Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Feat of Imagination!

by Peter Comrie

In these times, when the Internets value is often questioned because of the proliferation of the obscene, the mundane, and the irrelevant, a bright star emerges to show us the magnificent potentials yet to unfold.

Composer Eric Whitacre and Producer Scott Haines combined their considerable talents to show us that this virtual world can produce examples of sound and beauty that leave us breathless. We at The Wealthy Attitude believe that what Eric and Scott have achieved here serves as a metaphor for the kind of leadership deeply needed in these times. A living example of wonderful people from many nations combining their voices to bring forth a sound of beauty, optimism, celebration, and possibility. We honor each and every one of them.

Eric put together a choir of 185 singers from 12 countries who never sang together until their voices were edited together. Here they perform Whitacre’s composition Lux Aurumque. Sit back and imagine.

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