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What's Keeping You From Really Living?

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What’s Keeping You From Really Living?

Imagine a BIG production company came to you with a huge budget and a line-up of the biggest names in Hollywood to make a movie of your life.

Tell me. Would anyone want to go see it?

And, if they did, would it be pegged as a great adventure; filled with outrageous risk and incredible quests? Would it be a famous suspense movie; peppered with failure and real-life experiences that turn from victim to victor? Would it be an empowering love story; a heart-wrenching example of a person who knows how to really love? In other words...

What difference have you made that would be worth watching? Are you living an outrageous, faith-filled life? If not, why not? What's keeping you from really living?

I noticed one common thread throughout every successful person's life. Every successful person had taken the time to expose and eliminate their hidden fears and the negative beliefs these fears represent.

What about you? Have you taken the time to expose hidden fears and evaluated the beliefs you hold that affect your behavior?

The difference between a mediocre success and a breakthrough success is your willingness to face hidden fears and eliminate the negative beliefs they represent.

There two major hidden fears that hold people back from living an outrageous life are: The fear of success, and the fear of failure.

Most people I've worked with don't even realize these hidden fears are affecting them so much. But, when I have them look at their behaviors they notice the negative beliefs that their behaviors are screaming out.

I want this reader to be an electric current of energy that will energize you to throw yourself out into the world to make a difference - a big difference. It's about tuning in and turning on. It's about being bold, being electric in a turned-off world.

I warn you, living this way is not easy; especially because most of the world is spending more than five hours a day watching television and other people's lives, and another two hours of every day talking about it.

I want you to be different.

There's a great benefit for you in deciding to do so. But, before I explain what that is let me share with you what I've noticed lately. I've noticed a huge amount of people saying, "I'm so bored!" I can't seem to stay focused. Many people are asking themselves, "Am I just lazy? Undisciplined?

Here's the bottom line. We are living in a theater of the absurdity. We have reality shows screaming absurdity into our living rooms. We have young men who fly planes into buildings and walk into crowded areas with bombs strapped to themselves.

We need more than ever to have people of sound character, moral conviction and big thinkers to step up and do something really outrageous with their life. Something worth making a movie about! Why don't you be the one to join the theater of the absurdity in doing good?

Is that person you?

Be willing to step up and step out in being more outrageous in your life. Choose to be bold. Be bold in your goals. Be bold with your love. Be bold with your intentions. Boldness Gets Rewarded!

Psychologists say, "If a child has not had a serious fall within the first year of life, they are being too closely guarded."

That statement needs to be said for our adult lives as well. Have you had a serious fall in the past year? If not, is it because you're being too closely guarded? Are you too cautious? Too safe? Too practical? Too boring?

Your lack of courage is costing you - a lot! It is your lack of courage that keeps you from greater profits, more intimate relationships, and a life you love!

The good news is one act of courage - in any area of your life - has a powerful affect on all the other areas of your life.

Your career, your marriage, your friendships need just one outrageous act to bounce you out of a rut and into a more abundant, courageous life!

Courage is like a muscle. It's weak until it's worked out. But it doesn't take long to build this courage muscle into a strong, fit, powerful force!

What about you? What are your most outrageous acts of courage? Think about them. Relive them. And let these memories from the courageous side of you help empower the possibilities of today. One courageous act leads to another. It creates a courageous mentality.

What is the one thing you are willing to do right now that's a little outrageous to get your courageous muscles back into shape?

Do it! And watch opportunity begin to open up in all areas of your life. There's something about being willing to go all out that reminds us of just how big and abundant life can be. This one act of courage is your first step that will lead you to a courageous mentality and life of abundance!

Be bold. Boldness Gets Rewarded!

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