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A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Wednesday June 18 2008

Say "aloha" to the midweek point.

Thank you all who continue to send notes on the meltdown of The Wealthy Attitude website, I appreciate it. One dedicated subscriber was able to point us to a place on Google where they cached snapshots of the site. It gave us a real break as we were at least able to get most of the "spine" of the site, and now we can set our sights on reconstruction.

I'm also deeply grateful to many of our contributors who really came to the fore with offers of neat "readers" so that we can continue this service uninterrupted while the site gets underway.

Today's offering touches on some very interesting points.

By Alison Stoodley

I have noticed this many times and it holds true year after year: every word that comes out of my mouth is meant for me. What I mean by that is there really are no accidents and if a client or friend needs coaching in a certain area I need it too, or the opportunity to creatively deal with it would not be laid in my lap.

This week I have met with various egos, once in the form of denial, once in the form of outright lies and once in the form of the victim. All areas that I need to pay attention to. I find denial likes to hide out inside my health and fitness goals, telling me that I can deal with distractions, or that I can miss another workout and still get back on the horse easily.

My ego uses outright lies when someone asks me how I am and I tell them 'wonderful' when it is the furthest thing from the truth and I know it, but I don't want to bother others with my feelings. Of course this feeds perfectly into the state of 'victim' because it allows my ego to fill my head with such garbage as, 'no one careshow I really am', or 'can't they see that I am hurting?' or any number of other BS statements that are designed to keep me from connecting, really authentically connecting, with the people who love me.

So, now is the time for some truth....

1. I am in control of what happens to me.
2. I am surrounded by loving, compassionate people who are concerned for my welfare.
3. Support is simply a spoken or written word away.
4. I am capable of ANYTHING, my life is limitless.
5. Whatever I need, to accomplish my goals, is already within me.

My commitment to me is that when I forget these truths I will come back here and read this or ask a wonderful friend to remind me, because another truth is that the ego slips in occasionally and tries to make minced meat of our dreams and goals, and it happens to everyone. We are not meant to handle this stuff alone, we are meant to reach out and enroll our fellow man in our struggles, our dreams, our desires, our lives. We are meant to make authentic, powerful, loving connections with each other.

It is so true that no 'wo/man' is an island. We are surrounded by millions of people for a reason... remember what I said a paragraph ago? ...there really are no accidents.

Alison Stoodley is a single mom, a writer, a life coach and a speaker. She has been researching self-worth for 20 years and offers invaluable insight through her WORTH Program and private coaching practice. Alison has helped many people realize theirvalue and make positive life changes. She writes a regular column for the Town Cryer and is currently working on her first book. Check out her blog here.

"Truth" is what it's all about today.

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