Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nature's Magnificent Timing!

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday April 14 2009

Hello there folks and welcome to a sunny, bright, and cheerful Tuesday here in the midwest.

We arrived back safe and sound in the middle of the night to see most of the accumulated snow finally gone. Spring is really here.

It got me to thinking as we traversed the countryside about what message arrives on time each and every year with the arrival of Spring.

Recently I found myself (tor)mentoring a client who had gone through a major loss and life change. While sometimes difficult, rebuilding your life after a loss or big change can also be one of the greatest opportunities in life.

When we look to Nature, we see that rebirth and renewal are a standard part of life. And like the newness of the Spring, we get to start over with the wisdom that we’ve learned from our past experience of what works and what doesn’t. Life is giving us a clean slate to create anew.

I’ve personally been through many major life changes and “do overs” in my almost 60 years, some intentional, most not. The wisdom that I’ve learned in how to succeed is this:

We can choose to focus on where we’re going, not where we’ve been.
You can’t move forward on your path when you’re looking behind you. Imagine the results of hiking up a trail while looking backwards. It wouldn’t work very well. Life is the same way- we must focus on the destination.

We can only have one thought in our minds at the same time, so choose to make it make it a good thought.
Beating yourself up for what may appear to be a failure serves no one. We have a limited amount of energy and it is far better to spend it creating the new life we desire rather than berating ourselves over the failures of the past.

Forgive yourself and others and move forward.
Life will be a much happier place when we realize there is blessing in every situation, even the one that created the opportunity to rebuild. Sometimes it takes a few years before we’re able to see it, but whether we can see it or not, the blessing is always there.

Adversity in our lives isn’t always a bad thing. We grow only through change, both external and internal. Adversity can be turned to opportunity simply by adjusting our perception and our attitude.

We are creatures of habit and taking the leap to do something different- whether voluntary or not, often causes fear. Many times we allow that fear of the unknown to hold us back from experiencing all that life has to offer.

Instead, step forward toward your goal, harness the fear that you feel and let it be your motivator.

Fear, properly channeled, can be rocket fuel to reaching your dreams.
Sometimes the new path can look overwhelming. That’s when we have to remember that just as we can climb an entire mountain with baby steps, one small action a day will help rebuild our new life.

Keep the faith and move forward with gratitude and new doors will be opened unto you. For when you are grateful, more blessings will flow your way.

Always remember, you’re not alone.
Connect to your community and to whatever greater Source you believe in. Ask for help and it will be there for you.

Through faith, courage, and a never-ceasing attitude of gratitude, you can accomplish anything.

Ah, the lessons of Nature and it's magnificent timing.

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