Friday, November 7, 2008

The Gratitude Diet

A note from for Friday November 7 2008

Well folks, it's been one fun week on this road trip. We've experienced practically all of the rich variety's of weather that Western Canada has to offer. As I mentioned yesterday, the highway between Penticton and Kelowna is closed to to unstable mountain shifts threatening the road. The alternative route typically takes and extra three hours, or, taking the forest service roads through the mountains in the other choice. Guess what one we took.

See for your self.

As you can see we've been having a hoot, and being incredibly grateful for 4X4 technology. We finally arrived at our destination, the Okanagan Wine Country, and here's what we see right off. Now this is what dreams are made of.

The grapes still on the vine this late in the season are awaiting the deep frost, and then they are harvested to make the famous "Ice Wine" from the Okanangan Valley B.C. Now that's worht waiting for.

So, on with today's offering. As we continue our celebration of Gratitude Month, we're presenting you a short video that can creat the mindset for taking your dreams and intentions to a whole new place of manifestation. You're going to enjoy this.

Click here: The Gratitude Diet

We'll be back on Monday with more from "on the road".

Have an awesome weekend.


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