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Your Second Act!

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I was having a chat a little while ago with someone who didn’t feel that their life was going the way they thought it should.

Upon further chatting we quickly discovered that this individual’s life really sucked, I mean it was awful. His wife left with his friend, his J.O.B. was eliminated, his car always needed fixing, and get this, his dog died. His life was sad country song in the making.

During the conversation I kept asking him what his “next act” would be? After asking him five or six times he started to lose his cool. He blurted out, “Peter, what the heck are you asking me that for?”

I pointed out to him, that as dramatic as his life story was, it was just a story. His “story” was causing him to act in ways that kept the story alive and kicking, a bit like watching “Act 1” of a play over and over again, and never moving to “Act 2”.

When he stopped laughing, he saw just how he was keeping himself stuck in the “story”. So today I ask you, “What’s your second act?”.

Our friend Jerry may help out.

Your Second Act!
by Jerry Moyer

Your life thus far I am going to refer to as your "first act". The curtain is closing and now is the time. Now is the time for you to decide what you want and to start your "second act".

I read a very good book titled "Second Acts" written by Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine. This book talks about your ability to create the life you really want, to build the career you truly desire.

I just thought of a quote I often refer to. It goes something like this. "Only a fool would continue to do the same thing and expect different results." I'm not sure that is the exact wording.. but hopefully you get the message.

If you're not happy with your life to date...your "first act"...then you need to change something if you want to get a different result in your "second act".

You can live the life you've always dreamed of no matter what your age, location, or stage of life. Wow. That is huge and you must understand and believe in that statement. Your life to date is nothing more than a physical reflection of your previous thoughts. Change the thoughts...change the picture...change the results.

Your second act is waiting for you. It is. I bet at times each and every one of you hears the "quiet whisper" urging you to try something new...urging you to go for it...urging you to give it a try.

You have the ability to literally reinvent yourself! You have the ability to express all the hopes and dreams that you may have either forgotten about or chosen (consciously or subconsciously) to store away. You...yes...You, have the ability to make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? I know. The timing just isn't right. You really don't have the time right now. Your bank account is a little low right now. Your back is acting up again. I could go on forever. So what are you waiting for? Noone is going to do it for you. YOU have the power to start right now start the process of making it happen. It starts with your decision to do it!

If your life is boring, start your second act and feel the optimism that comes with it. If you life is a dull routine, start your second act and begin to enjoy each and every moment you have. If you life is lonely, start your second act and get closer to others, any you may wish to. If your life is "non-spiritual"...start today with your second act and become closer to your maker.

So what is your dream? What will your "second act" consist of. For some of you this may be an easy answer. For others, it may be a most challenging exercise. Do you want to change careers? Maybe you want to write a book. Could it be possible for you to find true love this time around?

All of this and much more is possible in your second act. Go ahead. Give yourself permission to dream...and to go for that dream.

As John Updike quoted, "Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them."

If you can dream it you can conceive it!

So go ahead and open up the door to your second act. Your first act is over. It is neither good nor just is. Your second act, however will be great!

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." SENECA

Go for it! Make this famous "second act" inspire you.

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