Monday, January 14, 2008

Law of Attraction – at work!

Have you ever considered why wealthy people are wealthy? Is it chance, coincidence, just plain good luck, or is there something that they do differently to the majority of people. It is because the practice the law of attraction. They expect to be wealthy and with clarity and certainty focus on becoming wealthy, and it doesn't take long for wealth to manifest itself in their life.

The law of attraction works without fear or favor. If you focus on wealthy thoughts, you will become wealthy, but also if you focus on the lack in your life, the law of attraction provides what you are focusing on – lack.

If it is that easy then why isn't everybody wealthy?

Because it is not easy. It takes effort to concentrate on having wealthy thoughts. Just imagine you are having a good day and thinking lots of wealthy thoughts, and then you retrieve the mail and the vehicle insurance bill arrives. Do you think, 'no problems I will pay that early because I have the money, and I have never failed in paying it before', or is it 'how am I going to pay that bill along with all my others'. We tend to let the thoughts of lack drag us down, and we allow these thoughts to occupy our time. It is a defense mechanism that our mind develops to prepare us for the worst, and thus becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We focus on not having the money to pay the bills, or just having enough to scrape through, and guess what we end up with. Not quite enough or just enough, but not too much left over.

It is amazing where the things that make us wealthy appear from when we focus on the things that we desire in our life. As mentioned, it is not easy to continue to focus on the wealthy things that we desire in our lives, but with practice it can be done, and don't you think it would be worthwhile to develop a habit that will help us achieve our desires and goals.

One of the big challenges that face almost everyone that develops the wealthy thinking habits is dealing with family and friends who are negative or complainers. If you have a family member or friend that continually points out all the difficulties in life and complains about everybody else, this has a devastating effect on your thoughts. It is extremely difficult to focus your thoughts on what you have and the wealth that you want to attract into your life, if you have someone whining or complaining in your ear. The best way to approach this problem is to firmly yet gently start pointing out all the benefits and privileges that you have, and speak about others in a positive way, rather than criticizing them.

In short it is easy to get taken up with all that is wrong, rather than thinking about what you have and the many blessings that you have, whether it be a great family, good health. There is always something that you can find to be thankful for and help you focus on better thoughts and thoughts that will lead to wealth. Not only this, but life is so much more enjoyable if you are looking for the good things in life. Life is short and every moment you waste thinking about problems or criticizing others is a moment that is lost to enjoy.

You have most likely heard the saying 'you are what you think' and more and more research is proving this to be true. I will pose a question to you "Is there more or less violence in the world than there was 50 years ago?" Another question "Is there more evidence of violence in the newspapers, on the radio, on the television, in computer games than there was 50 years ago?" Ever thought that this might be related. If you have people watch and listen to violence, their thoughts are occupied with violent images and 'you are what you think', especially when violence is portrayed as being acceptable.

Turn this around and if you concentrate on wealthy thoughts, your subconscious and unconscious thoughts work in harmony to make you wealthy. Just as thoughts of violence lead to violence, thoughts of wealth ultimately lead to wealth. The amount of time that it takes to achieve wealth will depend on your conviction and certainty about it taking place.

Surround yourself with people who have the same desires and goals. If you don't know anybody who has the same desires as you, then focus on meeting people who do possess the same desires. You will be pleasantly surprised when these sorts of people begin to appear in your life, it is the law of attraction.

Are you prepared to change your circumstances by thinking wealthy thoughts?

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.

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