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Good, Excellent or Outstanding?

A note from for Monday September 14, 2009

Good day all and welcome to the start of what is shaping up to be a beautiful late summer week.

Yet again, our weekend was filled with learning opportunities that pushed us to new levels of awareness about how some people are destined to live their lives magnificently, and frankly, some choose to make it just painful. Some folks deeply resist the truism that, "our lives are simply our thoughts made manifest". Over this next while I'll be addressing this in much more detail.

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Jan has also contributed today's reader, and you'll be able to assess very quickly if you are...

Good, Excellent, or Outstanding?
by Jan Janzen

If someone were to describe you, would they say you were “good” at what you do, “excellent” at what you do or “outstanding” at what you do? How would you describe yourself?

If you´re good, you´re probably barely satisfied with your results. If you´re excellent, you may be happy but you are probably still feeling a gap between where you are and where you know you can be. At some level, you´re settling. So if outstanding is where you want to be, what separates the good from the excellent from the outstanding?

Think of somebody who is good at what they do. Maybe the waitress at the restaurant was good. She got the orders straight, she brought you the bill when you asked for it and she even remembered to bring you a refill for your coffee.

Now think of someone who is excellent. Perhaps the car sales person went the extra mile, followed up promptly after you took home the new car, they sent you the thank you card in the mail and even remembered your birthday the following year.

Who do you think of when you think of outstanding? Does someone like Mother Theresa come to mind? What about Nelson Mandela? Warren Buffet? Princess Diana? Oprah Winfrey? Donald Trump? Meryl Streep? Or Michael Jordon? Perhaps Tiger Woods comes to mind as outstanding.

What makes these people “outstanding” rather than excellent? What gives them the edge that sets them apart and makes them stand out in many people´s eyes?

First, they all have a gift that they have used fully. Mother Theresa and Princess Diana both extensively utilized their beautiful gifts of compassion and caring. Oprah Winfrey is the hugely successful television host she is, because she is a poster child for using a wonderful gift of encouragement. Business men like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump have a gift of leadership and visioning that has made them billionaires and set them worlds apart from the average business person.

Second, we can look at every outstanding athlete, movie actress, philanthropist, business person, author or social entrepreneur and see that they have given life all they´ve got. They haven´t wimped out, decided it was too hard, or backed down in the face of challenges. These outstanding men and women haven´t become victims or felt sorry for themselves through losses or hardships.

Third, they put their heart and soul into life. They breathed their passion for life into every act, every decision and every thought. They didn´t settle for 99% or even 99.9%. It was 100% and nothing less. Defeat was never in their vocabulary. Quitting was never a choice. Being outstanding was the very least they could do with their gifts.

What about you? Could you be outstanding in some area of your life? Could you release the unlimited potential within you, the fiery passion for life and combine it with a focus that was sharper than an eagle? You have gifts inside of you that are probably screaming to come out and play more fully in your life.

Imagine how exciting it would be to feel the deepest satisfaction at the very core of your being that you had gone above and beyond, that you had lived life to the fullest, that you had expended everything you were divinely gifted to make this world a better place. How would your life change if you went from good to excellent to outstanding?

Why not find out?

Jan Janzen is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.

Go right now and register for Jan's teleclass and learn how to Create Your Amazing Life! 5 simple ways to have more money, less stress and more fun in your life!

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