Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ten Commandments of Courage

By Margie Warrell

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. — Anaïs Nin

I. Trust Yourself. No matter what happens, you can handle it. You are capable of more than you think you are. Really!

II. Question Assumptions. Don’t hang on to beliefs that no longer serve you. The only limits you have are those you’ve convinced yourself of. Assumptions are the death of possibilities.

III. Do What’s Right. Be true to yourself above everything else…however inconvenient or difficult. Integrity is the only path upon which you’ll never get lost.

IV. Stop Complaining. You can’t solve your problems by whining about them. Focus your energy on what you want, not on what you don’t; on what you can do, not on what you can’t.

V. Think Bigger. Refuse to settle for mediocrity. Set your sights high and know that if you can dream it, you can do it. All great accomplishments first begin in the imagination.

VI. Resist Conformity. Don’t let others’ opinions run your life and surrender to conformity. Express your individuality. Be your own person. Forge your own path.

VII. Speak Up. You get what you tolerate. If there’s something you really want to say, chances are someone really needs to hear it. Be courageous in your conversations.

VIII. Don’t Quit. Success demands perseverance. Adversity builds resilience. Setbacks are merely opportunities to show the universe what you’re made of. Press on.

IX. Say No. Say no to the good to make room for the great. Refuse to succumb to people-pleasing at the expense of your own sanity and fulfillment.

X. Take Action. Life rewards those who take action in the presence of their fear and refuse to give in to self-doubt . Nothing great has ever been achieved without an element of risk. So feel your fear and do it anyway! Fortune favors the bold.

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