Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Fickle Science of Network Marketing

What a weekend it has been! I decided that, as a home- based business person in the network marketing industry, and it being what appears to be a fairly busy season in our industry, I would spend time returning calls to people who had responded to some online advertisements we are currently running.

Our ads are very clear, we seek to interview people who want to be in a home-based enterprise as a “business”, not a “j.o.b”.

Here was my conundrum: The people I was calling back had responded to ads on the Internet, which means they have access to the technology. They filled in a form that asked for their name, telephone number, e-mail address, and time zone in which they live. When they pressed “submit”, they were given a message that we would be in touch within forty eight hours. All pretty simple so far, yes?

Now something must happen to many people when they complete the process. The cave-dwelling Neanderthal must arise within them. The one that is rude, ignorant, and frankly, stupid.

I’ll not bore you with the gory details of some of these calls, other than to express the following to those folks out there currently pushing buttons on keyboards without a clue about what they are doing.

A. The networking marketing industry is a viable multi-BILLION dollar industry that is almost sixty years old.

B. The network marketing industry is singularly responsible for developing an entire generation of new millionaires.

C. Network marketing opportunities are not pyramid schemes.

D. Pyramid schemes are illegal in any country with paved roads and glass for windows.

E. Network marketing professionals are not “cult” members. In fact, when I think of a huge group of people who get up when it is dark, get into a single file formation to go to the work zone, shop, desk etc. Then after putting out 8 – 10 hours of their labor helping create someone else’s dream, go out in the dark again, get back into single file formation to go back to their home. After eating, they settle into the recliner and watch a whole category of mind numbing programs called “reality television” that are entirely based on “rejection”. Then they go to bed dreaming of winning the lottery, only to awaken the next day to do the exact same thing all over again. I say “that’s a cult”.

F. Home-based entrepreneurs are not folks who can’t get a “real” J.O.B (just over broke).

G. There is not a huge great big bucket of money out there just waiting to pour all over you just because you decide to play on the computer and fill in forms.

H. True network marketing professionals are interviewing you to determine if they want to work with you. They are not out there to save your butt.

I. No, I mean none, nada, zilch, zero, businesses can be started and built without some investment of money, time, energy, and attitude. Anything that can be created without these things is called a “JOB”.

J. True network marketing professionals would much rather you stay off of the Internet and leave it to people who have clearly made a decision to better their lives. Those people who emerged from the cave a long time ago and learned how to learn and study. Study how to plan a life, do the research, investigate the real opportunities, and conduct themselves with dignity.

K. The Network Marketing industry is built and maintained by people with pride and dignity, who serve their networks with care and integrity. And because of the impact they have in the market and economy, deserve to be treated with respect.

Now I have that off of my chest, you probably have an idea of what my day was like. I was inspired to dig back into my files and resurrect an article “Shame On You” that I wrote some time ago.

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1 comment:

Warren Wojnowski said...

Well, Peter, it sounds like you had quite the weekend!

And you raise an important point for your readers to consider. So many people are unhappy with their circumstances, but are looking outside themselves for someone else to save them.

They've become so locked into their daily routine (or cult like activities as you described them) that they don't really believe they have the wherewithall to change things. And so they're looking to win the lottery, so to speak.

Network marketing can be a viable solution for some people, but only for those people willing to take personal responsibility for their lives.

As an aside, your readers may be interested in revisiting this article on the history of network marketing to give them a better flavor of the industry.

In my experience that's still a small percentage -- 97% want something better and 3% take personal responsibility to have something better.

Fun stuff. Thanks for the post!