Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are You Worthy of Worthiness?

by Ellie Walsh

A friend of mine was telling me a conversation she had about finances — the person said to her - well if you feel stuck - it is probably about feeling unworthy.

This conversation was about 1 month ago and at that time it did not ring any bells for my friend.

But now 1 month later she is aware of this lurking unworthiness - she can actually feel it physically in her body.

"….it’s this core feeling..I can actually feel it physically lodged so deep in the place between my belly button and rib cage. I can feel it’s physical form (like an upside down pyramid, with the base being on my skin surface and the point going way deep. Every day, I say over and over "I am ready to give up this un worthy crap and ready to allow in the things I have been wanting my whole life."So that’s what I am working on getting rid of. I’ve been asking for help with it, every night and every day, hoping I’ll get some insight on how to get it out……….

First I must say - I identify with this - I have been physically affected by my so-called issues. I have dealt / struggled with my so-called core issues….

So what is the unworthiness stuff? Is it a core issue? What is a core issue?

From what I have seen with myself and the people I work with - worthiness / unworthiness is probably behind all so-called issues. Fear, insecurity, anger, depression — on the most naked level really goes down to that feeling of not being worthy.

Where does this unworthiness come from?

I’m going to say it usually come from childhood. While children are the most connected they are also the most vulnerable to other people’s opinions. Even people who had extremely positive and uplifting parents can end up dealing with this — as society in general does not really uplift - instead it tells you what you can’t do.

Kids being told what they can’t do - many times will eventually internalize this as they are not good enough - to do! How many times do I hear adults tell kids - you can’t do this - you can’t do that - if you do this you will get hurt….. Even if someone is explaining you can’t do it because of —- still it can end up becoming personal…. it can end up being internalized as - I’m not good enough = I’m not worthy.

And what about core issues? What is a core issue? Is there such a thing as a core issue?

I have seen from my own experience that most of my so-called issues were interrelated. And I have found that at the bottom of these things it was usually a self worth / self esteem / worthiness issue.

So why not just go right to the source and clean it up once and for all?

I don’t know if that is always possible - as I have found things popped up at different times. And that feeling of getting to the bottom of it all — isn’t that really saying that I am broken and I need to be fixed?

Hmmmm - so let’s stay in Law of Attraction - How does that idea of being broken and needing to be fixed feel? And so what are you then vibrating? —> Broken and need fixing - - Hmmm and what does that vibration bring?

Right here is the reason I banged my head against the wall for many years. I was stuck in this arena of thinking I was broken - of needing to be fixed! I was going to deal with all my issues - I was going to resolve them all …….. and then…… I would be OK!! Then I would be Worthy!

It didn’t work - - Well actually it worked perfectly according to Law of Attraction - I continually felt like I was broke - I continually had issues to deal with - I continually was chasing the core issue!

Years ago - a wise person told me — "put your issues up on the shelf and leave them there - don’t take any of them down off the shelf. When the time is right for you to deal with them - they will fall off the shelf and hit you in the head and will have to deal with it."

That was good advice for me then - and when I followed it my life was truly easier, smoother, more joyful.

Then I went a step further ….. I threw the shelf out!

That’s right - I realized as long as I continued to see me with having issues - I was going to continue to have issues. How could I see myself as worthy - if I felt I had core issues to work on - if I felt I was still broken?

I finally got it - why did I beat myself up - make myself crazy trying to fix me - why did I see me as broken? Yet… if a friend of mine told me she was broken - I would not agree with her - I would tell her or him their good qualities - I would certainly not beat them up!

I was never going to feel worthy until - - I Loved Me….. until - - I Loved Me Unconditionally!

So - I threw out my issue shelf and I stopped talking about what was wrong with me. I stopped saying things like "I’m going to get rid of this issue or I am going to change this character defect" — Those statements are like saying "I’m going to stop thinking about Pink Elephants" — Now you are thinking about - - - - Pink Elephants!

You can’t deemphasize something - - the minute you put your attention on it - - your attention is on it - even though you are saying well I am putting my attention on not putting my attention on it - - That is Attention!!

You can not say No to something and have it go away - - No is putting your attention on it… The Universe responds to your vibration.

Today I talk about the things I want - I talk about my good qualities - I talk about the good qualities of others. I put my emphasis on those good qualities knowing the Universe will respond to that vibration.

I started out small - I was not able to jump right into "I am a worthy wonderful person" - - I did not fully believe that at first. I needed to take it in smaller steps. Each person needs to find the words that are right for them - and you will know what is right for you - by how you feel.

Today I am truly able to say "I Love Me" - I do believe I am a Magnificent Worthy Being….

And I believe You too, are a Worthy Magnificent Blessed Being!


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