Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homegrown Revolution

A note from for Friday October 30, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to the Halloween weekend.

It has been one heck of a week here in this corner of paradise. The passing of my friend Doug last Saturday set me on a course of personal reflection that caused me to shine a light on every aspect of my life, my relationships, my endeavors, in fact, on my views on just about everything.

I am keenly aware of the circle of life and rejoice in it from the truth of my spiritual being, and I resolve once again to work to leave this place in a better condition than when I arrived.

Moving to the beautiful Okanagan Valley back in June of this year was, in part, a component in the larger plan of moving to a home environment that is totally self-sustaining, and has a zero footprint. This isn't an easy proposition in our urban lifestyle, but we can impact it in many positive ways.

Today's video offering is really a celebration of what can be achieved with a little ingenuity, intention, and clarity of purpose.

Homegrown Revolution is a short informational introduction to a homegrown project that has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability. In the midst of a densely urban setting in downtown Pasadena, California, radical change is taking root. For over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and a model for sustainable agriculture and urban living. Calling this project, “Path to Freedom,” the Dervaes Family shows that change is possible.

As a family for this new paradigm, they harvest 3 tons of organic food annually from their 1/10 acre garden while incorporating many back-to-basics practices, as well as solar energy and biodiesel in order to reduce their footprint on the earth’s resources. Environmentalism and the health of our planet is a theme that weaves through their life. It is meant to inspire and encourage others - young and old - to take a look at what they have and realize that change can begin with a single step and can be created right in our own backyards.

Homegrown Revolution

The feature length film is not yet available but here is the family's website:

Have an amazing Halloween Weekend.

See you on Monday.

Take care,


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebrating my friend.

A note from for Wednesday October 28, 2009

Hello there all and I bid you Happy Wednesday.

As you're aware I have taken a few days away to reflect on the recent passing of my friend Doug.

He is now at rest and life continues its remarkable journey. I have spent some time celebrating our knowingness of each other, the many, many laughs we shared, and the myriad of experiences we saw each other through. The conclusion was easy, I am a truly blessed man for having had Doug in my life.

Doug Poisson

I'm taking another day to continue my reflection and will be back up and running in time for Halloween. Boy oh boy, are we going to scare the heck out of folks. :0-))

See you on Friday.


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking My Friend Home.

A note from for Saturday October 24, 2009

Today saw the passing of one of my long time and dearest friends. Doug Poisson of Windsor, Ontario was one of the absolutely nicest people I have ever encountered in my time on this spinning orb.

As the normal vagaries of life can get each of us tied up with the functions of day-to-day life, it is so very easy to not be aware of time passing. I am guilty often of that lack of awareness.

I have known Doug for over thirty years, and in the early times of our friendship we shared many things that only true friends can. I expected the bugger to live forever.

One night, over many beers, at my house, we played the Phil Collins classic "In The Air Tonight" about twenty times. Why you may ask? Because we liked it, and we could.

I call once again on Phil Collins tonight to share another classic with me to celebrate the transition of a lovely man, a dear friend, a father, a grandfather, a partner, and someone who did, because he could.

My dear friend, Be Taken Home.

Forever in my heart.


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Friday, October 23, 2009

Being Barb Guerra

A note from for Friday October 23, 2009

Well dear friends, welcome to the weeks end.

It has been an amazing week at this desk. I have been caused to dig into some deep corners of reasoning to discover the answers I needed to fulfill some client requests of me. It reminded me once again that yes, there are issues we all have to deal with, and also yes, we each have within us the capacity to rise to levels uncommon in the average day.

Today's video offering popped out of the files as I searched for something that would portray the kind of attitude that one needs to overcome any challenge.

If you have anything going on in your life that causes you to also to dig deeper for the understanding, you'll appreciate the lessons that this young lady lives by...

Being Barb Guerra

Have an outstanding weekend.

See you on Monday,

Take care,


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Book "Overcomers Inc" Launches Today

A note from for Thursday October 22, 2009

Good day all and welcome to a very special Thursday.

The Daily Reader is on hold today as we have been anxiously awaiting to make this announcement.

For years now, we here at The Wealthy Attitude have been working to support every subscriber with stories and examples that can assist them as they deal with the myriad of situations that crop up in every aspect of of life. And, we've been blessed many times with wonderful feedback about how people "overcame" some incredible conditions.

We have also watched as many brave and intrepid writers brought forth a myriad of great books to assist people attain more happiness, opportunities, success, business, and simply to feel better about who they really are. Even more writers developed articles that dealt specifically with a host of life situations that have helped countless millions of Internet users simply live their life better.

Today, October 22nd, 2009, a new book is being released that will undoubtedly start a movement. This movement will be made up of people just like you and me. People who have lived through adversities, upsets, set-backs, failures, let-downs, and the buffeting of life to rise to heights uncommon in average days. We will be recognized as "Overcomers"

In this new book you experience the stories of 38 amazing individuals who have overcome some of life's most difficult circumstances, you also have the opportunity in THIS moment, to learn from over 85 global experts including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Chris and Janet Atwood, Christine Kloser, Joe Nunziata and Dr. Joe Rubino on how to enhance your business, your personal life, your health, your relationships and your spiritual well being.

This book shifts your awareness to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before. This is a must-read for anyone who is looking to live a life they love; a life filled with faith, trust, acceptance and serenity.

If you are serious about achieving a deep level of appreciation and happiness, then now is the time for you to make a small personal investment in a book that will guarantee huge returns!

We are very proud to support "Overcomers, Inc" and encourage you to get a copy and push this new release to the pinnacle of best sellers.

Follow the following link, read about the content, and discover the array of never before released benefits that you'll receive with your purchase. You're going to be glad you did this.

Let us know how you like the book, and how you plan to use it a gift in the upcoming holiday seasons.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

A note from for Wednesday October 21, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to the midweek point.

Boy oh boy, what a night. My friends, The Downchild Blues Band were in town last night as part of their 40th Anniversary Tour and I got to have the pleasure of introducing them to a theatre full of die hard blues fans. It was one rockin' night.

The good folks here in Kelowna who came out to join in the celebration were treated to an amazing two+ hour tour through 40 years of incredible music, great reminisces, and the delight of a brand new album, "I Need a Hat". Donnie Walsh still holds supreme over the slide guitar, and my buddy & lead singer Chuck Jackson tore up the room with great vocals. You could say out loud "The Blues Brothers would be proud"!

So now, on with the business at hand today.

I heard years ago about Donnie talking about a 40th Anniversary Tour. Think about it, how many bands get to have one? It took much more than talk to pull this off, it took that one little thing that often trips folk up, "Commitment".

Today, Dr Linda clearly shows us that...

Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Make a Commitment to Yourself
by Linda S. Pucci Ph.D

How good are you at keeping your word? Many of us try very hard to keep our commitments to others. We try to call if we say we will. We make every effort to show up when others are counting on us. We try to get projects done on time. We don't promise things we can't deliver.

We want our word to be worth something. That's part of living with integrity.

Unfortunately, many of us are not quite as good at keeping our commitments to ourselves. How many times have you said "I'm going to. . ." only to have that intention fall away? "I'm going to slow down." "I'm going to lose weight." "I'm going to get my life in order." "I'm going to exercise regularly." "I'm going to watch less T.V. and spend more time reading." "I'm going to get to bed at a decent hour." Sound familiar?

Although we have good intentions, life circumstances often keep us from honoring them. Do we really mean what we are saying? If so, we need to make a COMMITMENT to follow through on the things we are promising ourselves in just the same way that we would if we were making those promises to someone else.

This is one of the areas where having a coach or mentor can be particularly helpful. You agree to take an action, to follow through on an intention, and you give your word through the commitment you make that you'll follow through. The coach then holds you accountable for what you've said you were going to do.

Usually, a coach doesn't scold you if you don't do what you promised, but he or she will help you look at what got in the way of you honoring your commitment. That might be important information if following through is a problem for you. Obviously, the next step will be to resolve it so that you can follow through.

Even if following through isn't a problem, having a commitment to take some action, and being held accountable for actually DOING it is very helpful. Just in case you're tempted to procrastinate, back out, or avoid doing it, you have your commitment to motivate you.

Ultimately, it ends up all coming back to your word. How much is your word worth? If you can't honor your commitments to yourself and/or others, your life is likely to feel out of control and out of balance due to not living with integrity.

If you are good at honoring your commitments to others, but don't do as well at honoring commitments to yourself, look at this issue honestly. Although they are different contexts, both commitment to self and commitment to others are important in living with integrity.

Your commitment to yourself is every bit as important as your commitment to others.

Make that commitment to yourself first.

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach, trainer and expert in helping people make big changes in their lives using her solution focused approach. She specializes in helping her clients overcome the obstacles caused by "emotional clutter"--those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that block success and happiness. For more information and free resources, go to or

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Imagine Living a Life Without Fear

A note from for Tuesday October 20, 2009

Well dear folks, you may well be wondering why there was no reader yesterday! This is no reason other than we just extended our weekend and played hookie yesterday. We got into some deep and delicious conversations and just kept them going to eat up a whole new day. Wonderful stuff.

In some of our discussions we kept coming around to the whole subject of fear because of the impact we see it having on so many great people we know. So, to help us address it once more, we go to our friend Iain to help us....

Imagine Living a Life Without Fear
by Iain Legg

Fear can be a powerful influence in your life, often determining the actions you take or don't take in many situations. At various times fear has probably stopped you from pursuing goals, making new friends, starting or keeping a romantic relationship, applying for a better job, starting your own business, or life changes that you would consider to be positive.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live your life without fear? Obviously you can't eliminate fear altogether, nor would you want to. Some fears help keep you safe by discouraging you from jumping off a cliff or stepping into a line of fast-moving traffic. But the other kind of fears; the ones that prevent you from living the life of your dreams - how would it feel to release those once and for all?

For example, imagine if you had absolutely no fear of failure and you knew that you could accomplish anything you wanted - no limitations whatsoever. What would you do with your life? Would you change careers? Would you go back to school? Would you write that novel?

Imagine if you knew without a doubt that you deserved to have everything you want, and you had no doubts that you weren't good enough or worthy enough. Would you finally allow yourself to get out and meet that special someone, fall in love and live happily ever after? Would you terminate the unhealthy relationships that are no longer serving you and haven't been for years?

Imagine if you were no longer afraid to pursue your dreams and instead eagerly embraced opportunities to live every experience you wanted to live. What would you do if you could do anything at all?

You may be thinking, "It's great to imagine all this but I still feel fearful much of the time. I'm still afraid to fail. I'm still afraid to be rejected. I'm still afraid to take a chance. How do I get past those scary feelings?"

First of all, forgive yourself for being human. It's completely natural to have these feelings, and there is nothing wrong with you - your body is wired to react strongly to potentially threatening situations. Your body can't tell whether the threatening situation is truly harmful or not; it simply gives you the warning signs like a pounding heart, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, tightening muscles, and so on. Fear can be pretty darn intimidating - no doubt about it!

However, it's important to understand that fear is just a feeling when it comes right down to it. It can't physically hold you back from doing anything, and it can't limit your potential unless you allow it to do so. Overcoming the influence of fear so you can live an amazing life is a simple matter of knowing how to diffuse the fearful feelings in the heat of the moment. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the use of calming affirmations, meditation, and breath work. When you calm the thoughts that are triggering the fear response, your body will automatically calm down too.

Download the new free ebook - 22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration. Crammed full of valuable tips, exercises and ideas - it could be the most important ebook you read this year.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Life Lessons from an Ad Man

Hello there all and welcome to the weeks end.

The issue of "perception" has loomed up in a whole series of conversations for me this past week. And while it is a very broad subject, I find very few folks really have a clear understanding of what it really means in their life.

Perception can very quickly become reality. If that statement is true then a false statement can be presented as truth and perceived as reality. A person's perception of reality does not necessarily allocate truth. Truth is based in the minds acceptance of its consistency. Truth is always consistent but the perception of it is not. The approach to one's truth is in his/her grounds for deciphering realization. Each individual exist as a storehouse of information acquired from a multitude of experiences Perception then is an influential balance between an individual's mentality and reality.

Advertising adds value to a product by changing our perception, rather than the product itself. In today's video offering, Rory Sutherland makes the daring assertion that a change in perceived value can be just as satisfying as what we consider real value -- and his conclusion has interesting consequences for how we look at life.

You'll really enjoy Rory as he shares...

Life Lessons from an Ad Man

Have an awesome weekend with all that you're doing.

See you on Monday,

Take care,


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conscious Entrepreneur - 3 Proven Strategies to Deepen Your Belief

A note from for Thursday October 15, 2009

Good day all and welcome to Thursday.

In these new economic times a whole plethora of pundits are vying for your attention. Many offer "proven" new ways to wealth, many promote the "end times", and even more regurgitate the tired commentary of the forces that work to control your entire existence. What is one to do?

First and foremost is the position we have stood by here at this desk for many years. We must be 100% responsible for our entire life experience.

Next, it is being an "entrepreneur". Everyone is keenly aware that there is absolutely no security in any J.O.B. (just over broke). Ask any of the hundreds of thousands of North Americans who now find themselves scrambling just to survive after losing their jobs.

When we have adopted that "entrepreneurial position, it is raising our consciousness that has to follow.

Our guest today presents an enlightened view of being a...

Conscious Entrepreneur
by Christine Kloser

Belief. It is, by far, one of the most powerful concepts to embrace if you want to succeed as a conscious entrepreneur. Without belief in yourself you’ll be stopped in your tracks over and over again. And, you’ll continue wondering WHY you aren’t succeeding like you want to.

My heart broke when I read the hundreds of responses to my recent survey about the challenges you’re facing on your entrepreneurial and spiritual path. Many of you doubt yourself, and let fear paralyze you. Well, I’m here to help you through this.

But, before I share a few of my personal strategies for maintaining belief in yourself, I first want to assure you that I have not arrived yet, (perhaps Ill feel I’ve arrived when I make my transition out of this physical body). Anyway, no matter how much my business has grown, no matter how much success I experience, I still have bouts of fear and doubt. It usually happens when I'm stepping into something much BIGGER than before, or when I forget who I really am, on a Soul level.

In fact, just last week, I was gripped by fear and had to do a lot of inner work to lift myself out of it and take the next bold step, (as my friend Kathryn Tull would say). I pulled out every tool I had, every strategy I knew to get back on track… and with the discipline to keep my mind out of that dark abyss of fear and spend time getting quiet with myself and asking for help, I got through it.

I share this with you because I think its important for you to know that fear and doubt don’t stop surfacing once you reach a certain level of success. Growth stretches you way out of your comfort zone, raises doubts and fears… and gives you the opportunity to learn from the experience, deepen your understanding of yourself, gain new insights and see things that you hadn’t seen before. And, at each level of success you have, the gifts you receive from the challenges you face are so much greater than they were before.

OK, now that we’ve got that straightened out, and you understand that you are not alone in your disbelief, but that it is quite common among entrepreneurs on this path, lets get into some specific strategies that have helped me increase the belief I have in myself. I share these knowing that if you implement them, they’ll help you, too.

1. Take care of yourself. This ones a big one. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important steps you can implement to increase belief in yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, how could you possibly be of service to others? When you’re on an airplane, the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on FIRST, then you’re in a position to help others.

Taking care of yourself can mean different things to different people. For me it means taking time every day to meditate and journal, exercising six times a week, asking for help when I need it (and knowing where to get it), playing with my daughter, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating well and saying no to things that don’t serve me.

Get clear on what you need to take care of yourself and then do those things. When you take care of yourself in this way, it deepens your belief because you’re treating yourself like someone you truly VALUE! And, that helps others value you, too.

2. Do what you say you’re going to do. Someone once told me that the fastest route to boosting self-esteem and confidence is to do what you say you’re going to do. This comment stuck with me because it is so true, and it works. Just think about it…. if you continually say I’m going to do X, and you don’t do it, you’re affirming your low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

On the other hand, when you do what you say you’re going to do (call a specific person, take time to meditate, send out an email, write an article, take a walk, go to a business event, read a particular book, etc.) it BOOSTS your self-esteem and confidence. If you continually find yourself faced with lack of belief, chances are you have a history of breaking your word to yourself. Start keeping your word to the most important person (you) and watch your belief in yourself skyrocket.

3. Trust in your Divine plan. This is the fourth component of my definition of a conscious entrepreneur because its another critical aspect to your success. When disbelief, lack, fear and doubt creep in, you’ve got to deepen your trust in a higher/Divine plan. Everything in your life is happening for a reason… even the challenges, pain and fear you may be facing today.

So, the next time you feel your lack of faith surfacing or lack of belief showing up again, I invite you to take a close look at what these feelings are here to show you. (They are here to point you in the RIGHT direction.) So, rather than get angry and scared, instead ask yourself, What am I meant to learn from this experience? What good is here for me to discover? What shift am I supposed to embrace? And, I’m telling you, when you dig deep enough to have absolute trust that all is unfolding with Divine perfection, you WILL find that nugget of insight that’ll change everything. This strategy alone has saved me on more occasions than I care to count. And, it will for you, too.

I know I’m just barely touching the tip of the iceberg here on this topic, but I wanted to give you something to get started with. So, please embrace one of these strategies today and begin believing in yourself at a whole new level.

Enjoy insights into Overcoming Adversity with Grace with the FREE ebook at

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unconditional Compassion

A note from for Wednesday October 14, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to the midweek point.

I took some time this morning to reflect on some of the awareness's that came up for me over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, and there were many.

During these times of financial and social adjustment it has become more and more evident to me that developing a personal sense of "compassion" must be a fundamental tenet of our lives. My unwavering belief that if you live in North America, and are reading this note, you have truly won life's lottery calls for us all to have a much deeper sense of ""compassion" for the rest of the planet.

It must first begin with you, for yourself. Our friend Harold W. Becker, President of The Love Foundation presents us an offering today that truly sets the tone for having...

Unconditional Compassion
by Harold W. Becker

We are such amazing beings of potential. At our core center, we have a spark of life filled with infinite love. This love is pure, natural and unconditional. Like an endless reservoir, it flows without limit whenever we breathe into the moment and remember this love. We instantly radiate it into all of our experiences and create our lives with incomparable beauty, harmony, peace and joy. The wonder of this awareness is that when we recognize our own spark of divinity we behold this same essence in everyone around us.

Over eons of time and for countless reasons, we have forgotten the importance of being present in the moment and to stay connected with this limitless love. We have placed a symbolic wall around our hearts and blocked the light that seeks to flow as a boundless river of love. As we steadily continued to build this inner defense, so too have we separated ourselves from one another in the outer world of form. When the light eventually became very dim, we let fear and doubt become our motivating intent and as a result, we now find ourselves in a world of seeming chaos, darkness, struggle and strain - the likes of which we have never known.

These outer conditions are merely calling to us to take down our self created barriers and to love once more without reservation or hesitation. We are beginning to realize we have a choice and can make a difference by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and intimate both with ourselves and with each other. It is okay to accept that we are capable of loving unconditionally. We can also acknowledge that we are loveable and loved and that the walls we have built to protect us from potential hurt, shame, hate and all number of mental and emotional devices need no longer be a part of our world.

We take the first step by having unconditional compassion for our own journey. We may have built this fortification brick by brick with reasoning we thought justifiable at the time, yet now we are aware of our potential to embrace our love and no longer be afraid of it. By accepting ourselves without condition or judgment, we dissolve the walls that have kept this wondrous energy from flowing naturally. In turn, we share this unconditional compassion to those around us as we now understand how they have held back their love too. Compassion is the key that unlocks our collective potential to heal our world and restore the love that is at the heart of all creation.

When we know we have love in our heart, unconditional compassion becomes as natural as breathing.

Harold W. Becker is President and Founder of The Love Foundation, Inc. and is the author of Unconditional Love -- An Unlimited Way of Being.
YouTube Video for Unconditional Compassion

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Take the Front Seat

A note from for Tuesday October 13, 2009

Good day there everyone and welcome to this lovely Tuesday.

I do expect that all of our Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We'll be looking forward to celebrating next month with our friends in the United States.

Here in our little corner of paradise the holiday weekend was spectacular. Our friend, and regular subscriber, Jan Janzen visited with us, and we got to share some very interesting perspectives on some amazing things that will be coming up with Jan in the next couple of years. You'll want to stay tuned to Jan's website for some great happenings.

During the conversations we had with Jan, the whole subject of "confidence" kept popping up for me. So, to get us off on a great note for the week, I thought I'd present to you yet another new contributor who clearly invites you to...

Take The Front Seat
by Peter Murphy

People who suffer from low self confidence take the back seat to those who do not. They hang back, afraid to make mistakes and take the risks that may just give them their big break and lead to their greatest happiness. If you lack self confidence you can miss out on an awful lot.

Luckily, you can train your self confidence so that it increases, and feeling confident becomes a regular state of affairs for you. Simply do what confident people do.

Learning to train yourself to improve your self confidence will put you back in charge of your life. You will no longer hide out in the back of the room, afraid to voice your opinion. Instead, you will be able to stand, with confidence, as an equal with your peers and share your valuable opinions and thoughts. This can be as easy as copying the patterns of self confident people.

9 Secrets of Self Confident People...

  • Take an honest inventory of your insecurities
    Sit down and really listen to that inner voice. What does it say about you? From regrets, weight, poor relationships and feeling unworthy, take an inventory by writing these thoughts down. Recognize that they are just insecurities.
  • Do not allow yourself to feel inferior
    Fight against the urge to believe that the others around you are simply better than you. They are not. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Nobody is perfect
    No matter how confident a person seems, nobody is perfect. In fact, it is our imperfections that make us unique. Stop focusing on perfection and instead learn to love yourself for your flaws.
  • Celebrate your successes
    No matter who you are, there is something that you are good at. Take the time to find the things that you enjoy and are good at doing and then do them. If you have a green thumb, grow a garden and allow yourself to enjoy it. If you have a way with words, write poems or cards for the people you love and don't be afraid to give them out. This is a great opportunity to explore new interests and activities.
  • Always be grateful
    Never forget to be thankful for what you have. Taking a moment during the day to consciously think of the things in your life you are thankful for is important.
  • Don't be negative
    Self pity just makes things worse. When you are feeling negative, make an effort to think positively. Hating yourself or your life is self defeating. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your job, take a few minutes to think of three positive things about it. Do this every time you have a negative thought. You may be surprised at how quickly you become a positive person and thinker.
  • Be gracious when you're complimented
    Recognize that when people give you a compliment, they mean it, so be gracious and accept the compliment. Don't just shrug compliments off.
  • Smile
    The physical act of smiling can actually make you feel better, so smile, a lot. Smile at yourself, smile at others and smile at nothing in particular. It is a great way to feel better.
  • Until you feel it, fake it
    Just like the act of smiling can make you feel better, acting confident and happy will help you be happy and confident. Make an effort to be the happy and confident person you have always wanted to be. In no time at all, you will notice there is less pretending to be confident and more just being confident.
Becoming a happy and confident person is possible, no matter how much confidence you lack. Take the time to follow a few simple tips for training your self confidence and you will be surprised at the change in your self confidence level. You can do it.

Many people like you have proved this for themselves with my new High Self Confidence audio - simply listen and you can't help but feel much more confident. You can see for yourself.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

May You Be Blessed

A note from for Friday October 9, 2009

Hello there grand folks, and welcome to Friday.

Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. I just love it here in North America because we get to do this twice with our American buddies having their celebration in November. What recognition of abundance it all is!

Thanksgiving is an amazing opportunity to bring into focus the many blessings we truly have. Oh I know, we can, and should do, be grateful every day for our blessings. I understand that. However, with all that is going on in our world, it can be easy to be distracted from recognizing our blessings daily.

My intention, right here today, is to share with you that I consider myself truly blessed.

I'm thankful for each and every one of you for the impact you have on my life.
I'm thankful for all the lessons I'm caused to learn by knowing you.
I'm thankful for the amazing love I have in my life each and every day.
I'm thankful for the awareness's that my children create for me.
I'm thankful that I get to live in The Okanagan Valley
I'm thankful that I have access to the technology that lets me share this.
I'm thankful for 67 flavors of ice cream.
I'm just thankful for it all.

I am a blessed man who delights in sharing with you...

May You Be Blessed

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend wherever you may be.

Oh, and Morgan, have a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday :-))

See you on Tuesday

Take care,


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Out of Your Own Way

A note from for Thursday October 8, 2009

Good day there all and welcome to the day before Friday. :-))

There is a certain excitement building around here as this weekend is the Thanksgiving holiday and here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley there is much to be "thankful" for.

It all got me to thinking last night just how so very thankful I am that we have this technology available that lets us communicate each day. It is all so truly amazing.

Although we have such wonderful technologies available to us, they only really matter if you are happy, and keep working on...

Getting Out of Your Own Way
by Noah St. John

Believe I speak from experience; it’s so easy to get into these habits of not being authentic, of just sweeping it under the carpet saying it’ll be all right and I guess we can get along. I mean you can do that, a lot of people are, most people are doing that in my observation. It does take courage, it does take guts, it takes heart to be who you are, it’s so amazingly ironic all of this work is so ironic and paradox and you’ll start to see that I mean immediately here we are step one, and we’re already there.

As my friend Neil and Donna Walsh likes to say, “Since the beginning of time all we have ever wanted is to love and be loved. Since the beginning of time all we have stopped from happening is to love and be loved.” Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that so true? It is just is. This is when we’re going to stop, were going to take off the mask and go this is who I am, and I need your support.

This is not having people tell you what to do, it’s not having people live your life, it’s not having people set your goals for you, and it’s about getting out of your own way and seeing you for who you are.

Remember the analogy I always give, the fun house mirror, how that distorts you, and remember how you can’t see your own eyes from looking from within yourself? You can’t, I don’t care how smart, cute, or funny you are, and you can’t see your own eyes from looking from within yourself.

You have to go to an outside source, a mirror. In this case it’s a person who can see your eyes and go no they’re blue, they’re not brown they’re blue. Everybody is telling me they’re brown or they’re blue. I didn’t know that and we don’t. Isn’t it amazing that you can accept praise from someone else so much easier than you can accept it from yourself? Isn’t it also amazing it’s easier to praise someone else then praise yourself?

Can’t you see so much good stuff in other people and you can almost never see it in you? It’s the same with everybody. You must allow that, this is such a bizarre teaching, it’s really weird, and believe me I tried every way to get around this step, because I know how annoying this is, that the very first thing we have to do is go to other people.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do it yourself?

On the night of October 20, 1997, 30-year-old religious studies major Noah St. John had an epiphany that changed his life. While attending a seminar, he suddenly realized the real, hidden reason so many smart, talented, motivated people stop themselves from success – and saw it had nothing to do with goal-setting, "motivation" or anything being taught in traditional success literature. That very night, with no formal education in business, Noah decided to form a company to teach people around the world the simple steps that remove the hidden barriers to success. Find out more at

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everlasting Motivation

A note from for Wednesday October 7, 2009

Good day there everyone and welcome to the midweek point of this beautiful October week.

Just to let you know, it was 23 Celsius here yesterday, and yes, we had ice cream. :-)

Today we have an offering from a new contributor, and he really touches the point on having...

Everlasting Motivation

I’m sure you’ve been there. You have a goal in mind that you are excited about reaching. Maybe you finally decided to lose weight or you are inching towards the place you want to be in your career. But as the time goes, so does your motivation and drive. We all need motivation in order to complete our goals and insure our success. Motivation is the fuel that lights that fire in the heart and enables us to propel past obstacles and seize our goals. But in order for that to happen you must sustain your motivation. Here are three ways to have everlasting motivation.

Set Viable Goals
One reason most people do not reach their goals is because they put themselves in a position to fail. Think about planting a sunflower seed in a spot in your backyard where the sunlight does not shine. No matter how much water or fertilizer you give to seed it will not grow because it was never put in a position to grow. If your goal is to lose weight or to make more money then you should put yourself in a position that makes that possible. Your goals should also have a solid foundation. The slab that your goal sits on should be deep rooted and unmovable. For example, let’s say you want to have a better body. Your goal should never be to lose weight for the summer or an upcoming special occasion. Because you may develop a better body, but what happens when the summer is over or the occasion has passed? In order to stay motivated you must give your goals a fighting chance. Review what you want to accomplish and make sure that you’ve made success possible.

Finish Line Vision
In order to maintain your motivation and to complete your goal, you must look past your obstacles and see your success. I always use to wonder how martial artist could break wood boards and concrete bricks with their bare hands. Just the thought of punching a cinder block makes my hand hurt. But there is a unique tactic that is applied that you can use to stay motivated. Before one of these experts drives their fist into a solid object, they visualize an imaginary target that is past that object. In other words instead of focusing on the board and what your hand is going to smash, look past the board to where you hand is going to be. The mind will be so focused on the target that it will continue through any obstacle until it reaches that target. If you see your goal and have the finish line as your focus, you will naturally progress in that direction.

Reset the Bar
You must challenge yourself in different ways in order to keep the fire going. Believe it or not one of the biggest motivation killers is progress. Sometimes when we have a goal, and we see immediate progress, we have one of two reactions. We either get so excited by the progress that it makes us want to accomplish more, or we become so content with our improvement that it causes us to slow down. Setting little goals along the way may give you a boost and raising the bar will keep you climbing. New challenges bring new motivation and new motivation breeds new success. Have confidence in your ability to surpass your own achievements.

The greatest athletes, musicians, and leaders realize that they are their own competition. In order to gain success they must find that fire that burns inside and harness it to propel them to their goal. Once you learn how to light your fire and keep it lit, you will graduate from acceptable to excellence.

Ralph Jean-Paul is a personal development speaker, writer and the founder of The website’s sole purpose is to offer information, quotes, stories, and interviews so that all visitors will leave the site ready to harness their potential and turn it into success. Please visit us at or you may email Ralph directly at

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seminar Suicide for the New Millennia

A note from for Tuesday October 6, 2009

Hello there dear people and welcome to a very fine Tuesday indeed.

Today we are going to push it a bit off the edge. In North America, October is "seminar & conference" month. There is a plethora of events going on that cover almost every subject, topic, issue, personality, and business on the planet.

One of our long time subscribers attends many conferences as a matter of course in her business practice. I had the opportunity yesterday to have her unleash on me with her reflections on some conferences she recently attended. She expressed that in the last couple of years she has noticed a devolution of standards and ethics in the presentation and management of some very "public" events.

Some may find her style somewhat acerbic, however, looking closely you'll likely find her skillfully applied sardonic wit deliciously entertaining. You decide.

Seminar Suicide for the New Millenia
by Terra Finial

Making the conscious election to voice concern for the industry that once held grace, truthful people empowerment and the honorable goal of reaching for the highest common denominator, we find now a mushy crowd of the disingenuous emerging.

One might imagine schooling a maggot to rise up and graduate a as rodent. One might too, think of bottom feeders that actually need scuba gear as they stay down so long. There is more hope and thoughtful reflection held by T. Finial of the audiences. These people are far from asleep and they are on to this mud pile. They’ve got your number. They know what’s up. Yes, they are stressed and looking for assistance. Shame on you for the “kick ‘em when they are down” approach.

(a quick reference guide of basic do’s and don’ts)

  • Do treat everyone differently, this keeps people in their place, be it from a position of ego superiority or suppression (audience participant, or speaker) and helps in maintaining an environment of non-learning.
  • Do actively practice gender racism. This is done quite affectively by simply not giving women or men the mic in Q & A sessions, depending upon your intention of restraint, control or containment of either gender. Your agenda will be protected.
  • Ignore and suppress any useful advice coming from “real people” who have experience and do wish to enhance the environment. Awake men and woman both will stand up in such dynamics and offer universal truths. These people must be controlled and silenced, at all cost.
  • Do hire Mic Police in your staffing that are free to give personal advise to the audience participants at the drop of a hat.
  • As a MC or Seminar Organizer, stand on the stage regularly and tell the audience about how much integrity you have. This will solidify the fact that you have none.
  • Do be as pretentious as possible when in front of the audience.
  • Do ignore famous quotes: “the wonderful thing about Leadership is that if you have to tell someone you are one ~ you are not”
  • Do market your seminar, to Speakers and Participants on the skirt of some grand person, who does have a place of prominence and integrity in the world, and then demonstrate regularly that you are not up to being in their company. This can be achieved easily by not walking your talk.
  • Do encourage a fraction of your Speakers to “pitch” their product to the audience and do not tell the other speakers; let it be a surprise. This will enhance your bottom line, alienate the professional speakers, and establish long term relationships with those people out of integrity holding only interest in money.
  • Do make sure that those that are allowed to pitch product do so under the guise of “donation” of profit to not-for-profit, so the Organizers can get their cut on leveraging all sales transactions of those people now and into the future.
  • At the time of the “pitch” ignore the seasoned professional speakers, who have already offered grace, beauty and integrity leave and walk out of the seminar room. This will assure you that they will never be seen again at your gigs.
  • Do make sure that you sell more than you said you would to concretely demonstrate and clear up any confusion that you might be good for your word. A useful approach would be to “ask” the audience after the fact, if it would be okay for you to not do as you said you would.
  • Do forget all about the old adage “lipstick on a pig still leaves you with a pig”
  • 14. As an Organizer, when a seminar participant approaches you to speak with you, put your open hand up in front of their face, walk away with a scowl on your face and say “ I don’t have time “. Make sure you don’t ask any questions of the participant before walking away.
  • As an Organizer, hire staff that are not able to “do the work” without your constant intervention. This helps in displaying to others that you are an ego maniac, control freak and hold no trust in your own organization.
  • If one of your staff members informs you that a participant gave them advise about sex and travel you’ll know you are on track in angering the audience.
  • Do collapse great words into one big puppy pile and pitch them as not holding unique energetic meaning in the world. (as short list would be: integrity, transparency, trust, responsibility, authenticity, compassion, leadership, honor and service)
  • In the registration process, make the signage and communication for all visitors as confusing as possible. Make then fight for it; as this will demonstrate clearly (in your mind only) that they are ‘cattle’, inferior, likely stupid and unable to figure things out and therefore need your guidance.
  • Work actively upon and leverage the naïveté and innocence of “first timers” to seminar and keep them mesmerized in the dream of “ you too can be “. Particular focus upon their low self esteem will be most profitable.
  • As an organizer, do not, under any circumstances, approach participants and ask them about their individual experience at the seminar. Only ask the complete group from the state such a question. This will silence (hopefully) those with constructive contributions and real feedback.
  • Hand out feedback forms and give a tight limited time frame to have the audience fill them out and return them (10 – 15 minutes tops). Do this on the tail of a dynamic speaker. Under no circumstances let people have time for reflection or open discussion about the form.
  • Do not ever discuss the best kept secrets of Nero Linguistic Programming and take the time to go to the film “The Invention of Lying” ~ it is a comedy and your proof in the pudding will be found in that you are not laughing and everyone else is.

This is a taste. If you wish the full manual, and are in training for the “mushy crowd” and wish to be very highly affective in reaching the bottom extremely fast, please send a note to: indicating what size of a bucket of money you’d like to “donate” and the full list of do’s and don’t will be mailed to you pronto.

T. Finial comes to us with a Black Belt in group behavior and decades of experience of high level affective seminar attendance & organization.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

The HOW of a Positive Mental Attitude

Good day all and welcome to another shiny new week with which to play.

I waited a tad in getting out today's reader as I knew our friend Philip Humbert was going to address something that I felt would serve us all as we get into the Fall season. It just arrived and it'll get your week off on the right note.

The HOW of a Positive Mental Attitude
by Dr. Philip Humbert

Since the days of Norman Vincent Peale and W. Clement Stone, we've known the importance of a positive mental attitude. Stone thought it was so vital for success and achievement that he abbreviated it as PMA and said it was the single most important difference between winners and losers in life. A positive, optimistic attitude will over-come any obstacle, solve any problem, and keep us going no matter what. It is essential to be your best!

And who doesn't want to be positive, optimistic, cheerful and hopeful? Consider the alternatives! We all want to be confident, happy, and eager to move "full speed ahead" at all times. But it can be difficult.

We live in a world of "bad news" and hard times. Negative people and painful circumstances surround us much of the time. The news is filled with trauma and tragedy. We have sayings about this--"into every life a little rain must fall." And there's Murphy's Law that, "if anything can go wrong, it will," and there's always some cheerful by-stander to remind us that "Murphy was an optimist!" What's a positive person to do?

This week, a client asked me that question. He knows he needs to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of business and personal difficulties. He told me he's "tried everything" but the frustration, discouragement and sadness "pile up and I find myself wanting to throw in the towel." His question to me (after all, I'm the coach, right!?) was, "HOW can I stay positive with so much negativity around me?"

I thought about that and sent him an email with the following steps:

  1. Decide to be positive, no matter what. The first step to maintaining PMA is the fundamental decision to be and stay positive. No matter what! Clarity is power and being clear about who we are and how we choose to live is the first step. Many people "try" to be positive but only a few consciously and consistently commit to being positive. Be one of the positive few.
  2. Surround yourself with GOOD STUFF. Read inspiring, educational or up-lifting books. Listen to motivating audio programs and positive humor. Fill your world with beauty and love. Put helpful posters in your office. Buy flowers and keep them watered. Spend time with children. My dog helps. Even a cookie (once in a while) helps. A positive Personal Eco-System makes all the difference. Surround yourself with positive stuff. All day. Every day.
  3. Avoid the negative. In the 24-hour news cycle we can get caught up in the daily dose of bad news but do NOT do it! Limit news and refuse to gossip. Refuse to be with whiners and complainers. If you fill your life with crime shows and murder novels and talk of disaster (economic, political, whatever) it undermines your positive outlook. Refuse to do it! Just don't.
  4. Use positive affirmations. Remind yourself of what you want, where you're going, who you are and what you love. "We become what we think about all day long" so affirm the best that is in you. Affirmations are often mis-understood. They work best when they are TRUE. Affirming "I'm going to win the lottery this month" is silly and is actually a negative deception. On the other hand, affirming that "I am earning $100,000 this year" or "I am honest, ambitious, and successful" is powerful, positive and effective. Affirm the best and repeat it all day, every day.
  5. Maintain your health. Eat well, get plenty of rest, exercise and spend time with people you love. These things give you energy, vitality, hope and optimism. It's hard to be positive when you're exhausted or running on candy! Eat fruits, veggies, whole grain foods and get outside and sweat. Go for a run or ride your bike every day. And better yet, do it with friends! Even five minutes of stretching beside your desk can make a world of difference. Take care of yourself and the world becomes a much better place.
  6. Celebrate every day. Celebrate your wins, every day! The sun came up one more time! You are alive! You are loved! Life has made you strong, creative, courageous and determined! These are GOOD! And they are worth celebrating. Give thanks often. Practice your own personal "happy dance" every chance you get.
  7. Focus on your goals. Think about what you want, the life you are creating, the possibilities in front of you. Goals and affirmations make life worth living so focus on these things! Think about the life you are building, the legacy you are creating, the value you add to this world and you can't help but be positive. You are a unique and wonderful gift to this small planet. Think about what you can and will do with your life!
Let others worry and fret the small stuff, but not you! Let others whine and complain, but not you! While others moan and groan and suffer and shake, let yourself soar! You are still breathing, still working, still making a difference. Focus on these things and your Positive Mental Attitude will take care of itself.
Dr Humbert is a Success Strategist, author and popular speaker. Imagine what's possible! To inquire about having him speak to your group or organization, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact him or visit his site at Philip

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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Man Who Walked Around The World!

Well hello there everyone, and thanks for joining me in this little celebration. Anyone who has ever spent any time with me knows that with me being Scottish, I am in support of enterprises that keep the highlands doing well. You'll also know that I have, on the occasion, supported the Scottish distillery industry with a passion that reflects an attitude for all things beautiful. :-))

Now, you may well ask, why are you looking at this today. I'm really just performing a service that could release you from a curious dilemma. Here it is: If you are ever wondering to yourself, "what exactly should I get Peter as a gift that reflects all that is grand"? Well dear friend, here is the answer, and you get some historical perspective to accompany your excellent taste in gifts divine. :-))

Learn about....

The Man Who Walked Around The World!

Pursue the Means - Live The Dreams

Have a terrific weekend all.

See you on Monday.

Take care,


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Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 Simple Ways to Deal With Distraction

A note from for Thursday October 1, 2009

Good day there everyone and welcome to a shining new month.

October is the month for Thanksgiving here in Canada, and we are certainly going to be addressing all of the topics around "thanks" during the month.

We're a little late getting the Reader out today because I (me, and nobody else) got distracted. To all of our benefits, we just happen to have a contribution that clearly address...

3 Simple Ways to Deal With Distraction
by Amy Franco

Right now I'm probably typical of many solo professionals.

There are at least 5 open tabs in my browser, Twitter notifications are blinking on my screen every 15 seconds or so, and I have several other to-do list items floating around in my mind.

Productive? Not really. It's difficult to pay attention to any one of those things, and I can feel my stress level rising.

The truth is, our brains aren't really wired for multi-tasking. The brain truly cannot pay attention to more than one task at a time, and perform that task well.

Yet so many of us are multi-taskers - and chances are the more you do it, the worse your results. What's really happening? You're probably dealing with stuff that just doesn't matter that much to your business.

So what are some simple ways to deal with distraction and re-train your brain?

Create a list of no more than three strategic items to accomplish each day. A never-ending list of action items creates a sense of failure and overwhelm. Instead, take 5-10 minutes and reflect on this question: What 3 things will move your business forward tomorrow? This forces you to be very thoughtful about what you want out of that next day, and you improve your odds of finishing that to-do list.

Create time blocks. This gives your brain a semblance of order and allows you to focus on one thing at a time. Time blocks for email, phone calls, social media, and internet research are especially effective. Out of those time-blocked tasks, can any be outsourced to a trusted assistant?

Create quiet time. When the brain becomes overwhelmed with too much activity, it's time to quiet it down. Movement is a great way to settle the brain. Take some scheduled time away each day for short breaks. This might be 15 minutes to take a walk, or to do something small around the house.

The true key to making these new behaviors a habit? Giving yourself permission to do fewer, but more meaningful tasks. If you talk to the truly successful people, they have trained their brain to tune out distractions to their business, and they say no more often than they say yes.

Four well-known entrepreneurs will share their how-to's on overcoming procrastination, self-doubt, distraction, and small thinking - things that can stop entrepreneurs in their tracks.

Even addressing one of these behaviors will make a difference in your business, and have a ripple event on other areas of your life!

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