Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Beautiful Gift for the Weekend

A note from for Saturday September 19, 2009

Good day everyone, and yes I know, you're not used to hearing from me on Saturday. Well this is special.

A very good friend of The Wealthy Attitude brought a book to our attention recently and you now get an opportunity to get it at a price you will certainly appreciate. F.R.E.E. Read on!

Free e-book from Green Stone of Healing (R) series

What happens when politics, passion, and piety collide? In the lost island nation of Azgard, the conflagration leads to worldwide cataclysm.

Do you like fiction with strong female characters, complex intertwined plots, drama, the mystical-paranormal, and romance that lives from lifetime to lifetime?

Then you will enjoy The Vision, Book One of the Green Stone of Healing(R) speculative epic series.

“It’s a hard book to put down,” JM writes about The Vision in a review at The BookStacks.

The Vision is part of the 2009 Celebrity Author contest. The book with the most votes wins. Winning would help make my lifelong dreams for this series a reality.


I am offering a free e-book in exchange for voting for The Vision.

The book you will receive for voting for The Vision is a nonfiction work entitled, Hope is in the Garden: Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love. *NOTE* Peter has read this book and just loved it.

Please go to and vote for The Vision! It takes maybe 30 seconds to vote. Vote deadline is midnight MT on Friday, Sept. 25.

Then e-mail me and tell me what name you used to vote. The e-mail address is: info (at)

I will send you a link to download your free e-book (.pdf format), which explores the relationship between spirituality, unconditional love, and healing.

Thanks and happy reading!

C.L. Talmadge/StoneScribe

Author, Green Stone of Healing® series

OK dear people, let's get behind these nice folks and support them.

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C.L. Talmadge said...


Thank you so much for supporting my novel in the Celebrity Author contest!

Enjoy your ebook.