Friday, June 25, 2010

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us!

by Peter Comrie

In our world today, with all its vagaries and conditions, we still must reconcile that we are a society that lives in an economic environment. We are deluged with detailed information about every subject under the sun, and yet poverty consciousness rules much of our thinking.

As I personally navigate the business world, working to make my economic conditions acceptable and worthy, I'm caused to believe that I'm often missing something exceedingly simple. And then I look at what really are the primary motivators for me and my team.

Watch this fascinating talk below visually unfold before you through witty and beautiful illustration. Dan Pink makes the case that there are hidden truths behind what really motivates us. Namely that it's not the age-old motivators of money and power that drives us, but our desire for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

You're going to enjoy this.

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