Monday, September 28, 2009

Are You Angry Yet?

A note from for Monday September 28, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to brand new week.

OK. Let's be clear here. Every now and again I just get royally pissed.

Now also, it's a state that I relish because it motivates me to whole new levels of inspiration. Read on!

Our delightful friend Jan Janzen contributes an offering today that I feel is highly worthy of your consideration. She clearly sets the scene for you to respond to the the question...

Are You Angry Yet?
by Jan Janzen

One of my clients emailed me to say that “holy moly, she was full of anger and rage”. It was just eating her up. She wondered what was going on.

Rather than be alarmed, I was excited. You see, anger, in its appropriate place is a very positive emotion. It can be the fuel that lights up your life and takes it where you at some level, know it should be.

If you are living with financial woes, health issues, relationship struggles and career troubles, then you are not living your fullest potential. You aren´t even anywhere close to what you could be doing. And you probably are well aware of that. You are in that place of complacency, denial, acceptance or victimhood. And honestly, nothing is going to change. Nothing.

In other words, if you are saying things such as, “well everybody is struggling these days,” “it´s the new economy and things are just tougher”, “I´m doing the best I can with what I´ve got to work with” or anything that resembles these comments then you are operating from the emotions of apathy and resignation.

Some good old fiery anger would do you a lot of good! Rather than accept your lot in life, deciding that this is as good as it gets, get angry at all the things you are missing out on your life. Gratitude for what you have is a very good thing but so is anger at what you don´t have.

Were you able to do the trip you really wanted this year or did you settle for a whole lot less or no trip at all? Did you earn the bonus you wanted in your network marketing company or did you come up with an excuse as to why someone else got it so you wouldn´t feel like a failure? Did you spend the time you wanted with your children or grandchildren this summer or were you too busy spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

We have grown up in a society that frowns on anger. It´s considered not spiritual or not “nice” to be angry. I am not talking about tearing a strip off your neighbor, beating up your wife and blowing up at the office. I am talking about really feeling the emotions of disappointment, disgust, the feeling of being pissed off and angry at what you are not creating in your life. Once you accept that your life is not what you want it to be, then you can make some changes. Anger is a great initial impetus.

Once you move from that place of anger, with some fuel in your engine, some wind under your wings and a firecracker under you, you can start moving from that lethargic, apathetic, pathetic place and create the amazing life you really deserve. Then you can operate from a place of joy, peace, love, hopefulness and goodness. But anger may be just the emotion you need to experience to get you there.

Get up close and personal with all of the emotions required to take your life to absolutely amazing - including anger. You may be surprised at how quickly that one emotion can change your life to the good! Now isn´t that a twist to start your week with?

Jan is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.Visit Jan at

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