Sunday, March 16, 2008

I (You) Can Do It!


welcome to a brand spanking new delicious week.

I have to say that the feedback from last week’s topic of “procrastination” has been truly wonderful. Many folks wrote to say that the little rascal “p” was being wrestled to submission. Onwards!

So how are you doing with it?

This week we kick off with two of my very favorite folks. Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson have helped countless thousands of people get clear on their purpose with the amazing contributions they have made to the field of “personal responsibility and growth.”

Both of these outstanding contributors came together last year at the “I Can Do It” conference in Las Vegas. This initiative sponsored by Hay House was a huge success and they continue this year around the world.

Wayne and Marianne join in this short video presentation to bring forward a consideration for you that I’m sure will resonate with you a very deep level.

"I (You) Can Do It".....Enjoy the video here!

We’re going to have fun this week. Buckle up!

Take care,


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