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The Universe Loves Speed

A note from for Thursday June 5 2008

Welcome to the Thursday point of the week.

As we aim to wrap up this theme that we’ve been presenting for the past two weeks, I have to say that although we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the topic, great things have been happening. Many of our subscribers have set new intentions for their future as a consequence of fully engaging this amazing subject of “personal responsibility”.

Tomorrow we wind up the topic with an outstanding video offering that neatly puts a bow on the whole initiative here at The Wealthy Attitude. It features someone whom you will clearly recognize, you know of their work, and you probably have a copy of their very famous book.

Anyway, enough teasing (for now). We call on our friend Thea Westra from Australia to give us an offering today. Thea clearly recognizes that level of how we “vibrate” is our responsibility.

The Universe Loves Speed
By Thea Westra

I've often heard it said that, "The Universe loves speed" and this of course includes, the speed of your own personal vibration.

How the world responds to you and therefore the results that you produce, are reliant on the vibrational energy that you put out. You have likely observed it yourself, many times. One person can walk into a room full of people and everyone's head turns and notices. Another person can attend a public event yet when a friend asks where they've been their reply is, "I've been right here!"

The energy that we emit either makes us super attractive and highly visible or else, obscure to those around us. There are people who we want to be near all the time and there are those we tend to avoid, and we can't always quite put our finger on why. It is all related to vibrational energy.

How does that connect to your personal success and happiness? That of course depends on what you define as success and on what you say makes you feel happy. Once these are determined, you then must generate the kind of energy that would move you toward producing that result.
You will know that you are experiencing success and happiness by the emotions you feel. Emotions are your measures. Yet, they are also your access. Some put the cart before the horse e.g. when I have … then I'll feel happy, or then I'll be successful.

When you get into action on projects that would bring you closer to your definition of success, some activities with which you engage will intrinsically provide you high energy and excitement, you've already associated them with fun and the things that you love to do.

Then there are the other activities, they may be things you cannot avoid in bringing your plans to fruition, yet you're not excited by those activities and your vibrational energy drops just thinking about doing them. You say you want the result, yet you cannot seem to drive up the level of personal energy required to engage fully with that particular activity and so you never get started, or you take action with one foot on the brakes.

Essentially, three types of energy exist - universal, personal and physical. Energy is not good or bad - it is simply just that, energy. We and all other matter, is made up of little atoms and it's the nucleus of these atoms that generate energy, creating electromagnetic fields. Thought controls their movement and the fields surrounding one of these, impacts each of the ones alongside.

To feel the emotions of happiness or the feelings that we associate with success, we want to go to work on finding ways of creating those types of energy vibrations. It is our thoughts that we want to be focused on, and directly connected to those thoughts are the words we use when we speak and in turn, the associations that we have connected to those words.

One person can say the word "mother" and feel completely at ease, yet another person speaks or thinks that word and will feel an emotion with a highly negative charge. We would then either want to replace that word with another that holds a positive charge and is therefore more personally empowering, or shift the associations we have with this word to bring us closer to a desired energy state.

For example, imagine you are in a business of your own and things are not faring well. What are all the thoughts you have when you say the word 'business'. As Dr Phil would say, "How's that working for you?" If you are not producing your desired results, could you attach some new thoughts to the word 'business' or give it another label that empowers you? This will help raise your personal, vibrational energy so that your personal actions and results will begin to reflect those newly created electromagnetic fields and attract the kinds of things you'd like.

Continue to work on your personal experience and understanding of what James Allen meant when he said, "All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts."

Thea Westra is the senior thought leader, at her Forward Steps site. She resides in Perth, Australia with her ultra-supportive partner Greg. Thea publishes a monthly ezine (among many other publications and products) at Enjoy her life success blogs at and get personally connected here,

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