Monday, January 18, 2010

The Elevated Response - A Path To Transformation

A note from for Monday January 18, 2010

Hello there everyone and welcome back to our little adventure here at The Wealthy Attitude.

We decided to extend our time away over the holiday season to reflect on where we wanted to go with this initiative, what we wanted to spend our time sharing with you all, and most importantly, committing to being Full Spectrum Leaders within our community.

Right off, let us wish you all a Happy New Year, and many blessings for all your dreams and goals to become manifest in amazing ways in 2010. We are really looking forward to getting to know you much better as the year unfolds.

To get us into the spirit of where we want to go for the year, we present to you a short video that will allow us to boast the position we are assuming for 2010. This short video delivers sparkling clarity, reasoned response, truth flowing through a heart of love, no matter where, no matter what the circumstances. It shows that each challenge is just another step in upward transformation toward the ultimate truth of being, which is the pure and clear expression of your personal truth made alive and glowing with love! Enjoy...

The Elevated Response - A Path To Transformation

Pursue the Means - Live The Dreams

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