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Get the Boogie Man Out From Under the Bed

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Good day there folks and welcome to the final day of the Summer season. Tomorrow we get to be looking forward to an amazing Fall.

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Jan has also contributed today's reader, and you'll want to learn how to....

Get the Boogie Man Out From Under the Bed
by Jan Janzen

I remember as a little girl that once I was tucked into bed, NOTHING was getting me out of it. I was terrified to put my bare feet on the floor right next to bed because I was sure that a boogie man was going to get me!

Looking back at those still vivid memories, it´s easy to laugh and see the ridiculousness of it. But today, as an adult, we still have “boogie men” in our lives. We have just labeled it as fear, worry, anxiety, and a host of other “medical” terms.

What´s your boogie man? Is it worry around your finances? Is it anxiety about your teenagers? Are you concerned about your job or business? Are you afraid about a certain illness you´re experiencing? Think for a moment about when your stomach goes into knots, your head aches or you feel butterflies in your tummy. Whatever you are thinking about at that moment is your boogie man.

So how do you deal with the boogie man in your life? You get him out from under the bed. I´m sure that if my parents had turned on the lights, pulled out a flashlight and got down on their hands and knees with me close by to show me that there was nothing under the bed, except some dust balls, I would have felt much safer and secure. I am not suggesting that you get down on your hands and knees and check under the bed but let´s pull the boogie man out and see what he really looks like.

The easiest way to do that is to:

1. Identify the fear, worry, anxiety or concern.
2. Ask yourself: What´s the worst thing that could happen if my fear came true?
3. Then ask yourself: How would I handle that situation?
4. Come up with some solutions to the worst case scenario.
5. Now that you know that you have solutions, forget about it.

What could that look like? Let´s say for example you are worried that you are going to lose your job. That´s the fear.

What is the worst thing that could happen if you lost your job? That could be losing your house, having to declare bankruptcy, losing your good credit rating, having to move out of your community or be looking for work with hundreds of thousands of other unemployed people.

How would you handle that situation? Would you die? Would you fall apart emotionally? Would you get sick? Really, if that worst case scenario happened, how would you handle it? Imagine yourself getting that notice that you are fired, you´ve now got credit problems and you may lose your house. What are you going to do? Think about it and come up with some solutions.

Maybe you move in with some relatives. Perhaps you take in students from another country or a boarder. Maybe you start a home-based business. You cash in some investments. Come up with some solutions as best as you can. Remember, you will ONLY need these solutions if your worst case scenario happens in your life.

Pulling the boogie man out from under the bed helps you to clearly see what you are dealing with in your fear and affirms for you that you would indeed handle it. This process enables you to feel calmer, safer and more secure and that feels great!

Jan Janzen is an entrepreneur of 28 years, a coach, healer and author of two books and 10 CDs to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.Visit Jan at

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