Friday, June 18, 2010

Sakena Yacoobi - Serving Afghanistan

Posted by Peter Comrie

Here in North America, with all of our abundance, peace, and opportunities, it can be very easy to forget that much of this amazing planet, with it's rich and diverse peoples, are constantly subjected to fear-based and terrifying conditions.

With our easy access to schooling, libraries, community colleges, and the Internet, it's often difficult to remember that millions of people, just like you and me, live without our luxuries. Yet they can still set for us incredible examples of love-based leadership in action every day of their lives.

Did you know that for a long period of time in recent history, education for women in Afghanistan was banned? Meet Sakena Yacoobi, who founded the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in 1995 to restore educational and health programs. While constantly putting her life on the line and under constant threat by the Taliban, she serves more than 350,000 Afghan women and children each year. As the program expands, her mantra only gets stronger - "the way to peace is through education"

This my friends is Love-Based Leadership. What example are you setting?

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