Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Want Whatever Happens to You!

A note from for Thursday April 23 2009

Hello there all and welcome to this fine post Earth Day Thursday.

As I mentioned yesterday, the celebrations included lunch out and yes, ice cream. The day unfolded in some amazing ways with folks offering up lessons in awareness that entirely complimented the day.

One of the critical awarenesses that continually arises is that we, each and every one of us, is 100% responsible for our entire life experience, and this past Earth Day brought that home loud and clear. Also, it continues to become clearer and clearer that each of us can learn......

How to Want Whatever Happens to You!
by Guy Finley

The more we imagine a fearless life created by conditions outside of us, the more compelled we feel to try and control those same conditions. Our fear being that any change in them will return us back where we started: searching for a way to be fearless. Yet, the more we resist change, the more afraid we become of it. We find ourselves applying more and more pressure to life in order to escape the mounting pressure born of our own demands. And gradually, instead of being a vital human being -- receptive and naturally responsive to any and all life-altering impressions, we become static and psychological "shut-ins" --captives of our own aversion to a fear we unconsciously create.

We do not have to remain the victims of this dark and downward trending circle of self. The truth is there is no real reason at all to resist the world as it turns. In fact, rather than fearing what cannot be foreseen, one day you will be grateful for it, and here's why: we are not just created to go through constant change, our True Self is the changing ground of life itself. From out of its unfathomable depths pour the unseen forces that design, drive, and ultimately perfect the transformation of consciousness. Can we see how the realization of such a truth about our own higher Self would have to spell the end of fear?

Practically speaking, as our fear diminishes, our confidence increases; we grow in patience; a true optimism about life pervades everything we do, even when we run into obstacles. For us it isn't a question if things will work out in our favor; our only wonder is when that gift will present itself. We stop running; we know now there is nowhere we have to get to -- and that there is nothing for us to get away from. We are the life we want, and the Life we are is without fear because it is one with the Light.

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