Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Truths About Mistakes

A note from for Thursday July 3 2008

Welcome to this very fine Thursday.

I'm in a particularly "impish" mood today, and everyone who really knows me can tell you that's when you have to look out.

I've been reminded all week that the truth about life is "getting what you came for". I've been measuring my life progress and have come to the conclusion that I'm leaving some stuff on the table.

Whhooaaa, hold the phone!! We can't do that. That's a mistake. We're all here to take everything that life has to offer off the table.

Here's a neat little piece to noodle in your day.

Some Truths About Mistakes

John once told me this hilarious story which I think you'll like.

There was a cow-boy riding a horse, quite satisfied as he rode onhis horse through the desert, the sun warming his skin, while his hat providing the nurturing shade to enjoy it.

As he went past a patch cactus, all of a sudden...

He jumped right off his horse and dived head-first into the plants full of thorns!

You could hear the yelping and screaming of pain. You could see the blood coming out from his wounds, and the tears in his eyes.

He got back on the horse and kept on riding into town.

Later in town, when he told his story, somebody asked him.

"But, why on Earth did you do that? It was so stupid!"

To this he simply and humbly replied...

"It seemed like a good idea to me at the time." :)

So, isn't it true that all your mistakes and all the stupid things you've done in the past just seemed like great ideas at the time?

But how much time do you spend every day thinking about the past, and how things could be different... or how you should make them better in the future?

This is the only true waste of time. Notice how much energy goes into thinking about this stuff. If this energy were free, how different would your life be?

This is not an excuse for ignorance. Put a pointer to the only ignorance. The ignorance of your being and who you truly are.

The truth of who you are is innocent and free. You are a kid in an adult body. You just take the game so seriously because everyone else does and this just appears to be the way we play the game.

But the game is a dream. And it's time to wake up.

May all beings be free.

Today, be a "rascal", and then run smiling.

Take care,


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