Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What Is Abundance?

Amanda G. Goldston

Abundance is having more than enough of everything you want in life, as well as the time and excellent health to enjoy it.

Abundance comes from that wonderful feeling of leaping out of bed with a smile on your face, knowing that you:-
? are doing the work you choose and love,
? have money in the bank,
? are in a wonderful, passionate loving relationship,
? are brimming over with energy and vibrant health
? enjoy your hobbies
? have the time to enjoy it all
? are living the life of your dreams

Our natural states are love, joy, peace, happiness, passion, prosperity, health and fun. We were not meant to be struggling and under stress all our lives. We have been conditioned from very young that life is supposed to be a struggle and we are supposed to learn our lessons by pain and through things being difficult.

How do we create Abundance?

Firstly it is very important to look at our beliefs around Abundance in any area of our lives. For this reader, we will focus on money because that is one of the most negatively charged words in our language today.

Complete the sentences, with the first thoughts that come to mind:-
? Money is…… ?
Rich People are……..
? In order to have money you must…….
? I can’t have money because………….

Think of something you want in your life and ask yourself:

"Why don’t I yet have it?"

The answers to both exercises will bring up your blocks and limiting beliefs. Once you have identified them, you can clear them and choose new beliefs.

Create new statements with " I AM…." (e.g I am a money magnet, money flows to me ). INCANT them out loud with FEELING & EMOTION. Shout them out while you exercise, or in front of the mirror. It is important to use your whole body and get movement, as well as sound and feeling.

These are the truth about you, and you want to get the feeling and emotion into every part of you- mind, body, spirit and into every cell.

Beware of "Reality"

When you start to clear limiting beliefs and replace them with things you choose to believe, you will find that the words "reality" and "realistic" will often crop up. These will come both from your friends and loved ones, and from your own very loud Inner Critic.

It is important to be able to silence this voice. At heart it wants to protect you from harm, from falling flat on your face, from people laughing at you or from you not being loved or being good enough and it has a million and one reasons why you "can’t, shouldn’t, don’t dare, mustn’t etc etc etc"

Some Suggestions

Remember, we live in an Abundant Universe and there really is no limit on who we can be or what we can do or have. The Universe wants us to have all our heart’s desires. The trouble is, we get in our own way and block the flow with feelings of:
? I don’t deserve
? I am not worthy
? I am not lovable
? I am not good enough
? Good things only happen to others
? I am unlucky

We create our reality with our thoughts, and attract what we focus on, so we often end up getting what we DON’T want in our lives.
1. Focus on what you DO want- Write it as I AM, I HAVE, I OWN, I DO, I FEEL…..
2. Put in the details which are vitally important to you, otherwise use the phrase "Please send me this, or something better, for the highest good of all concerned, as soon as possible. Thank You"
3. ASK, EXPECT , TRUST and be GRATEFUL that it is on its way
4. LISTEN for Inner Wisdom promptings for ACTION to take
5. Create a GRATITUDE Diary for all the wonderful things you already have. "Thank you, Universe, for all the blessings I have and all the blessings I am receiving-
6. Create a collage of pictures of things you want, write out your Dream Life, record it on tape and listen to it frequently
7. Create a success journal of things you have done and add to it every day
8. Start your day with "Something really wonderful is going to happen to me today!" and start noticing happy, positive, fantastic moments and record them
9. Know that you DESERVE everything you want, and EXPECT it to come to you

An Abundant life is made up of Magic Moments. If we allow ourselves to experience Joy, Love, Happiness, Peace and Abundance just for this moment, and then just for the next- as we get to it, then we will create extraordinary lives of Abundance for ourselves

Wishing you love & abundant blessings

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