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Procrastination Is Killing Me.....

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Welcome to another brand spanking new week.

With the moving up on Daylight Savings Time the winter takes on a whole new perspective. Fun stuff.

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This week folks we’re going to have some fun with “procrastination”. Oh I know you don’t do it, but it’s an important subject anyway.

We start the week off with a new contributor. D. Paul is an fellow entrepreneur, and like-minded good guy. He’s also recently launched "The Weekly Rhino" newsletter that I encourage you to go to his site and subscribe to. The address is:

Procrastination Is Killing Me......
by D. Paul Walmsley

Have you ever been in the situation where you know something needs to be done, you know exactly what to do and you know precisely how to do it, of course you have.

So why is it we procrastinate on doing it?

For the longest time I was a professional procrastinator, I would put things off and put things off, and then scramble to get them all done in the last minute. Sound familiar?

Why do we do that? Well that's why I'm writing you today, because I think I got my head around this issue. You see, we have a tendency to procrastinate for a couple of reasons, one being fear, and the other being unmotivated to do the “thing”.

Every time we resist something we are doing it out of fear, or in some cases ignorance. Let me explain, many people commit to inaction because they are fearful of what others may think, as well they may be fearful of the very success they seek. Now this may seem strange to you, but the psychology around this way of thinking, is that a person may want the success, but subconsciously rationalize the change taking place as negative. That negative being they may lose friends over it or receive disapproval from family or friends.

With success comes change; that is inevitable. It's our perception of what this change may look like that creates this apprehension. It's our tendency to not want to give up a lower energy for a higher energy that ultimately keeps us where we are.

We want the success, but we don't want the change that may come with this success. Crazy I know, but accurate none-the-less. On the other hand we may procrastinate because we're not willing to entertain a new idea, or a new way of thinking, when clearly our current level of thinking is just not working for us. Or, when we have doubts around a particular issue or plan of action.

Let me be crystal clear on one thing; having doubts is a totally destructive mindset. It is a vibration that you really do not want to align with. In essence you are creating a picture in your mind of exactly what you do not want to happen and you are attracting it into your existence. This is a trap unfortunately that all too many of us fall into on a regular basis, and the wonder why we aren't getting what we want. From that point we get frustrated, confused and then quit. Hardly a model for success!

If however, you are willing to entertain a new idea, embrace change and maintain a motivated focus, you can overcome these procrastinations and plough through them, and achieve the success you desire. When you have the awareness around your procrastination, it becomes easier to snap out of the habit and forge ahead. Find the root cause, address and move past it.

Although this method may not be as effective against procrastinating around doing the laundry or mowing the lawn, it will benefit you in the business decisions that are required for achieving success.

Keep Chargin'

Success To All
D. Paul Walmsley has been in the personal development arena for more than three years and has come to realize the importance of mindset and how what we think about we bring about. It must first become a thought before it can ever become reality. That being said, it is easy to figure out the predominant thoughts of society in general by witnessing the results we see in society and in our own lives.

In the last three years D. Paul has been able to determine the seven traits or principles that when used together in harmony success is the undisputable result, but more than that, when a person is missing even one of these seven principles the result is often limited success, frustration , confusion and ultimately feeling unmotivated. Anyone who is interested in acquiring the road map to success will want to get their hands on D. Paul’s new report titled “Unlocking The Success Code”. This brief report describes exactly what the blueprint for success is and how you can start using these principles today to reach your ultimate success.

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