Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking My Friend Home.

A note from for Saturday October 24, 2009

Today saw the passing of one of my long time and dearest friends. Doug Poisson of Windsor, Ontario was one of the absolutely nicest people I have ever encountered in my time on this spinning orb.

As the normal vagaries of life can get each of us tied up with the functions of day-to-day life, it is so very easy to not be aware of time passing. I am guilty often of that lack of awareness.

I have known Doug for over thirty years, and in the early times of our friendship we shared many things that only true friends can. I expected the bugger to live forever.

One night, over many beers, at my house, we played the Phil Collins classic "In The Air Tonight" about twenty times. Why you may ask? Because we liked it, and we could.

I call once again on Phil Collins tonight to share another classic with me to celebrate the transition of a lovely man, a dear friend, a father, a grandfather, a partner, and someone who did, because he could.

My dear friend, Be Taken Home.

Forever in my heart.


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1 comment:

Raven2012 said...

May Doug know, that to Phil's magic, there was just a wide and mad bit of dancing going on in my office.