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7 Fundamental Truths about Personal Development

by Jonathan

Before we can really lock into meaningful personal development and create the life we truly desire, there are a number of basic concepts that must be accepted. In personal development, as in any other field, there are fundamental truths that exist. If we want to experience optimal results, we need to understand and fully embrace those truths.

While the existence of these personal development truths may be generally accepted on an intellectual level, more than acknowledgment is required. This seems to be one of the major differences between people who make things happen in life, and those who can’t figure out why things are the way they are.
“I know” doesn’t get it done!

If you have ever raised a teenager, you are probably familiar with the phrase “I know.” That’s what you hear when they neglected to do something. Obviously, knowing wasn’t enough. When it comes to our own personal development, could we be doing the same thing?

Many people who know the following 7 personal development truths are not getting the results they would like for this very reason. To get past that tendency, I invite you to use this list for some honest self-evaluation. As you look at each item, you may think to yourself: “I already know that.” In that case, stop and ask yourself: “Am I doing something with that knowledge?” In other words, are you really following through?
7 basics personal development truths

1) Always take responsibility for your life. We must recognize that our life is our personal responsibility. This is the foundation of all personal development. We can either accept conditions as they are, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Whatever we choose to do, we must acknowledge that we are the only person responsible for our decisions and actions. Taking personal responsibility is the catalyst of all positive personal power. Do you honestly believe that?

2) Make a commitment to taking massive action. Planning and deciding are very important steps, but without action they have almost no value. Likewise, halfhearted or limited action is not going to get things done. If you want to change your life experience, be willing to keep taking action in the direction of your goals. Life is full of hills and valleys. It can be pretty challenging to keep taking action when things get rough. Quitting will not get you where you want to go. Only action can do that. Are you taking action to create the life you want?

3) Get emotionally involved in your life. Be passionate about what you are doing and know why you are doing it. Wrap yourself around your dreams and desires. Get excited about transforming your dreams into reality. Take time to experience the energy that comes from a passionate pursuit of your desires. This is your life we are talking about, it’s not a movie. To experience life to the full you must stay engaged. Are you truly involved in your life?

4) Set and pursue worthwhile goals that you truly believe in. Always have something positive ahead of you. Something you can look forward to, work toward, and hope for. Turn your dreams into goals and your goals into projects. Life is a journey and the goals you set determine the direction of that journey. Make your journey a worthwhile one by pursuing the goals, and doing the things, that you really believe in. Does your life include these meaningful pursuits?

5) Believe in yourself and have confidence in your success. Your feelings, attitudes and behavior all grow from your beliefs. If you believe that you can, you probably can. Belief builds confidence and confidence leads to action. Don’t impose limits on your own abilities by holding limiting beliefs and making negative predictions. Deep down, you know you can do whatever you set your mind on, so hold onto that belief. Do your actions show that you truly believe in yourself?

6) Maintain a clear mental picture of your intended results. Focus is the power plant of achievement. Take time to visualize your desired outcome daily, see it as a real and focus on what you see. Your brain will accept your vision as reality if you continue to maintain your focus. Once that happens, your life will literally rearrange itself around that perceived reality. Your focus defines the course of your life. Be sure you are focusing in the direction you want your life to go. Are you?

7) Give yourself unconditional approval for all of the above. The need for approval is at the very core of everything we do. Approval from outside sources is encouraging, but it is absolutely vital that you approve of yourself. Do not make this contingent on your accomplishments. You need to approve of yourself as a person aside from your accomplishments. Allow yourself to give unconditional approval to “you” as a worthwhile and valuable person. Approval is at the heart of a healthy self-esteem. Have you given yourself the approval you deserve?

Note: Keep in mind that we are all a work in progress. That means that there will always be room for improvement. That is why they call it personal development, because it’s a process of continual improvement. The important thing is to do the best we can so that we keep our life moving in the right direction.
Is there more?

Of course there is, but these 7 fundamental personal development truths will serve you well on your journey through life. They are the foundation of a meaningful and productive life experience. Practice these and I guarantee that you will always be way ahead of the curve.

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