Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Fear Limits Your Life Potential

A note from for Wednesday September 30, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to the midweek point, and the final day of September.

We have now completed 3/4 of 2009. The usual questions need to be presented.

1. Are you on track to fulfill your goals and intentions for the year?
2. If not, why not?
3. Are you willing to do all that is necessary to complete the year successfully?

I was chatting with a client yesterday who had allowed some old "fear" patterns to encroach on his psyche, and consequently his day-to-day activities. We have addressed this "fear" rascal many times here, and now is a grand time to do it again.

Our friend Iain does it in a wonderful way, and at the bottom of his reader today you are invited to download a short e-book that will put the "fear" character exactly where it belongs. Learn more about...

Why Fear Limits Your Life Potential
by Iain Legg

Have you ever felt like fear was preventing you from reaching your full potential in life? If so, you are certainly not alone because fear is one of the biggest obstacles that many people face when trying to create better life circumstances. Below are some of the most common ways that fear can hold you back:

Fear can prevent you from making positive changes.
Sometimes fear can make even the smallest changes seem extremely uncomfortable. For example, you may be deeply dissatisfied with your job, but feel nervous or uncertain about finding and applying for a better one. Or you may have always dreamed of buying your own home but worry that the responsibility would be too much to handle.

Fear can prevent you from breaking destructive habits.
We all know that smoking, poor dietary choices, excessive alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle are a recipe for health problems, but we often gravitate toward these habits because they help numb our anxious or fearful feelings. If you have ever tried to break a bad habit like this, you know how stressful it can be because suddenly you are filled with anxiety and you don't know how to handle it except to run back to your "pacifiers" - the very habits you are trying to break.

Fear can prevent you from taking risks.
Many of us shy away from risk because we fear negative consequences. For example, you may hesitate to invest your money because you fear losing it, or avoid starting a new relationship because you were so hurt by the last one. What most of us fail to realize is that risk can also bring great rewards. Avoiding risk may help us avoid negative possibilities but we also miss the excitement and joy that come from positive outcomes.

Fear can prevent you from pursuing your goals.
Have you ever dreamed of doing something great but were never able to push yourself to do it? Perhaps you dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but dreaded the thought of public speaking, or you desperately wanted to be a bestselling author but were too afraid to pen that novel lurking inside of you.

Fear can prevent you from expanding your life.
Social anxiety is another common way that fear can limit your potential. It may prevent you from attending networking functions so your career or business can't grow properly, or you may avoid taking that much needed vacation to relax and explore other cultures because you fear flying or being on a cruise ship.

How to stop fear from limiting your potential.
It's important to note that all of these fears are most often groundless. They are merely a perception that things "could" go wrong - but that doesn't mean they will.

Rather than trying to force your way through the fear, you may find it easier to explore the many ways that fear can be effectively released from your mind, emotions, and body. When you know how to release the fear, you simply handle it as you would any minor obstacle and then continue on your way to creating the best life you possibly can.

Download the new free ebook - 22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration. Crammed full of valuable tips, exercises and ideas - it could be the most important ebook you read this year.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Jan Janzen Day

A note from for Tuesday September 29, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to this very fine early fall Tuesday. here in The Okanagan Valley we are still blessed to be basking in absolutely beautiful weather. It is certainly grand.

Today we're doing something quite special and honoring one of our friends, and a favorite contributor. The very essential Jan Janzen.

For the past three Monday's you have been gifted with some of Jan's terrific readers, you've been invited to an event she held last week, and you're going to get something else gifted to you today.

Before that though, I want to take a moment and recognize Jan for the important part she plays in many peoples lives.

I met Jan sometime in the early 2000's. Recently extricated from a fairly restrictive religious order Jan, was on fire and just buzzing with an enthusiasm for helping people better their personal conditions.

Since we met I watched her go up, and down, the emotional, financial, and spiritual scales, and through it all she has retained a perspective that guaranteed the success she experiences today. Just completing a three and a half month rejuvenating stay in Sedona, Arizona, Jan is moving to the next stage of her incredible growth journey, and coming to spend some time in Canada.

In the time that I've known her, she has authored two successful books, developed numerous workshops, delivered countless tele-classes, graduated as a non-denominational minister, has become a reknowed and popular professional speaker, and inspired many fine individuals in one-on-one coaching to attain new levels of awareness. And, she's really just getting warmed up. For us here, she personifies The Wealthy Attitude.

In her ever generous way, Jan told me yesterday that the outstanding tele-class she held last was week was successfully recorded, and she wanted to gift it to you all. Now that is truly class in our world.

Click on Jan's image below and ask her for the recordings. You're going to love learning.

How to Create an Amazing Life!
5 simple ways to have more money, less stress
and more fun in your life

Also dear friends, if you live anywhere close to Vancouver, B.C. or will be there on November 14 & 15th you have an amazing opportunity to work with Jan personally at The Invitation

What Is The Invitation

The Invitation moves you into a life full of joy, fulfillment and peace of mind. It´s not so much about doing, doing, doing but about being who you want to be in the world and then doing what feels very right and good.

The Invitation is an opportunity to explore your deepest dreams in an environment that will move you and inspire you to put feet to those dreams.

The Invitation will reveal a divinely inspired 7 step blueprint to creating the life you really want…with all the bells and whistles!

Just click on The Invitation and you`ll learn more about Jan and what this workshop can do for you.

Finally folks, you`ll be well served in getting to know Jan as, in the words of the famous song, The Best Is Yet To Come. Bookmark

Jan, we thank, and honor you, for the difference you make in so many lives. We are proud to know you.

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Are You Angry Yet?

A note from for Monday September 28, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to brand new week.

OK. Let's be clear here. Every now and again I just get royally pissed.

Now also, it's a state that I relish because it motivates me to whole new levels of inspiration. Read on!

Our delightful friend Jan Janzen contributes an offering today that I feel is highly worthy of your consideration. She clearly sets the scene for you to respond to the the question...

Are You Angry Yet?
by Jan Janzen

One of my clients emailed me to say that “holy moly, she was full of anger and rage”. It was just eating her up. She wondered what was going on.

Rather than be alarmed, I was excited. You see, anger, in its appropriate place is a very positive emotion. It can be the fuel that lights up your life and takes it where you at some level, know it should be.

If you are living with financial woes, health issues, relationship struggles and career troubles, then you are not living your fullest potential. You aren´t even anywhere close to what you could be doing. And you probably are well aware of that. You are in that place of complacency, denial, acceptance or victimhood. And honestly, nothing is going to change. Nothing.

In other words, if you are saying things such as, “well everybody is struggling these days,” “it´s the new economy and things are just tougher”, “I´m doing the best I can with what I´ve got to work with” or anything that resembles these comments then you are operating from the emotions of apathy and resignation.

Some good old fiery anger would do you a lot of good! Rather than accept your lot in life, deciding that this is as good as it gets, get angry at all the things you are missing out on your life. Gratitude for what you have is a very good thing but so is anger at what you don´t have.

Were you able to do the trip you really wanted this year or did you settle for a whole lot less or no trip at all? Did you earn the bonus you wanted in your network marketing company or did you come up with an excuse as to why someone else got it so you wouldn´t feel like a failure? Did you spend the time you wanted with your children or grandchildren this summer or were you too busy spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

We have grown up in a society that frowns on anger. It´s considered not spiritual or not “nice” to be angry. I am not talking about tearing a strip off your neighbor, beating up your wife and blowing up at the office. I am talking about really feeling the emotions of disappointment, disgust, the feeling of being pissed off and angry at what you are not creating in your life. Once you accept that your life is not what you want it to be, then you can make some changes. Anger is a great initial impetus.

Once you move from that place of anger, with some fuel in your engine, some wind under your wings and a firecracker under you, you can start moving from that lethargic, apathetic, pathetic place and create the amazing life you really deserve. Then you can operate from a place of joy, peace, love, hopefulness and goodness. But anger may be just the emotion you need to experience to get you there.

Get up close and personal with all of the emotions required to take your life to absolutely amazing - including anger. You may be surprised at how quickly that one emotion can change your life to the good! Now isn´t that a twist to start your week with?

Jan is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.Visit Jan at

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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Run!

A note from for Friday September 25, 2009

Good day there folks and welcome to Happy Friday.

Needless to say, we've had a ton of fun here this week with all of the amazing contributions from our incredible writers, and all of the feedback they inspire. It truly is a gift to be at this desk every day.

As we wrap up the week as we usually do with a short video, I'm caused to reflect on those folks who just go above and beyond all limitations to achieve their dream. Terry Hitchcock is an exceptional man as you will see.

After tragically losing his wife to breast cancer and struggling to raise three young children on his own, Terry seized on an idea. He wanted to accomplish the impossible: run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to the incredibly difficult lives of single-parent families.

So what is your inspiration to go above and beyond the norm? Something to think about for the weekend.

Have an amazing weekend.

See you Monday.

Take care,


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creating Space for the New

A note from for Thursday September 24, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to this very fine Thursday.

OK, I'll fess up. I'm a shirt hound! I have grossly more shirts than I'll ever need. To give you a clue, I could wear a fresh shirt every single day, and only do laundry twice a year. It's pretty obsessive, and today I'm doing something about it. Today, at least 50% of my shirts are being donated to a local mission.

Why, you may ask, am I suddenly ready to take this giant step. Well, it's pretty simple. Our friend and valued contributor, Thea Westra reminded me about...

Creating Space for the New
by Thea Westra

The scarcity (Scare City) conversation going on in your head causes you to hang onto those old clothes in the wardrobe or the three outdated cameras that collect dust in the cupboard. Perhaps you do not yet see that connection however, trust me, they are directly linked.

It is now time to make a little more room to allow for all those wonderful things that you desire.

Get a bigger bookshelf if you want new books, or purge some of those old titles that no longer fit with your new abundance mindset. Weed that garden, you know that every time you drive the car into the drive it drops your energy to see those weeds taking over. Pay your bills on time, every time, and each time you do this, give thanks that you can live a lifestyle that incurs such expenses. Empty those rubbish bins around the house regularly and…yes…have a bin in every room then empty them regularly. Go ahead, unclutter your world…it's wonderful for the Feng Shui (a scientific discipline based on the analysis of energy)!

How can anything great come into your physical, spiritual or mind space when you keep filling the spaces with all those unnecessary extras? Including, worry, drama, procrastination, physical clutter and negative conversation.

Where else can you make some room for the "good things" about which you dream? Take a look around, make a list and work your way through it. Set a timer each day for ten minutes if it helps. Pick a sock drawer or a cupboard shelf to "attack" in those ten minutes. Make that phone call or write that email that you've been putting off. Really feel that feeling of having it done and look forward to that reward.

I have two very handy tools at my website that give you plenty of areas on which to go to work to raise the energy that you transmit.

One of these is the CleanSweep and the other is a list of Tolerations. Download these for free from and get into action. (Hint: they are under the heading 'Coaching Tools')

When you even get three-quarters of the way through one of those lists, you'll be ready to create again. You'll be like a drainpipe that has just been unblocked. Things will start flowing toward you and through you once more. That dark little rain cloud that used to follow you overhead each day will magically disappear. Goodness, you might even notice all those opportunities for advancement that have been whizzing by you each day!

That little extra bounce in your step and that lovely clear, clean feeling of everything being right in your world cannot help but attract people and the energy of the universe's power toward you and you'll be ready to give again. You may even have a little breakthrough in self-worth and we all know its immense value in manifestation of success and abundance!

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into our mind, but how to get the old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it." ~Dee Hock~

Thea Westra is the senior thought leader, at her Forward Steps site. She resides in Perth, Australia with her ultra-supportive partner Greg. Thea publishes a monthly ezine (among many other publications and products) at Enjoy her life success blogs at and get personally connected here,

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Imagine a Life...

A note from for Wednesday September 23, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to the midweek point.

We are now in day two of the Fall season, and we're all pretty much focused on ending the year with our goals and intentions fulfilled according to plan. To help along that path, I want to share something that really touched me when it was contributed.

You'll clearly see that it helps when you...

Imagine a Life
by Rob McBride

Imagine a life where you take action with energy.

Imagine a life where you have confidence in yourself.

Imagine a life where you are tenacious in all that you do.

Imagine a life where you take initiative to achieve your dreams.

Imagine a life where you tolerate those things you don't like.

Imagine a life where you are helpful to other people.

Imagine a life where you have a burning desire.

Imagine a life where you flow and grow with time.

Imagine a life where you laugh at life instead of cry.

Imagine a life where you adapt easily to change and challenge.

Imagine a life where you make decisions based on your principles.

Imagine a life where you are curious to learn more about what you do.

Imagine a life where you live with passion and determination.

Imagine a life where you bounce back from adversity.

Imagine a life where you implement and instigate.

While it seems difficult to imagine a life where all of these elements form part of our reality, it is possible to achieve what we most desire!

"How is this possible?" you might ask. It is difficult to be the "perfect" person who integrates each of these qualities which a "good" person "should" have. What is possible is to determine what we most desire and focus on this quality.

For example, if we determine the most important thing in our lives is love, we simply have to give lots of love. While not all will return our love, some will. If we determine what we most want in life is money, all we have to do is focus all of our time and energy in generating money.

Eventually, we will do it. It's possible other things may be lacking in our lives, though money will not be one of them.

We can live the life we dream and imagine. We simply need to be very clear about what we really want and not disperse our energy in so many different directions. When our desire is well defined, the next step is to breathe it and integrate it into everything we do. By doing this we can stop imagining and begin living.

The elements I mention in "Imagine a Life" form an integral part of my conferences and workshops. If you would like to do more than just imagine the life you desire, give me a call and I would be thrilled to share with your organization or group! Join me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Your Attitude Toward Money Controlling Your Financial Future?

A note from for Tuesday September 22, 2009

Well hello there all and welcome to the first day of the Fall season. This is an awesome time of the year when we get to reflect on the Summer experiences, and then set up to fulfill the goals and intentions we set out in January.

Recently, we at The Wealthy Attitude sponsored some networking events as a way of introducing ourselves to our new community here in The Okanagan Valley. As is usual we get asked often, "just what is The Wealthy Attitude"? You can see how we respond here: What Is The Wealthy Attitude

In support of our little adventure here every day, we are supported by some amazing conrtibutors. Another new one contributes something today that fits exactly with what we propose when she asks...

Is Your Attitude Towards Money Controlling Your Financial Future?
by Trish Wagner

How do you feel about money? Most people see money in terms of black and white, either you have enough of it or you don't. Of course there are many levels of "have it" or "don't" but let's assume you fall into one of those categories. How does your attitude or feeling about money affect the rest of your life? Can changing your attitude change your financial status?

What is your money mentality? Your attitude toward money is formed over a lifetime of financial experiences. It starts when you are young and can be greatly influenced by your upbringing. Children learn from example; if your parents had a negative attitude about money or wealth you might be more inclined to mimic those feelings. Have you ever heard or perhaps spoken the following phrases in regards to money?

  • This is the way it has always been
  • The rich get richer while the poor get poorer
  • We can't afford that
  • There is never enough to go around
  • Our family has always been poor
While money may not buy happiness, it does pay for housing, clothing, food and other necessities that many people struggle daily to maintain. For some individuals financial security is still viewed as a dream that can never be achieved.

Change your attitude to change your life

If you feel you are "destined" to be poor or that you will never have enough money to live comfortably you could likely fulfill that prophecy. A common factor that contributes to generations of families living hand to mouth is the belief that you have to have money to create wealth. While in theory this is somewhat true, it does not mean that you have to start out with money in order to be successful financially. What you do have to have is a positive attitude, short and long term goals and a plan to reach those goals. There are endless rags-to-riches stories about individuals who overcame growing up in poverty who turned their lives around. You can, too, by doing the following things:

  1. Believe in yourself and your ability to find success. Nothing in life comes easily and changing a lifetime of negative financial experiences will prove to be hard work. You must truly be ready for change and committed to the hard work required to achieve success.
  2. Debt is a four letter word that makes it almost impossible to achieve your financial goals. There are several methods to get out of debt and you will have to examine your own situation to determine what method is right for you. Whatever route you take reducing or eliminating your debt is imperative to your financial success.
  3. Set short and long term financial goals. Once you eliminate your debt you can begin to focus on establishing financial goals. To break the cycle of debt you must have money set aside in savings for unexpected expenses. Learn about the importance of emergency funds, saving for retirement and investing.
  4. Do not set yourself up for failure by expecting overnight results. Unless you win the lottery or find yourself the recipient of some other windfall, changing your financial status will require hard work, sacrifice, determination and a strong desire to improve your situation.
Keep in mind you are limited only by yourself. Regardless of how you ended up in your current situation, you are the only person who can change the path your life takes from this point forward. Remember: Finding real wealth is not just about financial success, but also maintaining healthy relationships, improving yourself as an individual and helping others to do the same. If you can achieve these goals you will truly experience a life of wealth.

Trisha Wagner is a freelance writer for Destroy, a community featuring forums. Trisha writes regularly on the topics of getting out of debt and personal finance.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get the Boogie Man Out From Under the Bed

A note from for Monday September 21, 2009

Good day there folks and welcome to the final day of the Summer season. Tomorrow we get to be looking forward to an amazing Fall.

As mentioned last Monday, our friend Jan Janzen has yet another reader to share with you today. Jan is also hosting a tele-seminar on Wednesday that is frankly, going to shake up the world of those who will be attending.

Jan has prepared some goodies that you are absolutely not going to want to miss. On September 23rd (this Wednesday) at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST) Jan is conducting this F.R.E.E. teleclass on Creating an Amazing Life.

If creating a magnificent, magical and amazing life is something you long for but haven´t been able to achieve on your own, then let Jan help you with proven techniques that have taken her life from miserable to magnificent, from poor to prosperous and from lonely to loved. She promises you…if she can create a very AMAZING life from the mess she was in, so can you!

Click on Jan's image below and get your seat reserved. Don't put it off, do it now and you won't be disappointed

Jan has also contributed today's reader, and you'll want to learn how to....

Get the Boogie Man Out From Under the Bed
by Jan Janzen

I remember as a little girl that once I was tucked into bed, NOTHING was getting me out of it. I was terrified to put my bare feet on the floor right next to bed because I was sure that a boogie man was going to get me!

Looking back at those still vivid memories, it´s easy to laugh and see the ridiculousness of it. But today, as an adult, we still have “boogie men” in our lives. We have just labeled it as fear, worry, anxiety, and a host of other “medical” terms.

What´s your boogie man? Is it worry around your finances? Is it anxiety about your teenagers? Are you concerned about your job or business? Are you afraid about a certain illness you´re experiencing? Think for a moment about when your stomach goes into knots, your head aches or you feel butterflies in your tummy. Whatever you are thinking about at that moment is your boogie man.

So how do you deal with the boogie man in your life? You get him out from under the bed. I´m sure that if my parents had turned on the lights, pulled out a flashlight and got down on their hands and knees with me close by to show me that there was nothing under the bed, except some dust balls, I would have felt much safer and secure. I am not suggesting that you get down on your hands and knees and check under the bed but let´s pull the boogie man out and see what he really looks like.

The easiest way to do that is to:

1. Identify the fear, worry, anxiety or concern.
2. Ask yourself: What´s the worst thing that could happen if my fear came true?
3. Then ask yourself: How would I handle that situation?
4. Come up with some solutions to the worst case scenario.
5. Now that you know that you have solutions, forget about it.

What could that look like? Let´s say for example you are worried that you are going to lose your job. That´s the fear.

What is the worst thing that could happen if you lost your job? That could be losing your house, having to declare bankruptcy, losing your good credit rating, having to move out of your community or be looking for work with hundreds of thousands of other unemployed people.

How would you handle that situation? Would you die? Would you fall apart emotionally? Would you get sick? Really, if that worst case scenario happened, how would you handle it? Imagine yourself getting that notice that you are fired, you´ve now got credit problems and you may lose your house. What are you going to do? Think about it and come up with some solutions.

Maybe you move in with some relatives. Perhaps you take in students from another country or a boarder. Maybe you start a home-based business. You cash in some investments. Come up with some solutions as best as you can. Remember, you will ONLY need these solutions if your worst case scenario happens in your life.

Pulling the boogie man out from under the bed helps you to clearly see what you are dealing with in your fear and affirms for you that you would indeed handle it. This process enables you to feel calmer, safer and more secure and that feels great!

Jan Janzen is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.Visit Jan at

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Beautiful Gift for the Weekend

A note from for Saturday September 19, 2009

Good day everyone, and yes I know, you're not used to hearing from me on Saturday. Well this is special.

A very good friend of The Wealthy Attitude brought a book to our attention recently and you now get an opportunity to get it at a price you will certainly appreciate. F.R.E.E. Read on!

Free e-book from Green Stone of Healing (R) series

What happens when politics, passion, and piety collide? In the lost island nation of Azgard, the conflagration leads to worldwide cataclysm.

Do you like fiction with strong female characters, complex intertwined plots, drama, the mystical-paranormal, and romance that lives from lifetime to lifetime?

Then you will enjoy The Vision, Book One of the Green Stone of Healing(R) speculative epic series.

“It’s a hard book to put down,” JM writes about The Vision in a review at The BookStacks.

The Vision is part of the 2009 Celebrity Author contest. The book with the most votes wins. Winning would help make my lifelong dreams for this series a reality.


I am offering a free e-book in exchange for voting for The Vision.

The book you will receive for voting for The Vision is a nonfiction work entitled, Hope is in the Garden: Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love. *NOTE* Peter has read this book and just loved it.

Please go to and vote for The Vision! It takes maybe 30 seconds to vote. Vote deadline is midnight MT on Friday, Sept. 25.

Then e-mail me and tell me what name you used to vote. The e-mail address is: info (at)

I will send you a link to download your free e-book (.pdf format), which explores the relationship between spirituality, unconditional love, and healing.

Thanks and happy reading!

C.L. Talmadge/StoneScribe

Author, Green Stone of Healing® series

OK dear people, let's get behind these nice folks and support them.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

For a Better World by 2012

A note from for Friday September 18, 2009

Hello there good people and welcome to the end of the typical week. The late summer seems to be extending across the land and everyone's mood is much lighter. Nice stuff.

We wrap up the week in the usual fashion with a video that we feel will cause you to consider over the weekend. Today's offering certainly will do that.

Thanks to our friend Lynette C. for bringing this one to our attention. Enjoy

For a Better World by 2012

Have an awesome weekend everyone.

See you Monday when the delightful Jan Janzen has yet another great offering for you.

Take care,


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

10 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary

A note from for Thursday September 17, 2009

Well good day there everyone and welcome to yet another beautiful Thursday.

Anyone who has ever spent more than five minutes with me has heard me say many times, "everything lives in language". It is clearly unassailable that "what we say defines us".

Today we have another delightful contributor who shows us the...

10 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary
by Barbara J. Henry

Words are powerful because they shape our thoughts, determine our actions, and chart the course of our lives. This is true whether the words are positive, giving hope and encouragement, or negative utterances that steal our joy and confidence.

Wherever we are in our lives, personal relationships, or careers, the words we have used consistently are partly responsible.

This fact should prompt us to become more aware of our words, and when needed, to change them so that we can begin to get the results we really desire.

Recently, during a particularly challenging period, I discovered that I was using some of the following words far too often to get the favorable results I sought.

1. Can't
The use of this word is primarily responsible for countless hopes and dreams lying dormant on the "drawing boards" of our lives. Completely eliminate your use of this word and you will see a significant positive change in your life.

2. But
When used as a conjunction, "but" negates whatever statement that precedes it." I want to study law, but it will take a lot of hard work." Your mind does not focus on your desire to become a lawyer or judge; it only sees the hard work you will need to perform. Replace "but" with "and."

3. Should
Any statement that uses the word "should" generally elicits guilt. "I should go to the gym," makes you feel guilty for not going. Replace this word with "choose," as in, "I choose to go to the gym, or I choose not to go to the gym today."

4. Maybe
This word indicates indecision, doubt, or uncertainty as to a course of action. For example, "Maybe I'd better wait to..."

For those of us interested in personal development, "maybe" should be used very sparingly. Use "I will" or "I will not" instead of maybe. The mere sound of the more positive words emits feelings of confidence and resolve which are so important to our personal well-being.

5. Soon or Later
Both are indefinite references to time. They are also non-committal. They should be replaced with a definite time and date. When someone tells you he or she is going to do something "soon" or "later," there is no way to determine when whatever it is will get done. Imagine what could happen to deadlines and your integrity when these words are used frequently.

6. Someday
Someday, like soon or later, is much too indefinite, and when it is used, it shows the same lack of commitment. Replace "someday" with a specific date and time.

7. Never
This word is absolute, and there are only limited situations when "never" is absolutely true. The use of this word, in my opinion, suggests a closed mind, which seriously hinders our self-growth efforts. The word "never" should be replaced with a non-absolute term.

8. Won't
The word "won't" implies an unwillingness, reluctance, or closed mindedness, and like the absolute term "never," it is quite harmful because it closes the door on many of the actions we need to take to reach our goals.

9. If
This is a small word that carries large doubts and uncertainties, and when used often, it gnaws away at our confidence and intended actions, two qualities necessary for any type of success.

10. Try or (I'll Try)
I don't know about you, but each time someone has said these words to me, or the few times that I have used them in conversations with others, whatever the subject of "I'll try" was, rarely, if ever, got done. Replace "I'll try" with "I will."

These words must be given serious thought before we use them in our "self talk" or in the conversations we have with others.

We must remember this: Our words affect our thoughts, our actions, our very lives, and because of their power, we must choose them with the utmost care.

Barbara J. Henry is a published author, (Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now), Personal Development Expert, poet, and avid reader of books on self-growth, spirituality, and personal development, which are also the subjects of her blogs.

Barbara describes herself as "The Journaling Lady" because she has journaled daily since June of 1995.

Visit her website and go to The Survey Page to answer the questions to test your self-growth knowledge.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What We Give Out, We Get Back.

A note from for Wednesday September 16, 2009

Good day everyone and welcome to the midweek pointy of this beautiful late summer week.

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Today we are going to one of our very favorite people. Louise Hay has most likely contributed more to the "personal development" movement than any other living person. We honor her today as she firmly makes clear that.....

What We Give Out, We Get Back
by Louise Hay

Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back

What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. I believe that everyone, myself included, is responsible for everything in our lives, the best and the worst. Every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.

We create the situations, and then we give our power away by blaming the other person for our frustration. No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for “we” are the only thinkers in it. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.

Which of these statements sounds like you?
“People are out to get me.”
“Everyone is always helpful.”
Each one of these beliefs will create quite different experiences.

What we believe about ourselves and about life becomes true for us.

The Universe Totally Supports Us in Every Thought We Choose to Think and Believe

Put another way, our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe. They both mean that what I believe about myself and about life becomes true for me. What you choose to think about yourself and about life becomes true for you. And we have unlimited choices about what we can think. When we know this, then it makes sense to choose “Everyone is always helpful,” rather than “People are out to get me.”

The Point of Power Is Always in the Present Moment

All the events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment have been created by your thoughts and beliefs you have held in the past. They were created by the thoughts and words you used yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 10, 20, 30, 40, or more years ago, depending on how old you are.

However, that is your past. It is over and done with. What is important in this moment is what you are choosing to think and believe and say right now. For these thoughts and words will create your future. Your point of power is in the present moment and is forming the experience of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so on.

You might notice what thought you are thinking at this moment. Is it negative or positive? Do you want this thought to be creating your future? Just notice and be aware.

The Only Thing We Are Ever Dealing With Is a Thought, and a Thought Can Be Changed

No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself. You have a thought that says, “I’m a bad person.” This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into the feeling. However, if you don’t have the thought, you won’t have the feeling. And thoughts can be changed. Change the thought, and the feeling must go.

This is only to show us where we get many of our beliefs. But let’s not use this information as an excuse to stay stuck in our pain. The past has no power over us. It doesn’t matter how long we have had a negative pattern. The point of power is in the present moment. What a wonderful thing to realize! We can begin to be free in this moment! ###

The above is an excerpt from You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (with kind permission of Hay House) Visit Louise Hay's website:

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What is Your Relationship with Change?

A note from for Tuesday September 15, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to Tuesday.

There is an old quote, I can't remember who by, that says, "if you are done changing, your done". It seems that many of the conversations I'm having right now, are with some lovely folks who are in resistance mode to change, and wondering why their life is in a garbage can.

I've said it many times here that, "change is the ONLY constant in life". And here today we have a fairly new contributor that helps tons by asking...

What is Your Relationship With Change
by Lori Radun

In our home, my youngest son Ian is working on changing a long-standing behavior. For years, Ian has had difficulty falling asleep on his own. What started as a fear of the dark and noises has turned into a real anxiety about going to bed at night. For a long time, we, as Ian's parents, further enabled the behavior by lying down with him until he fell asleep. Well, now Ian's parents are tired of this habit, and we are trying to bring about some change in the bedtime routine.

My husband and I share the bedtime adventure, and last night was my night to put Ian to bed. We started with a warm bath to relax him, and normally we would read together in bed before going to sleep. But last night Ian lost that privilege because he wasn't being a good listener in the bathtub. So at 8 o'clock I put him in his bed with some books, attempted to tuck him in, and gave him a kiss goodnight.

Our new routine includes keeping the light dimmed in his room and me sitting in the middle of my bed reading in my room. If Ian stays on the left hand side of his bed, he can see straight down the hallway to my bedroom. Ian has the belief that he needs to see us to fall asleep (even though most of us sleep with our eyes closed). Well, let's just say that Ian does not like this new change he is faced with, and he is resisting with everything he has.

Everything I suggest to Ian to make this transition easier, he resists. After an hour of psycho-babble and resistance, I decide to follow his energy. If I don't, I am convinced I will surely explore with anger. So, when he says to me "I can't fall asleep" for the 20th time, I said "Then don't go to sleep. Just stay up all night. Don't close your eyes. Keep them open." Ian resisted that idea too, so guess what he did? He went to sleep!

As human beings, we are faced with change on a regular basis. How we respond to change largely determines how happy and successful we are in life. While our relationship with change varies depending on the change, it is still vitally important that we are consciously aware of our tendencies. By maintaining an awareness of how we are responding to change in our lives, we can actively create the life we desire to live.

Following are five relationships with change. See if you recognize yourself in any of these:

The Avoider
The avoider lives in denial about change. He or she is oblivious to change that needs to take place. When change is presented, the avoider will do whatever is necessary to stay away from change. Denial is a self-protection mechanism that protects us from pain. The avoider sees change as painful, therefore believes that if the pain is ignored, it will eventually go away. It is normally a strong external circumstance or person that shakes the avoider up and propels her to change.

The Resister
The resister may understand that change is needed, but she will fight with change. The resister can come up with a million reasons why ideas won't work. My client recently shared an experience she had with her mother. Her mother is constantly complaining about all the clutter in her home, and not having enough time to deal with it. In an effort to help her mom, my client made several suggestions, including offering her assistance to help her organize and declutter. Every suggestion was met with an excuse, and change did not take place. The resister is gaining more perceived benefit from not making change, and therefore will remain stuck until those benefits are resolved.

The Talker
Similar to the resister, the talker will talk about all the change she wants to make, but rarely backs the talk with action. Until recently, I was a talker when it came to decluttering my house. I would complain about it. I would talk about how important it was to me to simplify and live with less. I would lecture my kids and my husband, but I always found something more important to do. Talking about change is a positive step in the right direction, but without action, change will not take place. Thankfully, I have finally graduated from the talker phase and backed my talk with my walk. (You can follow my decluttering journey on my blog.)

The Fizzler
The fizzler is good at recognizing change that needs to take place. She can talk about what she is going to do, and she will even make a plan to take action. The fizzler will start off on her journey towards change like a sparkler. Full of fire and energy, she jumps wholeheartedly into change. Then the fire starts to die, the energy begins to fizzle, and the sparkler dies out. The fizzler may start and stop with change. Sometimes she's successful and sometimes she gives up.

The Embracer
The embracer wraps her arms around change. She sees change as an opportunity to do things differently and make life better. She is a lover of learning and thrives well with change. Although she recognizes that change is not always easy, she possesses the perseverance to stick with the ups and downs, the emotional strength to manage her mental mindset, and the attitude to make the most of every opportunity.

So what change would you like to make in your life? What unsolicited change is taking place around you? What change would you like to see take place in your family or in this world? And what is your relationship to that change?

Lori Radun, CEC is a certified life coach for moms. To receive her newsletter, other coaching products, and the special report, "155 Things Moms Can do To Raise Great Children," go to Momnificent.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good, Excellent or Outstanding?

A note from for Monday September 14, 2009

Good day all and welcome to the start of what is shaping up to be a beautiful late summer week.

Yet again, our weekend was filled with learning opportunities that pushed us to new levels of awareness about how some people are destined to live their lives magnificently, and frankly, some choose to make it just painful. Some folks deeply resist the truism that, "our lives are simply our thoughts made manifest". Over this next while I'll be addressing this in much more detail.

As promised on Friday, our delightful good friend, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jan Janzen has prepared some goodies that you are absolutely not going to want to miss. On September 23rd (a week on Wednesday) at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST) Jan is conducting a F.R.E.E. teleclass on Creating an Amazing Life.

If creating a magnificent, magical and amazing life is something you long for but haven´t been able to achieve on your own, then let Jan help you with proven techniques that have taken her life from miserable to magnificent, from poor to prosperous and from lonely to loved. She promises you…if she can create a very AMAZING life from the mess she was in, so can you!

Click on Jan's image below and get your seat reserved. Don't put it off, do it now and you won't be disappointed

Jan has also contributed today's reader, and you'll be able to assess very quickly if you are...

Good, Excellent, or Outstanding?
by Jan Janzen

If someone were to describe you, would they say you were “good” at what you do, “excellent” at what you do or “outstanding” at what you do? How would you describe yourself?

If you´re good, you´re probably barely satisfied with your results. If you´re excellent, you may be happy but you are probably still feeling a gap between where you are and where you know you can be. At some level, you´re settling. So if outstanding is where you want to be, what separates the good from the excellent from the outstanding?

Think of somebody who is good at what they do. Maybe the waitress at the restaurant was good. She got the orders straight, she brought you the bill when you asked for it and she even remembered to bring you a refill for your coffee.

Now think of someone who is excellent. Perhaps the car sales person went the extra mile, followed up promptly after you took home the new car, they sent you the thank you card in the mail and even remembered your birthday the following year.

Who do you think of when you think of outstanding? Does someone like Mother Theresa come to mind? What about Nelson Mandela? Warren Buffet? Princess Diana? Oprah Winfrey? Donald Trump? Meryl Streep? Or Michael Jordon? Perhaps Tiger Woods comes to mind as outstanding.

What makes these people “outstanding” rather than excellent? What gives them the edge that sets them apart and makes them stand out in many people´s eyes?

First, they all have a gift that they have used fully. Mother Theresa and Princess Diana both extensively utilized their beautiful gifts of compassion and caring. Oprah Winfrey is the hugely successful television host she is, because she is a poster child for using a wonderful gift of encouragement. Business men like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump have a gift of leadership and visioning that has made them billionaires and set them worlds apart from the average business person.

Second, we can look at every outstanding athlete, movie actress, philanthropist, business person, author or social entrepreneur and see that they have given life all they´ve got. They haven´t wimped out, decided it was too hard, or backed down in the face of challenges. These outstanding men and women haven´t become victims or felt sorry for themselves through losses or hardships.

Third, they put their heart and soul into life. They breathed their passion for life into every act, every decision and every thought. They didn´t settle for 99% or even 99.9%. It was 100% and nothing less. Defeat was never in their vocabulary. Quitting was never a choice. Being outstanding was the very least they could do with their gifts.

What about you? Could you be outstanding in some area of your life? Could you release the unlimited potential within you, the fiery passion for life and combine it with a focus that was sharper than an eagle? You have gifts inside of you that are probably screaming to come out and play more fully in your life.

Imagine how exciting it would be to feel the deepest satisfaction at the very core of your being that you had gone above and beyond, that you had lived life to the fullest, that you had expended everything you were divinely gifted to make this world a better place. How would your life change if you went from good to excellent to outstanding?

Why not find out?

Jan Janzen is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.

Go right now and register for Jan's teleclass and learn how to Create Your Amazing Life! 5 simple ways to have more money, less stress and more fun in your life!

You can also visit Jan at

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why You Should Be Going Organic!

note from for Friday September 11, 2009

Good day folks and welcome to the end of the week.

We've had a ton of interesting experiences this week here at The Wealthy Attitude. Our personal develoment product provider Polaris Media Group has launched some absolutely amazing products that are destined to take us well into the next decade in a very grand manner.

You can find out what this could mean to you, and your future, by purchasing a terrific DVD that they have just released, and, in true Scottish form, you can get a $5 dollar discount right here. Just go to use product code 117656 and you can get the DVD for just $25. Now that's the deal of the week and you should jump all over it.

As you are well aware, on Friday we present to you a video for your consideration, and today is no different. And as you are equally aware, we here are strong advocates for lightening up our footprint on our planet, moving to sustainable and conscious community's, and living a healthier lifestyle. It's one of the reasons for our recent move to British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

Today's video offering is destined to get you thinking very seriously about how you live, and more importantly how your children, and grand-children will be affected by your decisions about your future. It's only seven minutes long, has some sub-titles, and will provide you with some things to consider over the weekend. And, as always, we invite your feedback in whatever manner you choose. Let's get some chat going about this. Please consider...

Why You Should Be Going Organic

Have an outstanding weekend.

We'll see you on Monday.

Take care,


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Not A Perfect Song!

A note from for midday September 10, 2009

A new friend, I recently discovered, is not only an all around good guy, fixer extraordinaire, budding social diplomat, but also an aspiring singer-songwriter. I found this out as he was telling me about his wife's upcoming birthday celebration, and that he was writing her a new song.

He shared with me a great lesson. He had been struggling somewhat in writing the "perfect song" for how he felt about his bride, when he himself had a breakthrough moment. It wasn't the "perfect song" his wife wanted, it was just for him to sing for her.

Enjoy Randy Zarr as he sings for his wife....

Not A Perfect Song

MP3 File

Pursue the Means - Live The Dreams

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Importance of Pausing

A note from for Thursday September 10, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to a beautiful late summer Thursday.

Last evening I had the pleasure of a tour of Summerhill Pyramid Winery here in Kelowna and meeting its owner and visionary founder Stephen Cipes. Summerhill Winery is Canada's largest organic vineyard and most visited winery. The product, I can tell you personally is exceptional, and highly worthy of your company when you decide to come and visit with us in this corner of paradise.

The "stand out" thing for me about the evening though, was not the wine, it was watching the owner, Stephen. He is clearly a man of vision to have created this diamond here in the Okanagan Valley. During our tour I got to visit his amazing pyramid that is right there in the vineyard. What happened inside took me by a very pleasant surprise.

Stephen requested that we take a moment of quiet meditation to think about the date o9-09-09, and to send out our intentions for the future into Universal consciousness. The effect for me, in what is clearly a sacred place, was profound.

Today's reader sprang from the files when I got back to my desk. This delightful new contributor brought more meaning about last evening as she reflects on.....

The Importance of Pausing
by Kristina Jansz

Imagine reading a book in which there are no commas or periods. Page after page, all the words run together making it near impossible to decipher the intended meaning.

Imagine listening to a piece of music that doesn't have any rests in it. What you'd experience is a cacophony of meaningless noise.

Imagine getting into a car and driving it from point A to point B. At your start point you press the accelerator to the floor and, without stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, you don't release your foot until you reach point B. This action will cause chaos and destruction to you and those around you.

The commas and periods in written word and the rests in music are what give context and meaning to these forms of expressions. Using the breaks while driving allows you to interact with others respectfully and safely on the road. All of these are examples of Pausing and they create order out of chaos.

In the same way, taking time out to Pause brings meaning to the energy you output in your life.

  • Pausing and being fully present in the moment gives deeper meaning to your actions.
  • Pausing before reacting to another greatly enhancing meaningful, respectful communication.
  • Pausing and turning your attention inwards helps you re-center yourself so that you can hear your truth. It allows you to reconnect with your emotional center of gravity.
Pausing also allows you to press that internal reset button and reconnect with the place within where your mind, body, heart and soul meet. From this point of being centered you can then go out to meet your day, week, challenges.

Now, will it be possible for you to go from living at break-neck speed to being fully present in every single moment, right away? Probably not, however small steps repeated consistently over time generate extraordinary, long lasting change and that's something that is achievable!

So, take time out to Pause as often as you can during the course of a day. Right now it may only be for a few seconds at a time, and that's okay. Make it your goal to become fully present in the moment, for instance while sipping your morning coffee or sitting at a traffic light or speaking with your child. Be in this moment as if nothing else in the Universe exists but this moment.

Ask your senses to shake off their drowsiness and fully experience everything that is happening. Challenge yourself to discover beauty in each of these moments. Dare yourself to find something for which you are truly grateful. In doing so, you will greatly increase the value and meaning of each moment you're living and ultimately the quality of your life.

Kristina Jansz, Life-Skills Trainer, Writer and Speaker works in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and offers Personal Empowerment Programs, Workshops and Talks. For more information visit Kristina Contact information: phone 705 794-9900, email

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Create An Amazing Life

A mid-day note from for Wednesday September 9, 2009

Hello again all on this very fine Wednesday. I have something special to bring to your attention.

Our very good friend Jan Janzen has just launched an amazing new program that combines her years of study, observations, practices, and commitment into a mechanism that will unquestionably take you where you've always dreamed of going. You personal and business life is about to take a giant leap forward on September 23rd 2009.

Click on the image below and get yourself registered and you will love learning....

How to Create an Amazing Life

Pursue the Means - Live The Dreams

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Caught In A Trap?

A note from for Wednesday September 9, 2009

Good day all and welcome to the midweek point. In some circles it's known as "Hump Day". You work out the details on your own. ;-)

The week is gaining momentum and I certainly feel that the announcement I'll be bringing you in the next couple of days will certainly touch some chords with delight.

Today though, we go to our very good friend friend from Australia as she helps us decide if we really are...

Caught In A Trap?
by Thea Westra

There are 86,400 seconds in each day. It takes less than one of those to make a decision. Each decision we make can take life in a wholly different direction.

Having lived more than 1,475,776,800 seconds myself, it is astounding to consider the myriad of turns that life could have taken with each new thought that I had at each moment.

Every action and consequential events are all based on singular thoughts that you have had or that another person had in relationship to you. So now, who thinks that they are caught in a trap and have limited options? You've likely heard it often...change your thoughts and you change your life. Think about this... (pardon the pun) and you'll know it to be the absolute truth about every aspect of your past.

Initially, you may hear this as bad news. Especially when you're now 100% responsible for every thing that is showing up in your life. Yet consider the notion more closely and in fact it's probably the most empowering idea that you could accept as a fact, if you're wanting some choice in the matter of where your experience of life takes you next.

You see the good news is that we have it within our power to change the thoughts and beliefs that flow through each day. It's all a matter of habits and shifting what's usual, comfortable and familiar to us. You've heard the saying, "To have different you need to do different." Our doing is sourced in our thinking so be careful where you take those thoughts and be aware of what you accept as ultimate truths. The Earth may not be as flat as you believe!

I believe that I have shared the following with you before, however you may see something else it it for yourself if I expose it to you for re-reading:

"Rightness: Long ago, a brilliant psychologist proved that if you present a rat with 3 tunnels, only one of which has some cheese in it, the rat would explore all the avenues until he finds the cheese. And, after reinforcement, he will ignore all non-cheese tunnels, and go down only the one with the payoff. Then, if you take away the cheese, he will soon learn that it’s gone, and will begin to explore all tunnels again, looking for the reward. Human beings, in stark contrast, will go up a tunnel looking for whatever 'cheese' the situation is, never get any, but they proceed to go up that same tunnel for a lifetime. And what’s driving them is reasonableness, or rightness. That is, they get to say to themselves, quite logically: 'I saw cheese go up that tunnel. It’s got to be up there. I’ll find it, goddam it, if it takes me a lifetime.' So they get to spend a lifetime without cheese, but always being able to explain (to wives, friends, acquaintances anyone who will listen) that they’re up a very reasonable tunnel. And they find people to agree that the cheese really belongs up that tunnel. (Those people are called really close friends!)

If you’re running your life up a tunnel (or a series of them) with no 'cheese' for you; you’re beginning to get what I’m driving at: that running your life being right is pointless and I don't mean that what you’re doing is wrong; I simply mean it doesn't work, and that should be the main criterion." ~From EST: Playing The Game The New Way written by Carl Frederick in 1972~

If what you are doing is not working then get it working or get it out of there! If you are not producing the results that you are wanting to produce then it's time to explore your deeply held beliefs and to begin looking at where you are 'being right' about something, which in fact may be nowhere near right for the direction you're wanting to go.

You can change the direction in which you're heading, in a jiffy! A jiffy is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. Determine desired intentions and decide to produce specific results. Regularly focus on your intentions. Be vigilant with your language (in mind or voiced). Track your progress and reward the forward steps. Know if an action or non-action is moving you toward or away from your intended outcome.

Thea Westra is the senior thought leader, at her Forward Steps site. She resides in Perth, Australia with her ultra-supportive partner Greg. Thea publishes a monthly ezine (among many other publications and products) at Enjoy her life success blogs at and get personally connected here,

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Shedding Life Long Habits

A note from for Tuesday September 8, 2009

Good day everyone and say hello to a very fine post Labor Day Tuesday. I expect you had time over the long weekend to consider how you're going to aim for the end of your year.

I had an interesting chat with some very lovely folks over the holiday about what could be holding them back from all of the desires they can clearly articulate. The bottom line for us all was....

Shedding Life Long Habits
by Claudette Rowley

Most of us have habits that we don't like back or stop us from being as brilliant as we naturally are. For many of us, life long habits such as avoidance, self-sabotage or excessive worrying have the power to hold us back from our potential.

Whether you're trying to stop procrastinating, worrying or overeating, you might be challenged to eliminate your habit of choice. This is because life long habits are often coping mechanisms that we unconsciously choose. For example, when you were eight years old, you didn't wake up one morning and say, "You know, for now on I'm going to avoid situations and people that make me nervous." Instead you unconsciously adapted to your environment and choose the best coping strategy available to you at that time.

So when you're trying to change an old habit, have compassion for yourself. Life long habits are usually chosen for good reasons; now many of them simply don't benefit you anymore. And that's one question to ask yourself, "What's the benefit I receive from engaging in this habit?" Is it stress reduction, discomfort or avoidance? Does the habit have positive benefits? For example, when you were 16 years old, did you fall in love with yoga and still have a regular practice 30 years later? Or did you choose to start procrastinating and now realize that this old habit stops you from pursuing your dreams.

Does your life long habit add to your life or detract from it? Once you know the honest answer to that question, you can decide whether it's time to embrace your habit or shed it like an old snake skin. To determine if your habit is helping or hurting you, consider these questions and thoughts:

  • When you engage in your habit, how does it make you feel?
  • Does it stop you from moving forward, pursuing your dreams, ideas or passions? Does it make you feel bad emotionally? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, it may be time to shed your habit.
  • If a life long habit increases your confidence, frees you up or enhances your physical, emotional or mental health, it may be a good one to keep.
  • Be honest with yourself: deep down you know the difference between habits that lift you up and habits that take you down.
Once you decide to shed a habit that no longer works for you, you open yourself up to wonderful possibilities - a new opportunity may show up, your intuition may kick in more accurately or you may feel like you have a new lease on life.

Research shows that a positive perspective actually allows us to "see" more of what's available to us. Think back to the last time you felt stuck, experienced fear or listened to your inner critic yammering in your ear. What was your perspective like? Your viewpoint was probably narrower than usual: you noticed less, you felt pessimistic and your motivation was diminished. The same is true of life long habits that no longer serve us.

Rather than allowing an old habit to run your life, cause pain and anguish or hold you back from expressing your full potential in the world, commit yourself to change. Focus on what you'd open up within yourself if you no longer engaged in the habit. Shed your habit like an old skin and release the brilliant potential within you that it masks.

Claudette Rowley, coach and author, helps professionals identify and pursue their true purpose and calling in life. Contact her today for a complimentary consultation at 781-316-1923 or by email. Sign up for her free newsletter "Insights for the Savvy" at

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Carry On!

A note from for Friday September 4, 2009

Hello there all and welcome to the end of the first week of September. The holiday is upon us and we'll all be making plans as to how we're going to finish the year. Will you finish strong? Will you finish proud? Will you finish in appreciate for all the blessings that clearly surround you.

Today's video offering will undoubtedly cause you some reflection.

The original video we had for today has just been overwhelmed. We'll bring it back when it gets quieter.In the meantime enjoy this one.

Have an outstanding holiday weekend

See you on Tuesday.

Take care,


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This is going to be amazing!!!

Yet another late night note from on Friday 12:33am September 4, 2009

This is getting pretty amazing, our product development company is just about to blow the lid off of the entire personal development industry. You'll want to be a part of this.

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Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

A late night note from on Thursday September 3, 2009

Awesome video on the impact of entrepreneurship. Love your computer? Enjoy driving your vehicle? How about electricity? Cell Phones?

All the products of entrepreneurship. You'll love this piece.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's No Such Thing As Failure

A note from for Thursday September 3, 2009

Good day all and welcome to this very, very fine Thursday.

It's been really amazing these past two weeks as we've been focusing on the theme of "personal development" and how some have been reacting to it in these times. I've discovered that not everyone really understands what it is. Let's have a closer look at it.

According to my dictionary "personal" and "development" means this:

Personal: concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality; "a personal favor"; "for your personal use"; "personal papers"; "personal development"; etc.

Development: the act of developing or disclosing that which is unknown; a gradual unfolding process by which anything is developed, as a plan or method, or an image upon a photographic plate; gradual advancement or growth through a series of progressive changes; also, the result of developing, or a developed state.

The "development" part is pretty clear, but it seems many folks need to be clearer on the fact that "personal" also means: you, self, individual, one, alone, private, single, distinctive, one's own, separate, not overlapping, etc. Yes, it's now very clear that the responsibility for our "personal development" lies entire with the person that is looking back at us when we face our mirror.

I hope this helps clear it up even more.

Now, with the above in mind, let me introduce another new contributor as he also lays out the fact that....

There's No Such Thing As Failure
by Iain Legg

Have you ever held back on doing something because you were afraid of failure? Most people have! Let’s face it; no one likes to fail. None of us likes to feel like we’re ineffective, weak or lacking in any way, and that’s exactly how failure makes us feel.

However, you may be surprised to know that failure doesn’t exist – until YOU say it does. In the dictionary, failure has several definitions: 1) a failing to do or perform 2) a state of inability to perform a normal function adequately 3) a fracturing or giving way under stress 4) a lack of success.

Look carefully at those definitions and you’ll probably realize they have one thing in common when it comes to goal achievement: failure is a PERCEPTION.

If you believe you have failed, then you have. If you believe you don’t have the ability to succeed, then you don’t. If you believe you can’t handle the pressure of achieving your goals, you can’t. If you believe you’re not successful, you aren’t. Failure only exists in your own mind! The moment you decide to give up or stop working toward your goals, failure is born.

But what if you never do that? What if you continue working toward your goals, one step at a time for as long as it takes? There’s no failure then, is there?

This insight should be very encouraging if you’ve been working toward goals and not yet seeing positive results. Simply keep going and you cannot fail!

Here are three tips to help you stay strong and focused on your goals:

1) Never give yourself an out. Most people do this without even realizing it. They are willing to work hard on achieving their goals, until the going gets too rough or their motivation dwindles. Don’t do that! Commit to making your goals happen, no matter what! Never quit, never contemplate admitting failure, and never lose your inner determination.

2) Don’t get hooked on a specific timeframe for completion. It’s okay to set a general timeline, but be aware that some circumstances will be beyond your control, so you can’t say for sure when your goal will be achieved. If you do that, you’re just setting yourself up for failure! Instead, get a general idea of when you’d like your goal to be completed, but then take it a day at a time and focus on making progress, not reaching the finish line in as little time as possible.

3) Finally, be sure that you don’t view obstacles and setbacks as failures. The two are completely different. An obstacle, setback or delay means only one thing: it’s not time for your goal to be completed yet. That’s it! It doesn’t mean you failed; it doesn’t mean you’re weak; it doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve your goals. It simply means you’re not done yet. You’ve got to keep moving forward and find a way around or through the obstacle.

Iain Legg is the co-founder of Real Mind Power Secrets

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Power of You!

A note from for Wednesday September 2, 2009

Good day all and welcome to the midweek point.

So, here we are at the start of the final 1/3rd of 2009. The world has taken some significant turns for you already this year, and yes, you can still reach those intentions and desires you set for yourself back in January.

Oh, you may just be thinking that your dear writer here might just be a bit wonky, but I'm not. It has been proven by people tons smarter than I, that you can absolutely fullfill your dreams and desires in 1/3rd of the time you might otherwise think they would take. Pay close attention to that one!

Today we feature yet another new contributor who clearly focuses on...

The Power of You!
by Rita Ballard

It really IS all about you. The world DOES revolve around you. At least YOUR world does.

If you do not pay attention to your own needs, desires, and inner feelings, then you will be unable to meet the needs of anyone else. How can you possibly give to someone else that which you don't possess for yourself?

You are unique. There is no one else exactly like you. That, in itself, makes you a special person. Within you lies the potential to become and create whatever kind of world you desire; of course, it works conversely, too. You have also created things that you DON"T want, just by focusing on them. Until you learn how to tap into this power and control your own world, you cannot be very helpful to others. It has to start with you.

This is not a selfish point of view, but a very practical and logical one. When we give to others and ignore our selves, we end up adding extra baggage to our loads in the form of resentments, anger, hurt, lack of confidence, and generally causing ourselves unnecessary pain.

It's never too late to begin to care about yourself, no matter what has happened in your life. Esteem is an inside job, and you have total and exclusive access to what you have inside of you. No one can change those innermost feelings, emotions, and beliefs except you. What power that can turn out to be!

Anytime you need to reinforce your sense of personal power, do this:

Close your eyes and breathe naturally. If it helps, play some soothing music in the background. Get comfortable.

Visualize all tension flowing out of your body. See it moving down from the top of your head, down your face, neck and shoulders. Imagine that it flows down your arms and out your fingertips. See it moving down your chest, hips, and into your legs. Visualize it flowing down your legs, into your feet, and out the ends of your toes.

Now, allow your mind to bring forward a memory of a time when you were feeling very confident, very powerful, in full control of your life. Once that memory is present, step into it and feel the strength of those emotions as if it were happening right now. Notice how great you feel. Once you can feel that sense of confidence and personal power very strongly, press your thumb and index finger together.

Begin to slowly return to normal awareness, knowing that anytime you need a confidence boost, all you have to do is press your thumb and index finger together, and you will be instantly flooded with those powerful feelings.

Rita Ballard, C.Ht. has her office in Chehalis, Washington. Rita uses Ericksonian methods, combined with a holistic approach that the body, mind, and spirit need to work together in order to create change. Her goal is to expand individual awareness in a changing world. You may contact her at 360-736-2000 or by sending an email to Please visit the website: for more information.

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