Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Spectrum Leadership in Action!

Good day and welcome to the weeks end, and what a week it has been. We've pushed hard, tackled issues, seen breakthrough's, and saw leadership in action all over the place. Congratulations.

As is our usual way, we end the week with a short video. As I research video offerings to share with you, I am most struck with the ones that reflect for me Full Spectrum Leadership in action. And boy, does today's video do just that.

As principal of Loreto School in Calcutta, Irish Catholic nun Sister Cyril has worked some real-world miracles. Her school serves 1,500 female students, of which 721 are so poor that they need food, medicine, and even money to meet the rent. By bringing children together like this, she is showing a way for middle class schools to integrate the poor living around them into their educational mainstream, to their mutual benefit.

When Sister Cyril was awarded the Padmashri, India's highest civilian award, for having served over 450,000 street children, she was asked about her message to people. She immediately responded: "Give what you have received freely and the reward is hundred-fold."

Think about your contribution this weekend.

Have a thought-full weekend.

See you on Monday.

I appreciate you.


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