Friday, October 23, 2009

Being Barb Guerra

A note from for Friday October 23, 2009

Well dear friends, welcome to the weeks end.

It has been an amazing week at this desk. I have been caused to dig into some deep corners of reasoning to discover the answers I needed to fulfill some client requests of me. It reminded me once again that yes, there are issues we all have to deal with, and also yes, we each have within us the capacity to rise to levels uncommon in the average day.

Today's video offering popped out of the files as I searched for something that would portray the kind of attitude that one needs to overcome any challenge.

If you have anything going on in your life that causes you to also to dig deeper for the understanding, you'll appreciate the lessons that this young lady lives by...

Being Barb Guerra

Have an outstanding weekend.

See you on Monday,

Take care,


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