Tuesday, November 23, 2010

“Etch A Sketch” for Life!

Posted by Jim Smith Jr.

Going through life’s challenges and you don’t see a way out? Take out your life “Etch A Sketch” shake it up, then design a new way out! ~Jim Smith, Jr.

It’s Your Choice

Have you heard these sayings before?

• “You’ll keep getting what you’re getting as long as you keep doing what you’re doing!”
• “The insanity principle is doing the same thing but expecting different results!”
• “If nothing changes, nothing changes!”

These statements all pertain to personal power reinventing oneself and change. More importantly, they all pertain to choice. You have to choose to change YOU.

Throughout my life, from childhood through college, corporate career to business owner, wedding day to divorce court, I’ve encountered people who were in situations they loathed but, for whatever reason, chose not to change how they responded to or viewed the situation. In most instances, the situation or circumstances never changed and neither did the people because most of them kept expecting the circumstances to change. We have to be the change.

Would you agree that most people want to live happily and fulfilled? Then what’s the fly in the ointment? I suggest it’s our mindset. How often do you smile? Is something always on your mind? Lighten up! We get old because we stop having fun. We need to live more, love more and laugh more. The negative circumstances that hold your thoughts and dreams hostage are just that – circumstances.

I know how to be unhappy, to complain, to stress and to cry. From relationships to professional endeavors, I’ve let negative circumstances keep me up at night. I’ve wasted time, energy and minutes on my cell phone. I chose not to do that anymore and you can to!

I just had a phenomenal Easter. This celebration is incredible anyway, just for what it represents, but this Easter had an unusual twist. In addition to the Smith family’s typical protocol of going to church, spending time with the family eating, talking and TV — for the first time, we pulled out the Wii game. My mother and mother-in-law simultaneously, in a tone I’m sure my neighbors heard, pronounced they weren’t going to play! Their excuses ranged from “too old,” “bad back,” and “I don’t play games” to “I don’t know how to play.”

Three hours later, with everyone else reduced to cheering spectators, these two self-proclaimed “Hot Mamas” were bowling like professionals on the circuit just because they made a different choice.

It’s not too late! Make a list of the things you’re going to make a different, conscious choice. Choose:
• Wow … over worry
• YES … over I don’t think so
• Having an incredible evening … over having to be heard
• Being happy … over being right
• Now … over eventually
• I will … over I can or I can’t
• Family … over work
• Touch … over TV
• Smiles … over stress
• It’s up to me… over it’s your fault
• Rest … over rushing
• Prayer … over pushing

It’s not rocket science. Make the choice whatever gets the most energy… gets the greater result. It’s up to you!

Jim is a highly sought-after trainer and power speaker, as well as the president and CEO of JIMPACT Enterprises, Inc.

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