Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Book "Overcomers Inc" Launches Today

A note from for Thursday October 22, 2009

Good day all and welcome to a very special Thursday.

The Daily Reader is on hold today as we have been anxiously awaiting to make this announcement.

For years now, we here at The Wealthy Attitude have been working to support every subscriber with stories and examples that can assist them as they deal with the myriad of situations that crop up in every aspect of of life. And, we've been blessed many times with wonderful feedback about how people "overcame" some incredible conditions.

We have also watched as many brave and intrepid writers brought forth a myriad of great books to assist people attain more happiness, opportunities, success, business, and simply to feel better about who they really are. Even more writers developed articles that dealt specifically with a host of life situations that have helped countless millions of Internet users simply live their life better.

Today, October 22nd, 2009, a new book is being released that will undoubtedly start a movement. This movement will be made up of people just like you and me. People who have lived through adversities, upsets, set-backs, failures, let-downs, and the buffeting of life to rise to heights uncommon in average days. We will be recognized as "Overcomers"

In this new book you experience the stories of 38 amazing individuals who have overcome some of life's most difficult circumstances, you also have the opportunity in THIS moment, to learn from over 85 global experts including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Chris and Janet Atwood, Christine Kloser, Joe Nunziata and Dr. Joe Rubino on how to enhance your business, your personal life, your health, your relationships and your spiritual well being.

This book shifts your awareness to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before. This is a must-read for anyone who is looking to live a life they love; a life filled with faith, trust, acceptance and serenity.

If you are serious about achieving a deep level of appreciation and happiness, then now is the time for you to make a small personal investment in a book that will guarantee huge returns!

We are very proud to support "Overcomers, Inc" and encourage you to get a copy and push this new release to the pinnacle of best sellers.

Follow the following link, read about the content, and discover the array of never before released benefits that you'll receive with your purchase. You're going to be glad you did this.

Let us know how you like the book, and how you plan to use it a gift in the upcoming holiday seasons.


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