Friday, July 22, 2011

I Do Believe In You!

Hello folks on this absolutely beautiful Friday. As is always our practice, we end the week with a short video, and this one is special to me.

You each are very important to me and yes, I do get the privilege of having to push you pretty hard to keep you focused on the goal you had in mind when you chose to work with me in the first place. Yes, I told you at the outset that during the process of our time together you would, on occasion, feel like quitting the work. It is hard work, I understand that.

However, you have a dream of a better life experience, and I declared to you that I wouldn't quit on you, if you didn't quit on you. You are without question more powerful that you can imagine.

I share with you one of my favorite short videos today. It will explain more deeply what I see in you.

Have yourself an awesome weekend.

I appreciate you.

See you on Monday.


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