Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to stay STUCK!

…or in other words;

"How to remain miserable, unfulfilled, and unhappy for the rest of your life."

Here are the steps -

1. Blame everyone else. This includes, your spouse, your children, your past, your parents, your education, and even your environment and living situation.

2. If that doesn't work too well for you - then you can start to blame yourself. i.e. I am too stupid, too old, too sick, too poor, too slow and so on.

3. Never ask for any help - in other words, try to do everything by yourself.

This includes, Raising the kids, cleaning the house, planning the holiday, earning most of the income and so on.

4. Make sure you never get enough rest, so that you are tired all the time, and have no energy to do anything else.

5. Make sure you have no plans to make anything of your life - just go from day to day, coping as best as you can.

6. Make sure you can come up with really good excuses as to why you cannot change anything. Some examples here may be;

I can't afford to educate myself further,
I can't afford to move house,
I never get anything done,
My spouse would never agree,
My parents would never agree,
I'm just too lazy,
I'm too sick,
I am too old and so on- ;

7. Make sure you are as stressed as you can be, never practice any relaxation skills, self hypnosis, meditation or similar stress relieving activities - these may include, getting some exercise, following a yoga or meditation class, purchasing some really good relaxation tapes/CD's.

8. Live from day to day, totally unfocused on any great aims or goals.

9. Never read any self help books, or inspirational guidance, from anyone.

10. Watch the news as much as you can, this includes, on the Television, the radio, and the newspapers. Fill your head with doom and gloom and all the troubles of the world as much as you can.

11. If you should so much as have a good idea for something, here are two things you should do.

A) Put down the idea and yourself.

i.e. It would never work,
I could never do that,
I don't have the skills,
I don't have the knowledge,

B) Never ever at any cost, act on these ideas.

This means, avoiding carrying out any action of any kind. Find plenty of excuses why this should be the case.

i.e. I don't have the time,
I don't have the money,
I am not really that interested,
I don't know enough about it,
I simply couldn't do that.

12. If you do so happen to agree to yourself or someone else that you are going to act on something, whatever you do make sure that you don't do too much of it.

This means only acting on it for a few days or a few weeks. Make sure you don't have enough motivation or enthusiasm to pursue these actions, and that you give up in the same way you always do.

13. Ensure that you never have any high hopes or outrageous dreams of happiness, prosperity, satisfaction, achievement, love and contentment. If they should arise at any time, whatever you do, you MUST quash them as soon as possible.

Don't at any cost - let your mind or imagination follow the natural flow that these dreams and hopes might take you.

14. At all costs remind yourself that you don't deserve a better life. If anyone did, it certainly wouldn't be you!

15. Develop a habit of never following through on anything - that way you will never be disappointed by failing at anything.

16. Always listen to, and carry out to the letter your doctor or physicians advice. After all they know more about you than you do! Make it a habit never to listen to your own instincts or inner gut feelings.

If the doctor says you need medication for this or that - never challenge them. After all, it's not your fault your miserable depressed or anxious is it? It's life, and the circumstances and background or whatever that makes things the way they are does it not?

17. Make sure you never get any professional guidance or help from a therapist, life coach, counselor or similar.

18. Make sure you stay as miserable and unhappy as you can by never finding time to do anything which you remotely enjoy. This includes watching a good movie, going for a walk in the park, going out for a nice meal, reading a good book, taking up a new and interesting hobby, or simply finding time to be quietly alone.

19. Make sure you are firmly convinced that it would be way too difficult to change anything about yourself. If you're not completely convinced, then practice on a daily basis, telling yourself that you can't change, this is just the way you are, and always have been.

20 That should do it! You are now well on the way to being able to stay stuck - or in other words;

"How to remain miserable, unfulfilled, and unhappy for the rest of your life."

Well done! But don't congratulate yourself too much, after all you may not be able to keep it up ;)

Submitted by James Middleton. James is author of way too few books to list here, including the soon to be #1 best-selling book "Miracle of Meditation," the best non-selling e-book "Miracles of Words - Inspirational Quotes," and the not even sold, totally unpublished, "Zen and the art of Skydiving." His latest books are only in the pipeline - and totally unwritten. He's being called "The Hypnotherapist and Meditator from Nowhere."

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