Monday, September 28, 2009

Jan Janzen Day

A note from for Tuesday September 29, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to this very fine early fall Tuesday. here in The Okanagan Valley we are still blessed to be basking in absolutely beautiful weather. It is certainly grand.

Today we're doing something quite special and honoring one of our friends, and a favorite contributor. The very essential Jan Janzen.

For the past three Monday's you have been gifted with some of Jan's terrific readers, you've been invited to an event she held last week, and you're going to get something else gifted to you today.

Before that though, I want to take a moment and recognize Jan for the important part she plays in many peoples lives.

I met Jan sometime in the early 2000's. Recently extricated from a fairly restrictive religious order Jan, was on fire and just buzzing with an enthusiasm for helping people better their personal conditions.

Since we met I watched her go up, and down, the emotional, financial, and spiritual scales, and through it all she has retained a perspective that guaranteed the success she experiences today. Just completing a three and a half month rejuvenating stay in Sedona, Arizona, Jan is moving to the next stage of her incredible growth journey, and coming to spend some time in Canada.

In the time that I've known her, she has authored two successful books, developed numerous workshops, delivered countless tele-classes, graduated as a non-denominational minister, has become a reknowed and popular professional speaker, and inspired many fine individuals in one-on-one coaching to attain new levels of awareness. And, she's really just getting warmed up. For us here, she personifies The Wealthy Attitude.

In her ever generous way, Jan told me yesterday that the outstanding tele-class she held last was week was successfully recorded, and she wanted to gift it to you all. Now that is truly class in our world.

Click on Jan's image below and ask her for the recordings. You're going to love learning.

How to Create an Amazing Life!
5 simple ways to have more money, less stress
and more fun in your life

Also dear friends, if you live anywhere close to Vancouver, B.C. or will be there on November 14 & 15th you have an amazing opportunity to work with Jan personally at The Invitation

What Is The Invitation

The Invitation moves you into a life full of joy, fulfillment and peace of mind. It´s not so much about doing, doing, doing but about being who you want to be in the world and then doing what feels very right and good.

The Invitation is an opportunity to explore your deepest dreams in an environment that will move you and inspire you to put feet to those dreams.

The Invitation will reveal a divinely inspired 7 step blueprint to creating the life you really want…with all the bells and whistles!

Just click on The Invitation and you`ll learn more about Jan and what this workshop can do for you.

Finally folks, you`ll be well served in getting to know Jan as, in the words of the famous song, The Best Is Yet To Come. Bookmark

Jan, we thank, and honor you, for the difference you make in so many lives. We are proud to know you.

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