Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Face (Your) Giants!

A note from: peter@thewealthyattitude.com

Welcome to the mid-week point.

For years now, we've been "holding the space" here at The Wealthy Attitude for folks to breakthrough their own self-imposed barriers, and to come to the realization that the life they have is entirely of their own making. Period.

We've watched some incredible people, whose lives just plain sucked, turn them around and truly live their lives magnificently. We've also watched some choose not to!

We've aggressively expounded that we each "choose" the life we lead, and that we are each 100% responsible for it. And, it is in that amazing power of "choice" where the magic lives.

One thing that we have clearly learned during our time here, is that we cannot want anyone's success for them more than they want it for themselves. The "choice" for success, or failure, rests entirely with the individual concerned, no one else.

It's also pretty easy to see what choice people make by their language. People who choose success always talk in "winning" terms, always positive, always growing. These folks look to take 100% responsibility.

Those who choose failure can be heard loudly by their volume of whining, moaning, bitching, and complaining. These folks look to blame, and avoid responsibility.

We've also discovered however, that no condition is permanent, and our ability to "choose" never wanes or weakens. Also, we have capacities that, when engaged, can lead us to successes never imagined in regular days.

Today's video offering portrays a lesson that we firmly believe should be re-visited daily until it is solidly fixed in our memory.

We are strongly suggesting that you share this message today with everyone you care for. Let's spread the lesson!

View the presentation here........ FACE (YOUR) GIANTS! 6:02


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