stop taking pride in our appearance and dress more sloppily. Or we let the housework go because we just don't seem to have the energy to keep up with it. Or we give up searching for a new job because we're just not finding what we're looking for. Or we slide into poor eating habits and slack on our workout routine. We just don't feel like putting forth the effort anymore. We have given up hope and accepted our powerlessness.

A great way to shatter that feeling of powerlessness is to get moving. Okay, so maybe we can't control every little aspect of our lives. We can control most of them. If you are feeling powerless about your job situation, make a conscious decision to take control of the other areas of your life. Stick to your workout routine, clean up your house, wash your car, organize your office, clean and organize your kitchen cabinets. Often, just taking any action will release us from our "deer in the headlights" mindset and help us to solve the very problems that are making us feel so powerless.

Another thing I like to do is something I call, "Massive Foward Action". Very simply, it means putting forth a massive amount of energy and effort in a specific direction. Let's use the job example again. If you are unemployed and feeling powerless about it, put forth some massive forward action. Apply for every single job you are even remotely qualified for. Don't worry about whether you'd like the job or not, or whether you'd like to do this job for the rest of your life.

Right now you just need "a" job. Worry about the details later. Call everyone you know and ask if there are open positions where they work, or if they know of any open positions elsewhere. Visit the temporary employment agencies in your area, and put in applications with them. Browse the major employment websites on the internet, and apply for any jobs in your area. Drive around your area and look for Help Wanted signs. If you see one, stop to inquire about the job. You never know if it's something you can do.

Spend an entire day doing this, or more. Do it every single day until you get a job. In my own experience, it won't take long for something positive to happen. Okay, so maybe the job you get won't be exactly what you were looking for. But at least your financial worries will be over for the moment and you can then begin looking for a job you really want. Or go back to school in the evenings so you can further qualify for a better job later. Or start your own business part-time. The only limits are those you impose upon yourself.

No matter what you are feeling powerless about, it can help to simply create a plan of action. When we feel powerless, we often feel like we are trapped in a box with no way out. There seem to be dead-ends every way we turn. If we can sit down and create a plan with step by step actions we can take right now, guess what happens? We realize that we're not powerless. The most empowering thing you can do is to get moving.

Don't just sit there and accept what life hands you.

Get up, get out and create the life you deserve!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Prayer

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com forFriday December 12 2008

Good day everyone and welcome to the weeks end.

It's been one heck of a week here at TWA. We've touched of most aspects of the human experience, we've celebrated wins, and lamented losses, and with it all we have witnessed human growth that mkes every single lesson simply "priceless".

To wrap up the week we'd like to share with you a loving reminder of the reasons we all do what we do.

A Prayer

The question we have for you is this. Do you impact your planet with the beauty of what you share it with? That's something to noodle for the weekend

Have an awesome weekend.

See you on Monday.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I’m Broke, How Can I Afford…

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Thursday December 11 2008

Good day again folks and welcome to Thursday.

Now, I have to confess I got mysyelf a tad miffed yesterday. In the course of my normal business I got into a couple of conversations about goals and intentions for the upcoming year.

As you are undoubtedly aware (if you've been on my Daily Reader list for any time) I am an advocate for "everyone" having a home-based business. My reasons for holding this position are many, everyone should be taking advantage of the tax benefits, the available training, the mentorship opportunities, the like-mindedness of a progressive community, and believe it or not, the great advantage of earning exactly what YOU determine you are worth.

In a couple of conversations yesterday I was talking to people who say they wanted all the benefits I mentioned above, but they didn't have the piddly amount needed to get a viable home-based business underway. I almost lost it!

So, as is my usual way, I go my my vault of great messages from our awesome contributors, and boom, out popped the perfect response.

Here it is:

I’m Broke, How Can I Afford…

I’m still amazed every time someone comes to me complaining that they don’t have any money to put into their business and that they’re broke.

I mean, what have you been doing with your money man?!?

Plain Truth: If you don’t have any money you won’t make it my friend… it’s that simple.

You have to at least have some money. Say $200-$500. I don’t care what the self-styled slick gurus tell you. If you’re flat out of cash your dead in the water before you can even start.

Now let me tell you another thing…. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE BROKE! You’re a liar and a self deluded one at that if you think you are.

I mean how many Starbucks or soda do you drink a day?
How many beers a week do you drink?
How many cigarettes do you smoke?
How much meat do you eat?
How many new clothes have you bought in the last month?
How many “gifts” have you just had to buy?
How many magazines or newspapers have you bought this month?
How many CD’s?
How many snacks?
How much candy do you eat a week?
How many TV dinners?
How much fast food have you been eating?
How much did you spend on the lottery?
How much did your TV cost you?
How much money do you give to your church?
How much are your monthly car payments?

So these are really essential to living are they?

No they’re not, they’re self-indulgent habits! Nothing wrong with that if you CAN afford them. But you tell me you’re broke! Wake up! Ding-dong!

Look if you really are in debt you need to do everything you can to get out of it fast.

I used to walk the streets with no-more than $3 bucks in my pocket to last me the day. Yes I did that for months on end until something happened. I got mad, real mad. Not at the world but with myself.

You see I have always had a dream of being personally free, being self-reliant, totally in charge of my time and cash flow, beholden to no-one… not government, not masters, not gurus.

Now walking around with $3 bucks isn’t much fun. It hurts in the pit of your stomach. And when I only had $7 a day to feed my family (yup there were others my pathetic state was impacting) I can tell you, I felt at times of doing something pretty dumb to my body and mind… and occasionally I did.

If you live in the Western world, you live in the richest part of the planet with the most opportunities the world has ever seen at any point in the history of the human race.

If you want to see poverty take a trip to India or any other developing country. I have, and what I saw made me realize my $3 a day “poverty-trap” was simply an ego-trip. Kids working from 5am to 10pm every day for crumbs of bread. Rags and bones. So please don’t tell me you’re broke and poor, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

But now I’m not broke, now I’m not looking like a tramp feeling sorry for myself.

How did I change it, and get the money to start my business.

I’ll tell you. It’s real simple… and I want you to do it too:

Every single time you buy something, I don’t care how many cents or pennies or bucks it might have cost… you must ASK FOR AND KEEP THE RECEIPT!

At the end of the day in a small note book or on a scrap of paper, total up what you spent your money on. Now ask yourself: “Was what I just bought absolutely essential?” If not, take it back for a refund, you have the receipt after all.

Now put that refunded money in a pot or a jar and label the jar “My Business Building Fund”. Better still, don’t buy the goodie, treat or trinket in the first place and save the cash.

If you really want to get in control of your finances you absolutely, positively must raise some working capital, and the only way to do that is to stop buying crap and investing the money in yourself.

I mean do you really need that coffee or will water do? Do you really need that steak or will beans or rice suffice along with some healthy cheap vegetables thrown in?

“But I want to have a coffee, beer, steak” I hear you say. Well don’t tell me that you’re broke then. All you’ve done is exchange what little cash you have for something else other than investing in your business building fund.

No-one forced you. No-one but yourself is to blame for where you are right now.

You are in the situation you find yourself because of the choices and decisions you have made during the course of your life …. Stop pointing your fingers outside yourself…. You are the problem, and as such YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!

So stop spending money on useless trinkets, and superfluous goodies and snacks.

Bread, water, vegetables… you don’t need anything else to eat. Chances are you have a wardrobe full of clothes already so you don’t need anymore of those… correct?

Sell your TV it spews lies anyway. Use TV time to learn, surf the web to uncover opportunities etc. Sell your car? Either take public transport, which in the long term is cheaper than a car or get a bicycle. And yes it’s gonna pop your skull with frustration.

But use that frustration to get your act together and absolutely commit to get with the program and learn how to become a self-reliant cash generating human being.

And when that day comes, you’ll be able to walk into your bosses office, smack a cream pie in his/her face and walk off to the beach knowing you are, at the end of the day, an immensely and supremely powerful individual…. You simply forgot!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

50 Ways You Can Be The Change

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Wednesday December 10 2008

G'day there everyone and welcome to the midweek point.

Congratulations to all of you who took my mention of getting to www.thewealthyattitudebookstore.com to pick your holiday gift. Your early selection helps me get a jump on fulfilling my promise.

For those who didn't get yesterday's message, here's the deal. My holiday gift to each of you is an e-book from our bookstore. All you have to do is go to the website at: www.thewealthyattitudebookstore.com then look through the stock, pick a book you would enjoy and then e-mail me at peter@thewealthyattitude.com telling me the book you would like and I will send it to you by return e-mail. Pretty neat, yes?

Have fun selecting the book.

Also, swing overand check out how your buddies at Daily Insight are doing in the mid of their week.

Now, a new contributor today really gives us something to consider as we all work to "being the change" we most want to see. You're going to like this.

50 Ways You Can Be The Change
by Todd Goldfarb

By advancing our lives in the areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships and environmental awareness we can improve our individual outlook and help the world become an even greater place!

As my favorite Gandhi quote states: “you must be the change you want to see in the world” and here are 50 of the best practices, exercises and philosophies you can begin implementing to “be the change”:

1. Be Nice to People and see how positive energy attracts positive energy
2. Take Responsibility For Your Actions and stop making excuses
3. Volunteer Your Time and realize that helping others is the ultimate way to make the world a greater place
4. Ask for Help and give someone else the satisfaction of having the answer
5. Offer the Best Advice You Can and set someone off in a new and positive direction. Do it without expecting anything in return!
6. Smile More and spread happiness to others with the slightest effort
7. Pay Close Attention to Your Language and start seeing how your words and actions define you
8. Make a Donation and feel how giving spreads positive energy and love
9. Ask your Closest Friends and Family “How Are You Doing”? and let them know you are there for them

10. Do Crossword Puzzles and Other Mind Games and challenge your intellect
11. Find and Work in a Career You Love and spend your valuable time in a job that makes you truly happy!
12. Purposefully Deal with Stress and learn to melt tension away
13. Read Good Books and stir creativity in your brain
14. Take Classes and learn more about the things that really interest you
15. Write in a Journal and let the mind unwind itself through the hand
16. Start Viewing Yourself as Part of a Greater Universe and see how the first step to a healthy planet is a healthy you!

17. Vary Your Workout Routines and make your body stronger, more pliable, and resistant to illness
18. Try Ancient Forms of Healing and tap into human knowledge that goes back many millennia
19. Exercise with Trained Professionals and push the limits of what you think you are capable
20. Run a MarathonAgain, push the limits of what you are capable. If not a marathon, find some physical activity that is ultra-challenging for you and do it!
21. Take Long Hikes and appreciate the beauty of nature first hand
22. Sit in a Sauna or Steam Room and sweat out harmful toxins
23 Use Medicines and Pharmaceuticals as Last Resort and have faith in holistic measures and your body’s ability to heal itself
24. Love and Appreciate Your Body and get rid of negative feelings and associations you have with it

25. Treat Yourself to Massages and literally rub away all stress and tension
26. Start a Spiritual Practice for Yourself and give yourself unparalleled perspective by connecting with the “true you”.
27. Laugh Hard Every Day and generate happiness for your soul
28. Accept Your Universe and have unswerving faith that you can handle it, no matter what happens!
29. Feng Shui Your Home and create a positive energy flow that extends to the external world
30. Listen to Soothing Music and calm your body, mind and spirit
31. Plan a Healthy Retreat or Vacation and ensconce your body and mind in health and vitality for an extended period

32. Start Treating Your Food as Delicious Tasting Medicine and prevent sickness and disease with the nutrition you put into your body every day!
33. Eat Locally Grown Foods and support your local farms and growers
34. Take Responsibility For Your Health and understand that only you know what is best for you
35. Drink More Water and enjoy nature’s elixir of life
36. Eat Healthy Foods for the Brain and allow your thinking organ to work most efficiently
37. Cook More and really get to know your food; enjoy it in a more complete and satisfying way!
38. Eat Organic Foods as Much as Possible and understand that natural foods treat the body and the planet as they were originally intended
39. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables and begin learning the innumerable benefits these foods contain

40. Plant Trees and spread clean air throughout the world; donate trees here with American Forests. Even better, give trees as a present with The Arbor Day organization
41. Buy Carbon Offsets and support new and clean renewable sources of energy that offset global warming with Native Energy.
42. Conserve Water and be aware of over-usage at the sink, in the bathroom, and while doing laundry
43. Recycle! and realize how such a simple step like recycling can do so much to improve our environmental dilemma
44. Save a Piece of the Rainforest and help the earth’s atmosphere by purchasing 2,500 square feet of this precious land for $10 at The National Arbor Day Foundation!
45. Buy “Energy Star” Appliances and save a ton of energy with every day activities
46. Use the Internet to Shop
47. Research Reusable Energy Sources For Your Home and utilize more sustainable and renewable power sources which are available!
48. Conserve Paper and send e-cards instead of paper ones.
49. Take a Stand and volunteer your time to head an effort to “go green” at your work, school, place of worship or any organization you belong
50. YOU Decide and start “being the change” based on your most valued beliefs and ideals!

Here's a bit directly from Todd:

Here is some personal information about me:
Professionally, I am a business coach, marketing consultant, blogger and social entrepreneur living in Manhattan, New York.

I am the founder and publisher of We The Change and Worldwide Tipping Point. I am a certified holistic health counselor. I am a sought after public speaker who lectures to holistic practitioners all over the country teaching them how to market themselves. I am a producer of the upcoming documentary film The SHIFT.

I am also going through my own journey, and the content on We The Change is certainly a representation of this. I believe that We The Change begins with I The Change, and I try and not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

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A Brand New Year Can Begin Any Day

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday December 9 2008

Good day everyone and welcome to this darned cold Tuesday here in the mid west. We're a wee bit late getting to you today as the interwebby thing must have been cuddled up as well last night and wasn't going to play as it usually does. Anyway, it's up and co-operating now.

Just to let you know, we'll be letting you pick a book from our bookstore this week as our holiday gift to you and your family. We'll send you details later in the week, however, you may want to visit the bookstore and noodle what is there in preparation. You can visit here and peruse the stock. http://www.thewealthyattitudebookstore.com/

So on with today's offering. We go to our good friend Thea in Australia to share a neat message about preparing for the New Year.

A Brand New Year Can Begin Any Day

As we are approaching the end of another year and the beginning of a new year, it often appears to me that many of us may falsely believe that something magical will change our lives overnight, at the clock strike of midnight. We do similar things with birthdays and anniversary dates, or when we begin new jobs or relationships.

You hear so many saying it around us; "I can't wait for the end of this year" "Things will be much better in the new year." "Next year I'm going to …" "Once we get this year out of the way…" "Next year will be…" Once I leave this job, I'm going to…" "My next relationship will be…", and so on.

Honestly, you only ever have the one moment, that is this moment and now! If you have decided on something that you want for yourself, your life or the lives of those for whom you care, then the time to begin it is now.

It does all sound like clichés and a bunch of words you have heard many times over. Why do you believe you are hearing them many times over? What day will you take these words and live them? We know that they are the way forward.

If something is not happening that you want to have happen, or you live in waiting for something external, it is time to get truthful. Have you decided on what you want? Do you really know what you want? I can tell you that once you have a vision and you can really see it and you desire it, there is nothing that will stop you and nothing will get in the road of you reaching that target.

I know that you have experienced the sensation of this when you got your first car or first got behind the wheel of a car, when you first saw that girl or boy in which you were interested in getting to know better, the day you decided to apply for that job you wanted or when you wanted to get that lovely bunch of ripe blackberries right in the center of those prickly brambles.

You need to recreate that same sensation and that level of desire, for the things that you say you want. So, how is that achieved?

Firstly, get straight with yourself. Quit wanting things because others say it is what you should want. Spend some quiet times with just you and get connected to your own personal desires.
There are many exercises online that can support you with this, make more use of Google!

Once you have a list, of at minimum 100 things to do before you die, pick one that stands out and decide to accomplish that one thing, and by when. Now start telling your most supportive and most positive, optimistic friends all about what you're going to do. Find someone who has already done what you are seeking to do and get help, advice or model your behavior on their state of being and their way of thinking.

Get pictures, slogans, objects and anything you can find to put in your immediate environment (work, home, car, clothing), which will consistently pull your focus back to the thing that you have now given priority status in your everyday life.

Next, make a blue print for a plan of action, working in reverse from the end date of your project and back to today. Get a couple of those great, inspiring friends to give you detailed feedback on your plan and block any leakages so that it is water tight. Make it so that, if you gave your plan to me, I could do exactly as it tells me to do and without fail, I would produce your intended end result, with ease and fun in the process.

Now follow through! Act on your plan, and do exactly as it tells you to do at the times that you said. Regardless of whether you feel like it, whether you feel tired or just not in the mood. Keep stepping forward and take those actions that you said. You may want to set up someone to whom you are accountable each week, for fulfilling particular actions and producing specific results.

There will be a part of you, part of your identity that will struggle and keep you in position, where you are now. The only way you will break through is, by breaking through. You will need to go a little beyond where you are comfortable, and change. Yes, you will change. Isn't that what you want?

I could have written much more about all the above and there are many more things to attend than just the simplistic content for this article. I know you will find ways to bridge the gaps that I have left for you. All there is for you right now is to decide exactly what YOU want, why you want it, and by when you will be the person to accept and receive it.

© Thea Westra is the senior thought leader, at her Forward Steps site. She resides in Perth, Australia with her ultra-supportive partner Greg. Thea publishes a monthly ezine (among many other publications and products) at http://www.forwardsteps.com.au/ Enjoy her life success blogs at http://www.timeformylife.com/blogs.htm and get personally connected here, http://www.ask-thea-about.com/

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Triumph In Troubled Times

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Monday December 8 2008

Hello there all and welcome to another shiny new week.

As we're all aware, this new year looming up on us is going to be incredibly interesting for us entrepreneurs and home - business professionals. many of us are going to do really well in the new economy, while others well, won't. Please make sure you position yourself in the former.

To get us kicked off on an appropriate note, we turn to our friend Philip for an offering that really speaks for itself.

Our friends over at Daily Insight have some neat stuff going on. Check out what their are up to here: Daily Insight

Triumph In Troubled Times
by Philip Humbert

One of the differences between winners and losers is their ability to cope with adversity, and there seems to be plenty of adversity to go around right now. From terrorism to economic recession and financial troubles, many of us would agree that, "These are the times that try men's souls."

But here is a truth that applies even in the best of times: Eventually trouble comes to each of us. Sometimes the trouble is financial. Sometimes it will be an illness, a fire or a business failure, but sooner or later, trouble comes to each of us. And interestingly, our response to life's "small" challenges is a much better predictor of our long-term success than our response to the "disasters" in life.

Disasters are big. We can't deny or avoid them; we must deal with them. It is no accident that Winston Churchill described the Battle of Britain as "their finest hour." When emergencies strike, we rise to the occasion.

The real test is with the "termites," the little things that are so easy to ignore. Things like paying our bills on time and living within our means. Things like staying fit or eating well. Things like time for loved ones, for rest and renewal.

These things are not dramatic and they are not urgent. We can neglect our health for years before problems occur, but winners are pro-active. They are "first responders." They see storm clouds in the distance and take action while others sleep.

Recently I saw a biography of Donald Rumsfield, and one of the points they made is that he "moves toward problems; he never turns his back or walks away." That is a sound strategy!

High achievers expect challenges. In the face of life's uncertainties, they maintain an attitude of optimism, humor, strength and determination. They know that as they become more and more successful, the size and complexity of their problems will grow. How could it be otherwise?

So, here are seven keys to solving problems:

1. Expect difficulty! This is no surprise, it is not "unfair" or unusual. Life is complicated. Get good at it.

2. Keep a buffer around the edges of your life. Maintain a "reserve" of extra time, savings in the bank, and a bit of energy to handle the unexpected.

3. Optimism and enthusiasm are essential. Fear and pessimism will never inspire greatness.

4. Words matter! View difficulties as "challenges" rather than as problems. How we talk about our difficulties makes a huge difference in how we handle them.

5. "We get by with a little help from our friends." Have a team of cheerleaders, experts and colleagues to help you analyze and over-come any problem.

6. Be proactive. Take care of problems while they are small. Preventive maintenance is good for your car, your relationships, and your life.

7. Choose new problems! Learn from every experience and (try) not to have the same problems twice. Learn from difficulties, make changes, and move on. Pay the tuition once, then never repeat the same life-lesson!

The key is understanding that challenges are how we learn and grow. Success is the result of solving problems and moving forward in the face of difficulty, so expect "interesting" situations. Taking them in stride builds your confidence. Never fear trouble; triumph over it!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stop Blaming Everyone Else.

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Friday December 5 2008

Hello there all and welcome to the end of what has been an outstanding week.

Friday is usually the day we wrap up the week with a video, however, as we are also winding up the Jan Janzen extravaganza today, we are proud to offer you both today. Now that's a deal.

Jan is also graciously inviting you to participate in something quite special that is a pure bonus if you have the great sense to purchase her latest book. Here's the note she sent along:

"I want to make another very special offer to your Daily Reader subscribers.

A book is one thing and although there are two very wonderful bonuses you get with the book that people are LOVING, I wanted to offer you something extra special.

For every person who buys a book within the next seven days, (that is until December 12th midnight), I will gift you a special teleclass early January that will help you release the blocks and challenges around making 2009 your best year ever. This 75 minute teleclass will combine coaching, practical tools and clearing the blocks at a DNA and cellular level so that you can make 2009 your best year yet.

Someone who just attended one of my teleclasses this week wrote: “Thank you very much for the incredible session. It has been one of the most strong and amazing experiences I ever received.”

The teleclasses are powerful and effective in removing the blocks “automatically” so you can prosper and have an amazing 2009. I normally charge $29.95 for one of these sessions but with the purchase of Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round, it is my gift to you to start off the new year.

If you can’t attend in person, you will be gifted with a recording of the call."

Now folks this is an outstanding offer so take full advantage and get your book ordered here: Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday I sat wondering, the worldwide economies are chaotic, the U.S.A prepares for the instillation of a new leader, the Canadian political arena is in complete turmoil, and yet? Yet, I sense optimism at levels I have never before encountered, I see ordinary folks taking complete control of their own life experience and living it by their own design.

I'm really not "against" anything, and I'm "for" a ton of stuff. I'm "for" personal responsibility, I'm "for" choosing love over fear, I'm "for" living life from a foundation of Gratitude, and I'm "for" acknowledging loudly that each and every one of us has a right to be here, to be free, to be wealthy, and to be happy.

In today's short video offering, Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban beautifully remind us that we truly are "In The Arms Of The Angel". You're going to like this.

Also, enjoy the final installment of Jan's offerings. And Jan, thank you kindly for your contributions this week. You honor The Wealthy Attitude with your very presence. Thank you.

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, have an awesome weekend. See you on Monday.


Stop Blaming Everyone Else!
by Jan Janzen

It’s easy to blame everything else. It’s the government, the weather, the lousy boss, the dishonest employee, the crooked accountant, the lazy lawyer, the cheating partner, the bad economy. It’s really easy to blame parents. Do you get out the violin and play a good tune when it comes to how tough it was growing up, how disadvantaged you were or go into the “poor me” story with regularity.

Accepting the fact that you chose Mom and Dad to be your earthly parents, your brothers and sisters to be part of your life, and all the accoutrements that came with that choice, will make life a whole lot easier. Start looking at the good that came out of the situation. Begin finding the benefits that the hardships caused, the ability they gave you to handle adversity, challenge or problems, and appreciate that you wouldn’t be who you are today if things had been different.

I’d never have the ability to deal with people of all beliefs, customs and backgrounds if I hadn’t grown up being trained in a door-to-door ministry where you had no idea who was behind each and every door. I would never be able to confidently speak in front of thousands if I hadn’t been trained in public speaking from the age of eight. And I would certainly never have the focus and discipline to write a book in less than two months for the second time if I hadn’t been well-trained to adhere to a strict schedule.

You can do the same. Start appreciating what Mom and Dad gave you, even if the beatings taught you discipline, even if the lack of love taught you the importance of love, even if the abuse taught you compassion for others – those are all valuable lessons, don’t you think?

But what if you are a professional victim? What if you like that merry-go-round of drama, chaos, and old stories of oppression, persecution and catastrophe? If so, you will find it most challenging to live a life full of joy, peace, love and prosperity because the two do not go hand-in-hand. Ever. Retelling old accounts of people who did you wrong, rehashing old sicknesses and accidents and recounting stories of financial woes will keep telling the subconscious mind, “This is important. Keep these files prominent and handy for future reference.”

Why are some people such great victims? It’s like they relish the pain and suffering. There are very likely some old files that look like this: “You need to suffer to be good. Good people suffer, wicked people prosper. If I’m not sick, I don’t get any attention. Nobody loves me, hugs me, or kisses me when I’m healthy, so I need to be sick.” Do you see how old beliefs will fuel the fire of victimhood? So if you would win the Academy Award for Victim of the Year, ask yourself why you enjoy being the victim. What is it about the drama, the victimhood, the pain and the struggling that you believe you need to hang on to? If you think that you need to be crucified to be seen as good, godly or righteous, then you will sabotage yourself every time. Why wouldn’t you? If your subconscious mind links suffering and pain to being “good enough,” “saved,” “righteous,” and “spiritual,” then you will do a mighty fine job. Look carefully at what is the motive behind your playing victim and decide whether or not you are ready to let it go.

It’s a very powerful place to understand that once you stop complaining about all the things you can’t change such as your parents, the weather, the economy or the world, you really move into a magnificent place. You can only change yourself and that’s powerful. So decide right now that 2009 will be an amazing year. Let go of the Tribal Mentality beliefs that you won’t get what you want because that’s a lie. You ALWAYS get what you want – even when that is pain, suffering and struggle. The most prominent files in your subconscious mind ALWAYS win.

Change the files today from your past, your upbringing, your genetic coding and let go of the blame and the victimhood. It’s not pretty and you need to move out of that place now if you want to create an amazing life. Move into a life where you are utilizing your Sacred Gifts, doing what you love, what makes your heart sing and brings peace, joy, love and prosperity to your life and everyone around you.

The world needs amazing people leading amazing lives.

Go for it. You can do it!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I Learned About Life From a Pot of Soup

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Thursday December 4 2008

Welcome to this very fine early winter Thursday.

Well folks, four weeks from today we'll all be acknowledging that the New Year is firmly here. The question is going to be whether you'll be "celebrating" the start of another year, or looking for a place to go hide.

It is our conviction here at this desk that the New Year will be absolutely full of opportunities for those folks who bravely look upon the conditions as a chance to do, and be, better. Are you going to be one of them? We expect you will be! Buckle up, it's going to be a fun ride.

Our friend and contributor of this week's offerings is certainly someone who knows clearly that the ability to rise above prevailing exists in each and every one of us. Now that's worht celebrating early. Break out the bubbly.

Jan provides yet another great offering for this fine day.

What I Learned About Life From a Pot of Soup
by Jan Janzen

Every one of us has inherited specific traits or genetic coding from our ancestors. Genetic coding, inherited through our DNA from our parents, has a tremendous effect on your life, from your weight issues to your bank account. For example, the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and many of the other European countries have a very strong work ethic drilled into them at a DNA and cellular level. They need to work hard, and there’s an expectation of poverty and challenges.

They don’t really seem to believe, in their very core, that they will ever succeed financially. Life is hard, something bad will happen, war will break out, depression, economic hardship, famine, epidemics, and sickness are normal and death is always imminent. Life is a difficult struggle.

How exactly does your genetic coding affect what you get in life? Your subconscious mind will pull the most dominant file around every single thought you have. If famine, starvation or cruel slavery are an integral part of your genetic coding, then an overriding belief that something bad will happen will lead to you playing it safe, staying small, or never really exerting yourself.

We all have different ways of responding to our genetic coding. I personally made soup. My two freezers were full of soup. Every free moment I had on the weekend, I made soup. I would open my freezer, see all the soup stored in it, and feel safe and secure. One day I realized that I didn’t care what my savings account looked like, how much money I had to my name, or how many investments I had. I felt safe because I had soup in the freezer. Absolutely crazy but true!

My genetic coding is Russian. What does a good Russian woman always have on the stove? Good soup. The ruble may plummet, war may come, the government may be overthrown, but a bowl of soup – now that fixes everything! I released those beliefs and lost the fervent, panicky, obsessive need to make soup. It took me seven months of eating soup daily to go through all of my soup. What was fascinating was that as my soup stock dwindled, my bank account soared.

Genetic coding definitely plays a role in our views on money. Look at your own genetic coding and see what views around money your parents and grandparents (and so on) were raised in. It can definitely explain many reasons that you have issues around money. Perhaps you are embarrassed by any amount of it or you see it as a burden. Too much work, too much responsibility, too much to think about can be part of your genetic coding, or the belief that money is only for the aristocratic, the elite, the powerful or for an upper-class.

Most of us came from a hard-working lower to middle class background at a genetic coding level. Now we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, buying properties in exotic places and traveling the world and doing our business from a laptop. There is a very strong program that says, “And who the hell do you think you are – a rich person or something?” Can you hear the voice in the back of your head cutting you down, holding you back and keeping you small in your finances or some other area of your life?

If you are a woman, you carry the additional genetic coding that tells you your place is to support the man in your life, be the backbone of the family; be silent, submissive, subservient and hard-working. You do all the labor and the man will make money. Your primary role is to support the man and make sure that he looks good and is successful, which will in turn bring pride to you and to your family name. If this sounds like something out of an old history book, it’s not. This kind of genetic coding has shown up in my own life and in my client’s lives. It’s frighteningly real.

Women, you really need to let go of the belief that a man will look after you, that you don’t want to dirty your hands with money, it’s not up to you to look after yourself financially, it’s a man’s job, you can’t earn more money than your husband, father, or male partner, and that it is wrong, unspiritual, or not nice to earn money and lots of it. Those are real beliefs that you are holding onto at a subconscious level, and until you let them go, your financial success will always be limited and riddled with guilt.

Genetic coding also plays a role in weight issues because having some extra weight in many cultures is seen as a good thing necessary for survival. A woman who is too skinny would not be a good choice of mate as she wouldn’t be able to bear children easily or work hard on the farm and might even be an embarrassment to her husband because she would give the appearance of there not being enough food to fatten her up. With disease rampant, famines prevalent and life physically demanding, having extra weight was an important characteristic. There was also the cold. Fat insulates and helps keep you warm in the cold, harsh winters.

The problem with all of that genetic coding is that famine to date is not an issue where obesity is a problem, diseases like the bubonic plague no longer run rampant, and we sit on our butts most of the day at computers. We are a far cry today from working in the field from morning to night, hoeing, plowing and harvesting. And the last time I checked, there was central heating in most of the world where people are the fattest. So the genetic coding needs to be deleted because times have changed and the program that’s running is way out-of-date.

Genetic coding is a fascinating part of why we have what we do in our life. All the best intentions and goals for 2009 can be undone with just one strong genetic coding belief. Identify those beliefs and start to change them to beliefs that will empower you and set you up for an amazing new year!

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