Friday, October 14, 2011

The Calm Within!

Hello there all and welcome to the typical weeks end. As is our usual way we offer a video to wind up the week.

Today's offering is especially poignant as we often here use metaphors to magnify the message. This particular video is chock block full of amazing metaphors that reflect how many folks have lived their lives.

Dewey Bozella was locked up for 26 years - a lifetime - for a crime he did not commit. This story is about the triumph of human spirit and living proof of the maxim: "never give up". One man's journey to reclaim his life, against all odds; a man fighting his biggest fight outside the boxing ring without any hatred or bitterness towards the system. Dewey Bozella - courageous, persistent, human and

The question I have for you to contemplate this weekend is, how have you been the prosecutor, witness, judge and jury in your own life, and also the jailer that has kept your magnificence locked up in solitary confinement?

Could it be time for you to set yourself free? Think about it and let me know what pops up for you as you discover:

The Calm Within!


Have an wonder-full weekend.

See you on Monday.

I appreciate you.


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