Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Magic Moves!

Posted by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

Consider this amazing fact: what you give attention to grows. So no matter where you are right now in your life, if you practice three magic moves, you can expand your vitality and creativity while continuing to open a flow of love and connection with others.

The three moves:
1. Do your best to speak honestly, rather than concealing the truth. When you focus your attention on noticing your body sensations and describing them, sharing your feelings as they arise, and especially sharing what's familiar in any conflict, you immediately open more aliveness in you. You also solve problems more quickly and free up lots more free time for creating and connecting.

2. Take healthy responsibility, wonder rather than blaming others. When you catch yourself blaming yourself or others, simply take a breath to be present with what's happening, then create a pleasant "hmmm" sound either out loud or inside yourself. Then add this powerful question: "Hmmm..., I wonder what I can learn from this." Life then becomes a series of discoveries and learning opportunities.

3. Express appreciation, rather than criticizing. Appreciation inspires connection and partnership. When you listen with sensitive awareness, you're appreciating. When you tell someone something positive about them that you genuinely appreciate, you deepen the flow of intimacy. When you continue appreciating over time, your relationships grow in value. Appreciations can be simple and are best delivered out loud.

Don't wait to be perfect or dig yourself out of whatever pit you may be in. Practice these moves and watch your life blossom.

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