Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Two C's of Success

A note from for Monday July 7 2008

Welcome to another brand spanking new Summer week.

I’m excited, and very happy, to tell you that The Wealthy Attitude website has been “reborn”. The initiative has a whole new look and presentation, and we opted for a nice clean and crisp look. The site is still primarily focused on helping those subscribers who are developing their own “Wealthy Attitude”, and for those developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Although it is launched, there is a ton of content and pages yet to be installed. You’ll currently find some new things on the left hand menu that include The Wealthy Attitude Articles, The Wealthy Attitude Audio’s, and the soon to be resurrected, The Wealthy Attitude Video’s.

You’ll also see something shortly that has me very excited, it’s going to be called The Wealthy Attitude Live. It is a feature we are installing that will allow those of you with a webcam and headset to interact directly with us in real time. We’ll also be using this feature to present “Live” seminars featuring many of our current “Daily Reader” contributors. You’ll see this arriving very soon.

Take a minute and check out the new presentation at:

Now, as we are starting a new week, we go to our friend D. Paul Walmsley for a great boost to get us going.

The Two C’s of Success
D. Paul Walmsley

Are you caught in a constant struggle for money, trying to pay the bills and put food on the table?

Is it getting increasingly harder to balance work (where you earn your money) with pleasure (where you spend your money)?

It seems like more and more of our time is geared towards earning than enjoying our money but you'll be glad to know it doesn't have to remain this way.

There are two words that can collectively change your life and turn your entire situation around.
But before I jump into the details, let me share a story with you.I can remember back when I was a cabinetmaker and the owner of the shop had a smaller shop compared to some of the bigger cabinet shops around but the he had a vision that one day he too, would have a much bigger cabinet shop.

You see, the owners previous background was managing and operating one of these bigger shops and then decided to branch out and start his own business.

He was known as a real "crack the whip" type of manager and earned a reputation for being brutally upfront with what he was thinking which often rubbed people the wrong way, but I saw something in him that very few people ever took the time to notice.

He had a very big heart. Yes underneath the rough exterior and the piercing comments that would come your way from time to time he had an enormously big heart. I think he actually enjoyed having people a little jumpy when he walked into the room.

Most importantly he possessed two key traits that would help him succeed and grow his business into the giant it is today. Do you know what they are?

I'll give you a hint; they both start with "C".

Now, listen to this very carefully. The first quality that this owner had was Confidence. He was very sure of himself and what his cabinet shop was capable of doing and everybody that walked through those business doors could see his confidence.

But more than that he had Competence. He clearly understood every aspect of his business and even though he may not have done a certain project before and had no experience in doing certain work he knew it was possible and always operated from that place.

What he didn't know he found out by consulting with other acquaintances and co-workers. For the most part he always had an idea of how to approach the situation because he knew his craft so well.

To cut short my long story, confidence comes forward through being competent at what you do and competency comes from being confident in yourself so they work together to strengthen your ability to succeed in any situation in life.

When you know your craft well you do it with confidence, and when you have confidence it allows you to do your craft well. These to words are woven together into success. They are indeed the two "C's" of success.

Now Go Charge Towards Your Success!

D. Paul Walmsley

"C" yourself into an amazing day.

Take care,


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