Friday, September 3, 2010

Change from Within: 3 Stories from New Orleans

by Peter Comrie

Happy Friday everyone, and yes we have something significant for you to consider this holiday weekend. Read on!

Here at this desk, and throughout the Full Spectrum Leadership community, we recognize the many individuals who show up in the respective worlds as love-based leaders. These intrepid folks defy the typical cynicism and selfishness that that pervades through much of society.

Often it takes a very dramatic event to happen before we really see the true character of our selves, our community, and our culture as a whole. And five years ago, Hurricane Katrina did exactly that.

Hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans forever. For the past five years since, hurricane-force passion has been working to keep that change positive. "Change from Within" features the stories of three different people using three completely different paths to rebuild the city for the better...and keep it that way.

A community organizer who inspires people to "Talk LOVE in the community" through creative art and expression.

A public defender who wants to help the innocent by "shepherding them through their darkest moments".

A journalist in search of the voices of the "invisible men of the community".

The video below will undoubtedly tug at a place deep within you.

Over this holiday weekend, spend some time thinking about who you are, what are your passions, what excites you, and, and , and, are you a love-based leader in your own world?

Have yourself an outstanding weekend.


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