Friday, December 4, 2009

The Spungen Family

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As is our way on Friday we offer up a video that we feel reflects out philosophy's and the themes we have been touching on during the week.

The Spungen Family demonstrates its immense philanthropic nature by giving out 6.6 million dollars in bonuses to its employees after selling its company. Their acts of kindness also extend to the intimate relationships they share with their employees and with their foundation which supports cancer research & treatment.

The most amazing part? You'd never know ANY of it by talking to them!

In a time where we are inundated with bad news about our economic landscape, corporate greed and bank bailouts -- it was refreshing to hear about the Spungen family -- such an authentically kind family with solid values.

Laurence and Florence Spungen and their four children are shining examples of corporate responsibility (Listen up corporate North America). A family that cares as much about their employees as they do their own family and treats them with dignity and respect -- Traits not often heard of in big corporations.

When we heard about the Spungen family from Waukegan, Illinois and their generous deed, we were intrigued and wanted to know more about them. Who are they? Why would they give millions of dollars away during the economic downturn? You'll see when you meet...

The Spungen Family

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allucanbe said...

What amazing people! Very inspiring. The old adage of what goes around, comes around comes to mind, and most certainly rings true. Thanks for a great Friday video.


Thank you for sharing that Barbara on facebook :)

I agree it is really important to value the people you work for and who work for you and have gratitude. Always offering the best possible service.