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How To Create the Life You Deserve

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We're just a little past the half way point here as we celebrate November as Gratitude Month. I have to mention that your feedback on the subject fills me with even more gratitude each and every day.

One of the folks I have oodles of gratitude for is our buddy Dr. Philip Humbert. Philip is unswerving contributor to not only us, but tens of thousands of folks who diligently follow his work.

As is often the case, we go to Philip to get this week kicked off on a fine note. You'll like what he has to share.

How To Create the Life You Deserve
by Philip Humbert

Many years ago I heard Jim Rohn say that we all get the results we deserve. He acknowledge that some of us are afflicted with limitations, illness or situations that seem wildly unfair, but in terms of how we live our lives, he argued that we get the results we deserve.

I was very skeptical, even outraged. Many of us work hard and do our best and yet fail to get the income, relationships or life we "deserve." Over the years however, I've gradually come to think Jim was right.

I've often written that "reality never lies." Our income always reflects the long-term results of our skills, our efforts and the market's assessment of the value we contribute. Personally, I'm not a sports fan and I think the salaries of today's super-stars are outrageous. But, given their remarkable skills, their dedication, and the market's willingness to pay, reality says playing sports can be an incredibly valuable activity!

Reality never lies. Your income, relationships and circumstances always reflect the decisions you've made and the actions you've taken in the past. Reality is a mirror of who we are and how we've lived our lives.

Another truth is that "we become what we think about all day long." Yes, our lives are influenced by circumstances beyond our control, but our results are influenced far more by our thoughts, our attitudes and our actions, things over which we have almost total control. Your life is literally created with your head, your heart and your hands!

If we choose to associate with people who are going nowhere, our chances for unusual success are reduced. If we choose education over television, our chances of success improve. If we think about opportunity, our chances of finding it are much greater than if we focus on limitations and unfairness. We become what we think about. Over time, we create our world with the thoughts we think.

Recently, I attended a seminar on ethics and cultural diversity. Before it started, at the coffee station, I heard one person dismiss the event with the comment, "It's ethics, so close your eyes, sit still and wait for it to end." What a terrible expectation! And, sadly, what a prediction for the day she would have. I intentionally chose to anticipate stimulating ideas, good debate, connecting with friends, and a good lunch. She and I attended the same seminar...or did we? At the end of the day, I would guess our results were very different.

In the months ahead, the news media will talk about economic turmoil and how "bad" things are, and you can focus on that if you wish but I don't recommend it. What's the point?

Instead, renew your commitment to the life you want! Decide how you will live, focus on it, and make it happen! This is the time to invest in a shelf of books to inspire and educate yourself in 2009. Now is the time to improve your skills, expand your network, and transform your health. You are in charge of these things! Take action. Why wait? And for goodness sake, why not?

Invest in yourself. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration. Get around great ideas, ambitious people, and unique opportunities. Attend the seminars, read the books, take the classes, listen to audio programs. This is your life! In the long run, we all get the life we create for ourselves. It's not easy and life isn't fair, but our thoughts, our attitudes and our actions influence our results to a remarkable degree.

Go get (create) the life you deserve!

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