Friday, April 9, 2010

Full Spectrum Leadership

A note from for Friday April 9 2010

Hello my friends and welcome to the weeks end.

It's been some time since you heard directly from me, and it's time we got caught up.

At the end of last year we did some research on The Daily Reader program to help us determine if it was having the kind of impact that we were imagining here at this desk. The results were clear and we paid attention.

It was evident that most in our research sample did indeed enjoy the postings on the blog, it was also clear that the daily notification piece was a bit of an irritant to many. SO as you know we pulled back to let the initiative find its own position in subscribers lives. And it appears to have done exactly that.

The change that this all brought to my day-to-day schedule left me wandering around my office contemplating all manner of weird and wonderful ideas. Ah, the playful mind :-)

What indeed it did propel to do, was start another adventure that supports my life purpose.

Over the Christmas season I ran into an old chum at Costco, and instantly I knew what was calling to me during my office wanderings. What Doug and I have in common, is that we were both mentored by the late Jim Quinn, the visionary behind the now very famous Lifestream personal development programs. And my friend Doug is one of the very lucky few to ever have been personally trained by Jim to facilitate these amazing life changing programs.

Doug and I put our heads together to create a mission that reflected both of our life purposes, used my passion for personal responsibility for the entire life experience, and Doug's amazing abilities to facilitate the training programs. The result I am proud to share with you is the launch of Full Spectrum Leadership.

My invite to you is to visit the Full Spectrum Leadership website, take the time to visit the pages, watch the video's, and then decide for yourself if this all rings a bell for you. I believe it will, and I'd really love to have your feedback.

For those of you who are inspired to take the next step and want to get a deeper understanding of this most wonderful initiative, just drop me a note back and we'll set some time to have a chat about what this all can mean to you.

In the meantime, and to honor our old Friday offerings, here's a sample of the video's on the site for you to get a deeper idea of what we feel the mission of Full Spectrum Leadership really means.

I deeply encourage you to view the site and send me your input. I sincerely appreciate your opinion.

Take care out there and enjoy this lovely weekend.


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