Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homegrown Revolution

A note from for Friday October 30, 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to the Halloween weekend.

It has been one heck of a week here in this corner of paradise. The passing of my friend Doug last Saturday set me on a course of personal reflection that caused me to shine a light on every aspect of my life, my relationships, my endeavors, in fact, on my views on just about everything.

I am keenly aware of the circle of life and rejoice in it from the truth of my spiritual being, and I resolve once again to work to leave this place in a better condition than when I arrived.

Moving to the beautiful Okanagan Valley back in June of this year was, in part, a component in the larger plan of moving to a home environment that is totally self-sustaining, and has a zero footprint. This isn't an easy proposition in our urban lifestyle, but we can impact it in many positive ways.

Today's video offering is really a celebration of what can be achieved with a little ingenuity, intention, and clarity of purpose.

Homegrown Revolution is a short informational introduction to a homegrown project that has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability. In the midst of a densely urban setting in downtown Pasadena, California, radical change is taking root. For over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and a model for sustainable agriculture and urban living. Calling this project, “Path to Freedom,” the Dervaes Family shows that change is possible.

As a family for this new paradigm, they harvest 3 tons of organic food annually from their 1/10 acre garden while incorporating many back-to-basics practices, as well as solar energy and biodiesel in order to reduce their footprint on the earth’s resources. Environmentalism and the health of our planet is a theme that weaves through their life. It is meant to inspire and encourage others - young and old - to take a look at what they have and realize that change can begin with a single step and can be created right in our own backyards.

Homegrown Revolution

The feature length film is not yet available but here is the family's website:

Have an amazing Halloween Weekend.

See you on Monday.

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