Friday, December 28, 2007

97% Vs. 3%

I was having a chat with someone earlier today about why it is often so very difficult for folks to break free of habits and attitudes that no longer serve them. I explained it this way: About 97% of our thinking minds capacity is used to process stuff, thoughts, knowledge, awareness etc. that we already know. And only 3% is left to deal with new knowledge, information etc.

The 97% of our minds “already knowingness” totally dominates the new 3% that is struggling for air. In fact it really doesn’t want anything to do with the new 3%, and will actually work to destroy it.

It’s a lot like a dandelion, with all its beauty, struggling to survive in a crack in the concrete sidewalk. Oh, it could survive alright if left to flourish, but someone always comes along to trample it, or pull it out.

As humans working to build better lives, we should absolutely be aware that the 97% of our “already knowingness” with its corresponding ego component, will work as hard as it can to stifle the 3% that is working furiously to get our attention.

Our 97% “already knowingness” is what got us to where we currently are. If you’re happy there, that is wonderful. If however, you desire to be someplace different in your life, then give the new 3% some nurturing and lots of air. Care for it, encourage it, let it live. Your future could depend on it.


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1 comment:

joyce said...

Hi Peter

Thanks for your thoughts on the 3%.

As I read your comments about the 97% of our already knowingness,not allowing the 3% to be expressed, I was reminded of the idea that noise blocks communication with others. Noise might take the form of actual sounds in the environment, it might be the listeners inability or inattention, or it might be the noise in my own head. The thoughts that continually bombard me, and take my mind away from listening attentatively. This is all noise. This noise also prevents me from tuning into the reality of who I am. Now not listening to noise is a choice. Also not listening to "me" is a choice. I find that paying attention, getting quiet, and meditation are wonderful ways to listen to the me, to be present, and tune into that 3%, that part of me that gets drowned out with the noise of daily living.

Just some thoughts for today.