Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End Procrastination Now!

Posted by Philip HUmbert

People ask me how to over-come procrastination to achieve their goals and create the life they truly want. I believe there are two essential steps for dealing with procrastination and taking action to make your dreams come true.

The situation is familiar: We have a vision or goal, and know it is within our reach. It may not be simple or easy, but we know it's possible - if only we would get started. But we don't. We procrastinate. We plan and dream and talk, but we don't take the essential actions that move us forward. Time passes, things don't change and we berate ourselves in frustration!

That is no way to live your life! Let's look at solutions.

Step One: Power comes from Purpose!

Last week I talked with three people who have big dreams and wonderful ideas, but they've taken no action. As we talked, I realized they did not have powerful, passionate REASONS to succeed. No rational person works long and hard without a good reason!

They each claimed they had good reasons to pursue their dreams. Their dreams will make them rich if they succeed. Their families support them, and they thought their "reasons to succeed" were compelling, but they were really just clichés, and clichés have no power in them!

Power comes from purpose! The power to get up early, stay late, and work hard must come from the heart. Powerful action comes from knowing your purpose, your REASONS for doing it!

When a teenager wants to make the basketball team, or a mother wants a doctor for her sick child, or we NEED a college education, human beings will find a way. But "nice" goals are not enough. Intellectual arguments are not enough.

The power to over-come procrastination, find solutions and keep going comes from living your life on PURPOSE! When you know WHY, you'll find the HOW!

Step Two: Become a Player!

This is simple: are you an amateur, or a pro? Are you serious, or are you dabbling? Are you committed, or merely interested? The answers make all the difference.

Again, I've recently talked with several people who claim to have a sense of purpose behind their goals, but I don't think they truly mean it. They "dabble" and leave no tracks in the sand.

They tell a great story, and they seem committed, but their actions speak louder than their words. Inside, they know that dabbling rarely brings major results, and so they procrastinate. Action that has no weight or substance to it is rarely worth while, so they understandably do nothing at all.

Don't be a lightweight! The ancient general, Hannibal, is famous for taking his troops through impossible mountains and is remembered for saying, "We will find a way, or make one." He found a way!

To over-come procrastination, be a player! Put some weight and time and money and skill behind your dreams. Take risks and make stuff happen! Life is not a rehearsal! If you have dreams, be certain you have enough REASONS to justify the effort, and if you do, then go all out!

Put yourself on the line!

Make the investment.

Procrastination cannot survive in the face of a committed, determined human will!

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very true...... moved by the post.