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Stop Blaming Everyone Else.

A note from for Friday December 5 2008

Hello there all and welcome to the end of what has been an outstanding week.

Friday is usually the day we wrap up the week with a video, however, as we are also winding up the Jan Janzen extravaganza today, we are proud to offer you both today. Now that's a deal.

Jan is also graciously inviting you to participate in something quite special that is a pure bonus if you have the great sense to purchase her latest book. Here's the note she sent along:

"I want to make another very special offer to your Daily Reader subscribers.

A book is one thing and although there are two very wonderful bonuses you get with the book that people are LOVING, I wanted to offer you something extra special.

For every person who buys a book within the next seven days, (that is until December 12th midnight), I will gift you a special teleclass early January that will help you release the blocks and challenges around making 2009 your best year ever. This 75 minute teleclass will combine coaching, practical tools and clearing the blocks at a DNA and cellular level so that you can make 2009 your best year yet.

Someone who just attended one of my teleclasses this week wrote: “Thank you very much for the incredible session. It has been one of the most strong and amazing experiences I ever received.”

The teleclasses are powerful and effective in removing the blocks “automatically” so you can prosper and have an amazing 2009. I normally charge $29.95 for one of these sessions but with the purchase of Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round, it is my gift to you to start off the new year.

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Now folks this is an outstanding offer so take full advantage and get your book ordered here: Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday I sat wondering, the worldwide economies are chaotic, the U.S.A prepares for the instillation of a new leader, the Canadian political arena is in complete turmoil, and yet? Yet, I sense optimism at levels I have never before encountered, I see ordinary folks taking complete control of their own life experience and living it by their own design.

I'm really not "against" anything, and I'm "for" a ton of stuff. I'm "for" personal responsibility, I'm "for" choosing love over fear, I'm "for" living life from a foundation of Gratitude, and I'm "for" acknowledging loudly that each and every one of us has a right to be here, to be free, to be wealthy, and to be happy.

In today's short video offering, Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban beautifully remind us that we truly are "In The Arms Of The Angel". You're going to like this.

Also, enjoy the final installment of Jan's offerings. And Jan, thank you kindly for your contributions this week. You honor The Wealthy Attitude with your very presence. Thank you.

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, have an awesome weekend. See you on Monday.


Stop Blaming Everyone Else!
by Jan Janzen

It’s easy to blame everything else. It’s the government, the weather, the lousy boss, the dishonest employee, the crooked accountant, the lazy lawyer, the cheating partner, the bad economy. It’s really easy to blame parents. Do you get out the violin and play a good tune when it comes to how tough it was growing up, how disadvantaged you were or go into the “poor me” story with regularity.

Accepting the fact that you chose Mom and Dad to be your earthly parents, your brothers and sisters to be part of your life, and all the accoutrements that came with that choice, will make life a whole lot easier. Start looking at the good that came out of the situation. Begin finding the benefits that the hardships caused, the ability they gave you to handle adversity, challenge or problems, and appreciate that you wouldn’t be who you are today if things had been different.

I’d never have the ability to deal with people of all beliefs, customs and backgrounds if I hadn’t grown up being trained in a door-to-door ministry where you had no idea who was behind each and every door. I would never be able to confidently speak in front of thousands if I hadn’t been trained in public speaking from the age of eight. And I would certainly never have the focus and discipline to write a book in less than two months for the second time if I hadn’t been well-trained to adhere to a strict schedule.

You can do the same. Start appreciating what Mom and Dad gave you, even if the beatings taught you discipline, even if the lack of love taught you the importance of love, even if the abuse taught you compassion for others – those are all valuable lessons, don’t you think?

But what if you are a professional victim? What if you like that merry-go-round of drama, chaos, and old stories of oppression, persecution and catastrophe? If so, you will find it most challenging to live a life full of joy, peace, love and prosperity because the two do not go hand-in-hand. Ever. Retelling old accounts of people who did you wrong, rehashing old sicknesses and accidents and recounting stories of financial woes will keep telling the subconscious mind, “This is important. Keep these files prominent and handy for future reference.”

Why are some people such great victims? It’s like they relish the pain and suffering. There are very likely some old files that look like this: “You need to suffer to be good. Good people suffer, wicked people prosper. If I’m not sick, I don’t get any attention. Nobody loves me, hugs me, or kisses me when I’m healthy, so I need to be sick.” Do you see how old beliefs will fuel the fire of victimhood? So if you would win the Academy Award for Victim of the Year, ask yourself why you enjoy being the victim. What is it about the drama, the victimhood, the pain and the struggling that you believe you need to hang on to? If you think that you need to be crucified to be seen as good, godly or righteous, then you will sabotage yourself every time. Why wouldn’t you? If your subconscious mind links suffering and pain to being “good enough,” “saved,” “righteous,” and “spiritual,” then you will do a mighty fine job. Look carefully at what is the motive behind your playing victim and decide whether or not you are ready to let it go.

It’s a very powerful place to understand that once you stop complaining about all the things you can’t change such as your parents, the weather, the economy or the world, you really move into a magnificent place. You can only change yourself and that’s powerful. So decide right now that 2009 will be an amazing year. Let go of the Tribal Mentality beliefs that you won’t get what you want because that’s a lie. You ALWAYS get what you want – even when that is pain, suffering and struggle. The most prominent files in your subconscious mind ALWAYS win.

Change the files today from your past, your upbringing, your genetic coding and let go of the blame and the victimhood. It’s not pretty and you need to move out of that place now if you want to create an amazing life. Move into a life where you are utilizing your Sacred Gifts, doing what you love, what makes your heart sing and brings peace, joy, love and prosperity to your life and everyone around you.

The world needs amazing people leading amazing lives.

Go for it. You can do it!

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