Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change: Embrace it; or Resist it?

Posted by Phil Evans

At a time in our lives when there is so much change occurring, we are more frequently being faced with a choice: we often don't see it as a choice; but that's what it is! We are being given a multitude of opportunities to actually embrace change; or to resist it!

Sometimes the necessity for change just happens: and sometimes we are faced with tough decisions to make, and attitudes towards the circumstances we are faced with are critical to whether we just survive, or come out shining!

At other times we need to instigate the change ourselves: and it's times like these that we often have to admit to ourselves that something, or someone, just isn't working in our lives any more. There are usually tough decisions to make when this occurs, but we need to make them:
and move on as wiser people.

Whether you are faced with change that creeps up and bites you on the butt; or whether you have to create a deliberate change yourself; the ability to accept things as they are, and move forward, is critical. One door closes; another opens!

I'm reminded of a brilliant old quote from yesteryear (I think it was Alexander Graham Bell who said it?), and it went something like this: "We often stare for so long at a door which has closed; that we miss the one which has just opened"!

Resisting change is actually hard work! Quite often however, we don't know that we are resisting it, so like most other things in life, it's about being aware!

Right now, change is being forced upon us in many ways; and for some of us, that is absolutely overwhelming. My greatest suggestion for anyone who IS feeling the pinch, is to remember that "necessity is the mother of invention"; so if you can get yourself into embracing the change which is forcing itself upon you, and get creative, then you may come out of your own situation absolutely shining!

If you are hurting in any way whatsoever: then you can choose to reach out to others.

Remember: None of us have to do it tough on our own - ever!

Because, doing it tough on our own, is also a choice!

And if we can actually own that; we can change it!

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