Sunday, March 14, 2010

Full Spectrum Leadership

An Idea That Was Built For These Times

For over forty years the principles and practices of Full Spectrum Leadership have been taught by luminaries such as Alexander Everett, Werner Erhard, Buckminster Fuller, and Jim Quinn. These intrepid leaders blazed a trail in the second half of the Twentieth Century upon which untold thousands of today’s leaders journeyed. Their development of leaders goes unparalleled still today.

The conditions that prevail at this time in the 21st Century call for an even greater degree of leadership to be brought forth. The entire “personal development” industry must now be focused on establishing an even stronger foundation on which tomorrow’s leaders must stand.

To that end, two significant organizations have combined to introduce Full Spectrum Leadership Training to the next generation of 21st Century leaders. Doug Cameron, the co-founder of The Eppica Centre, and one of the rare individuals personally mentored by the late Jim Quinn, invited Peter Comrie of The Wealthy Attitude to join forces to develop a training circumstance that would significantly impact 1000 of tomorrow’s leaders.

Why this, and why now?

Most everyone is aware of the growing complexity of the world we live in. Do you think that situations and events in the world are moving quickly now? Sysco Systems (the Internet infrastructure builder) has recently announced a new platform for delivering video over the Internet that is 12 times faster than anything we have experienced so far. Twelve times! This single technological innovation will transform, and open up new possibilities, unlike anything we have engaged until now. And, this is only one company introducing one innovation. There are thousands of company’s working on more innovations and new products than we can ever imagine.

The startling speed, and the resultant complexity, ergo confusion, creates, no demands, that leaders find a new clarity and vision to lead groups of people in new and innovative ways. So where do leaders, either fully seasoned and experienced leaders, or the next generation of leaders taking their first steps on their journey, go to find the focus, the clarity, and the wisdom to make the right choices.

Ironically, they go where leaders have gone for thousands of years.

They go to the TRUTH.

Leaders are not born, they are developed, they are trained, and they take 100% responsibility for the entire life experience. This is what Full Spectrum Leadership is all about.

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